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  1. It's funny how many Collingwood and Carlton mates have said to me in the last few days, 'what the hell is ANZAC Day Eve'. Are you [censored] serious? We're completely out of sight, out of mind. Those two clubs are pretty bloody arrogant though.
  2. Agree with this mate, but there is a line. He doesn't have to be negative by simply admitting facts or reality. 1-5 is not a good place to be in and there's reasons for that. Supporters are trying to examine the reasons for the marked drop in results. You can't just stick your head in the sand and call yourself a loyalist. Well, you can, but it also devalues your opinion, or it should. And being loyal is fine, but to whom? The club or to some players or staff who Saty may think are his mates? I'd much prefer loyalty to the club and that sometimes means calling it how it is. It's always rose-coloured glasses with Saty.
  3. I reckon we'll struggle to just under 45,000 next year.
  4. I completely agree with this, because they're not going to drop the captain and Jones has a hardened body, but his form is embarrassing and as I said for most of last year, he shouldn't have gone around again in 2019. But because he has and we're no longer in finals contention, we may as well let him play in the guts. That's his go.
  5. He's a turn over merchant with one gear. Get ball and kick long to a contest. The single most overrated player to ever wear a Melbourne guernsey. And I agree with a lot of what you say mate, but to say he carried our midfield last year at any point in time is laughable. But any post questioning Nathan's ability is always shut down on here and on any of those ridiculous Facebook groups. A protected species.
  6. A first rounder for Langdon? What a waste of a pick. You want elite talent with first rounders.
  7. I'd throw a heap of cash at Conigilo or Kelly and draft the best available in the ND.
  8. Yep, thought so. Hawthorn have enjoyed beating up on us for years. Apart from their soft as butter supporters from all the success they've endured and become used to, the reason I hate them the most is the disdain they've shown for us over the years. So many times we've been pummelled. And my wife is Hawthorn, so there's that too. At least, these days she only watches Melbourne games and always tells me 'Go Dees' before I head out the door to the game. She'll only change sides if Melbourne beats Hawthorn in a Grand Final, she says. Bizarre rule, but at least there's a chance. You watch us get absolutely murdered next week by Clarkson's control game. Even without their midfield, their slingshot and zippy forwards will be, as usual, our kryptonite.
  9. I think an easy to follow, strong and reliable system makes a team seem like they have more depth. What you want, IMO, is to have any role player come into the system, know the system and be able to implement a basic function within it. Our system is shot and therefore our 'depth' looks more ordinary. In some ways, Hawthorn's lauded control system is a tougher system to play than our own, because foot skills are king. However, it appears our easier system requires a greater work rate in bursts, while the control system is more about aerobic power. I'd like to see us develop some new systems that either blend control v chaos or provide something entirely different. I was hoping we had the brains between Goodwin and Jennings to come up with something like this. We'll see. This is completely wrong. The zone was relaxed markedly in comparison to most other weeks. Thanks for this post. It's very heartening to think we have Lewis internally saying that they'd been here before at Hawthorn. Even that great Hawthorn side that evolved over the coming years. I had completely forgotten they were 1-5 in 2010. I would have loved that. Their only win was probably against us.
  10. Nope. Not aggressive at all. We played a longer zone and occasionally when handball was used by Richmond through the back flank and along the wing, the middle of our zone pressed more aggressively, but still had cover behind them. It was an interesting tweak, which within 4 days was surprising, but they clearly knew they had to. Particularly, against the pace of the Tigers. It did get a little more aggressive in the last quarter, but it was still a deep, long zone for the most part.
  11. I reckon this lets the club and players off a bit. We're not a bottom 4 worthy team with our midfield. We constantly break even / win the midfield battle. This group of players is not a 1-5 team. This is coaching, fitness and now a total lack of confidence. This is clearly why they've played Melksham in the midfield over the past two games, to improve our connection between mid and fwd. He was the leading assister in the league last year and remains our best ball user. Unfortunately, the move hasn't paid off as much as they would have hoped, because Melksham has less time in the midfield to ensure his kicks hit targets.
  12. I wonder what old mate Roosy thinks about the veil of negativity now. No other club does the sort of [censored] our club does to its supporters. From 4th to 18th in one off season. 👍
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