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  1. I mean this is the thing isn't it? Absolutely the difference between Collingwood finishing 13th however many seasons in a row and them leaping up the ladder the last three years. And on this two way running, WTF was wrong with Clarry yesterday? He seemed to be labouring 5 minutes in and slowly jogging about. Petracca failed to impact in the H&A season again too. One game, but some worry mental signs for mine.
  2. I don't think it's so much about outrage mate, but more about what systems have they worked to improve all summer? Forwards were often failing to lead at the ball carrier, midfielders kicking sideways to 2 on 1s in our forward fifty. Looking at the team sheets going in to yesterday, you thought, right, we've noted their tall targets down back and we've picked a smaller side. Good thinking, so we'll try and keep the ball away from those guys, but all we did was bomb it long all day. Instead of outrage, I'd say there's reason for disappointment.
  3. I thought Lockhart was excellent. So much cleaner for the most part, than the majority of his team mates. Kozzy is going to be a ripper and Viney stepped up and showed leadership. But Goodwin bangs on about system and you could see it up on the coaching board at one stage. "Protect the corridor", yet almost immediately after that restart, West Coast kicked to a practically unmarked West Coast player standing... in the corridor, who proceeded to then move it through... the corridor. Absolutely, the players have to shoulder much of the blame for not being able to perform their roles, but the coaching staff and the senior coach need to shoulder some of the blame too for not getting the players up. West Coast players had to deal with the strange circumstances too and they did. Weird day I know, but it was another embarrassing performance. It may not have been a 10 goal pounding, but West Coast were in cruise control most of the day and as others have said, this game mirrored most of our performances in 2019. Very disappointing.
  4. Depends on the cost but surely we'd be looking at options to finance a development without State or Federal funding. It's tough out there, so I'm sure we'll be strategic about it.
  5. It's great to take the home ground advantage away from the Methies. I hope it helps us get closer.
  6. It's not a bad idea though. We need line breakers and gut runners off half back, which rules out Rivers and Jordon for the time being. That's part of the reason we seem to have thrown Harmes back there. We need a few options off half back, so having Hunt in form is important for depth and strategic flexibility this year.
  7. He wasn't too bad last year as a pressure forward, but the year before that really struggled. He may get his chance with injuries, management of Pickett and if Bedford struggles to come on this year. It may well be Jayden's last though. Let's hope he can prove me wrong here. He's struggled under Goodwin.
  8. Vandenberg is an interesting choice...
  9. It's definitely having an economic impact isn't it?!
  10. Good luck with the fundraising mate. I'm raising a million dollar budget for a social issue too at the moment and if you can empower and inspire those around you and hit a nerve, it can come together quite quickly. We've raised $100,000 in very little time at all and then I'll leverage that again.
  11. This guy totally reminds me of Leopold from The Simpsons. He's a walking bloody cliche. Quite hilarious.
  12. I've stayed away from Demonland and the official website for a bit and just caught up tonight. Watched the first three eps in a row. Not only are the production values excellent, the structure of the episodes are simple, but very well done. I could watch it for hours. Well done, MFC.
  13. He wasn't there for much of 2018. He came back at the end of 2018 if I recall correctly.
  14. You're in trouble mate when Adam Cooney is echoing your thoughts. He's an absolute gronk. There are 8 spots up for grabs because the [censored] season hasn't even started yet.
  15. Massively important player for his pressure and tackling, but I've still never seen an AFL footballer struggle to hit handball targets like him. His kicking is very hit and miss too, so he has to get it done with his pressure game and his toughness can never be questioned.
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