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  1. He wasn't the only one that missed a sitter in the first quarter, but for a player that has played over 300 games, how did Lewis not realise you needed to kick at the left goal post? Not only is this a personnel problem (baffling, as under 12s ask which way is the wind going when they take to the field), it is a coaching problem too. Our poor kicking in the first quarter, when we controlled the play, lost us the game. As simple as that.
  2. Mate, people keep putting words in other people's mouths. No one has said one way or the other RE history repeating itself. Just you. And what happened prior to 2018 has very little impact on what happens now. There's no point talking about April 1973 or whatever other failure we had 40+ years ago. That's irrelevant. We need to deal with the last 12 months and factors for our current failure, not bang on about the distant past.
  3. It's not up to me to come up with the reasons for our failure. We are not paid the big bucks and I don't have all the information. It would be folly. I can only comment on what I see during our matches. If there's something going on behind the scenes, we need to address that internally and that's up to the leadership within the club.
  4. Agreed and it highlights for me the importance of confidence and getting early wins on the board. We talk about game style and structures a lot, but if you're getting beaten every week playing a certain way, you start to not believe in what you're doing and hope that changes come (ie a new pre season). It's a bit like when the figurative dam wall breaks in the fourth quarter of a game and a team knows they can't win, all of a sudden, a game that was close becomes a blow out. They start to go through the motions, knowing they can't win. That's where we've been for much of the season and it's why under Roos, getting as many pre season wins as possible to build momentum going into the season proper, was the rhetoric out of the FD at the time. With a softer draw next year, if we can build momentum early like Collingwood did up until the bye in 2018 (minus their first two games) and even we did through that 6 game stretch last year, anything can happen at the pointy end of a season with a bit luck, confidence and work rate. Just look at Brisbane.
  5. Too black and white for me mate. There's a third 'grey' category, which combines both perspectives. Injuries, lack of pre seasons, failure of game plan, failure to adjust in game (goes to leadership and coaching) and a lack of are just a few reasons. I haven't read too many posts that merely say it's injuries. In fact, has anyone said injuries are the ONLY reason? As for @praha's reasonable response, I disagree with some of the sentiment and it might actually point to why he may be struggling to get others to follow him in his worksphere. Failure is essential to learning. If you don't accept failure, you can't learn. That is why I feel very little frustration this year and have basically tuned out of the season (outside of Melbourne games). I'm looking forward to next year, because we need changes and we need adjustments. We don't need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but we do need to learn from our failure of 2019. A finish outside of the 8 next year is unacceptable, because it will have meant we haven't planned ahead and learnt from our failure.
  6. I reckon we're every chance to be a top 4 contender next year mate. Teams can beat us right now, because as you imply, we have no pressure at ground level in our forwardline. It comes out so easily. We're still 8th for clearances and 2nd for inside 50s, so learn to lock the ball in and we're back as a serious contender IMO. I completely agree with your point about it being very fixable over the one off season and for at least one more year, I'll trust this FD (the one who has built trust with me) to make the right calls and learn from its oversights in the 2018-2019 off season. I should also say in regards to oversights over the 2018-2019 off season, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the FD knew we'd slide quite a bit this year given all the injuries and restricted pre seasons. I'd say it's less likely they knew quite how far we'd fall though.
  7. A F

    Ed Langdon

    Seriously mate? You think he's the sooky type? Based on what? This is twaddle.
  8. A F

    Ed Langdon

    Langdon is Jayden Hunt-like (circa 2016-2017), only he gets more of the ball. I'll back our FD if that's who they want, but he wouldn't have me jumping around with excitement.
  9. That doesn't stop Geelong's midfield with Kelly, Dangerfield and Selwood. It's how we set up at stoppages that needs to be looked at. I believe we're far too attacking and it makes us too easy to coach against. We're too attacking with little plan B. I hope that in tandem with a tinkered game style and a new midfield coach, we can rectify this issue pretty quickly next year. Where is Redleg celebrating these things? He's just saying there's no need for the wrist-slashing that you tend toward.
  10. Haven't caught this yet, but will do. My favourite producer John Battsek (multiple Oscar winner) has also produced a new Adam Goodes doco THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM that Madman are theatrically releasing in the coming weeks. It'll be interesting to watch both films and see what they offer. Darling's film THE FINAL QUARTER is what he is known for. Social impact docs that are philanthropically financed and should evoke debate and spotlight an issue/issues. It's interesting that Goodes decided to be involved in two different documentaries about his life (at practically the same time), so I'd say they have different trajectories. Check out THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM too if you can.
  11. I would have thought your last point undercuts what you said in your OP. They pushed hard to keep VDB and let Kent go.
  12. Kent's kicking is iffy at best. Terrible call. Kent was allowed to go elsewhere because he was far too inconsistent. Im no VDB fan but at least he shows consistent work rate, hence the contract offer.
  13. Our midfield's biggest problem is that it doesn't defend. We basically have 3 attackers and one defensive mid at every stoppage. That's great if we win it, although the opposition expects this and closes us down. But if we lose it, we basically surrender a score going the other way with only one tackler defending. I reckon we a need a new midfield coach and a new game plan at stoppages, or at least a more adaptable stoppage game.
  14. It was 191cm. Ridiculous comments from our Freak.
  15. I wouldn't trade him, but his defensive game is weak and a big problem.
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