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  1. You don't trade out one of your only two stars in Oliver. A unique talent too. Gawn, Oliver, Lever and May are the untouchables.
  2. I would much prefer an effective and impenetrable zone defence. Frost would be good depth, but don't pay overs to keep him, please. And thank you.
  3. Yep, fair enough. It may sound like revisionism now, but I was slightly hopeful he'd continue to grow in 2019. I certainly didn't expect him to rip games apart this year.
  4. Don't get me wrong. I don't think we should try trading him, but outside of the Geelong final and patches in the Hawthorn final, he's struggled. And that's okay, but I wouldn't say he's peaked. I'd say he's been slow to develop when compared to a Charlie Curnow, but could still be a good player in a year or two, in line with many other emerging KPFs.
  5. Everyone does. Best jumper in the league. But I'm slightly biased.
  6. A F

    RIP NT?

    I find the politics potentially involved here in the decision making interesting. Was this a legacy thing for PJ that prevented him from pulling the trigger earlier or could we simply not afford to do it?
  7. Eh, Tom Boyd, Mitch Morton etc. Weids might have had one or two sniffing around last year, but no more. And after this year, the jury is still out.
  8. Yep, this is a Melbourne supporter's wet dream this time of year. And for all the wrong reasons.
  9. I miss the Riddler. That's all I'll say.
  10. @Mach5 reckons Kelly is a imposter. If Kelly is a pretender, this guy is a dead set actor. Wouldn't bother. Hope we don't.
  11. I wonder if that cliff we've all been predicting Geelong is going to fall off for 5 years may just come soon as a result of their poor finals record. All well and good to be playing finals each year (we could be so lucky!) but if you get bundled out of them easily every year is there much point? Will be interesting to see if they get Steven signed up and another player or two. Their best (aside from Kelly) are all +29 (as is Steven).
  12. A F

    RIP NT?

    So what happens to our recruiting zone then? Does that mean we give up our NT recruiting zone? I wouldn't say Dandenong has been particularly fruitful thus far. Oakleigh would be better.
  13. A F

    Ross Lyon Sacked

    And Fyfe goes by the nickname of Basil too doesn't he, mate?
  14. The implication being there are others? Others outside of those so far reported?
  15. Is this an ET TradeBreaker thing or is this actually an ETHearingSomething thing?
  16. Burns is a South Australian too so this isn't surprising.
  17. Carlton have had just as many misses, if not more, than us over the years.
  18. Why would we pay a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract for someone like Martin, who would throw our cap out, and make it difficult to keep the likes of Oliver and Brayshaw? Whereas, the Kelly approach would make sense, since his ball use and pace is exactly what our midfield needs. Sometimes to fill a specific need that compliments the rest of the list, you need to pay overs. That all sounds like smart list management and strategy to me. The offers from North to Martin and co has desperation written all over them. I'm glad you're not in charge of list management. You'd have us sunk in 3 years.
  19. Let's speculate then. If Niall and the Pies are close, it might work for them to put pressure on Elliott to sign for below market value if they put it out there early, that we're chasing him.
  20. Fair enough mate. You know the kids a lot better than I do, so if you think Ash/Young/Stephens are where it's at, it's certainly worth thinking about.
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