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  1. Clearly doesn't watch other sports. It's a ridiculous comment and so much of his analysis is revisionist.
  2. Yup, completely agree about it being decision making based as I said in another thread this evening. I just feel like we've been saying that for years about Melbourne. If we could just improve our decision making... I hope youre right about us being close. I reckon the confidence took a battering against Richmond and I reckon we're close to falling off the cliff for this year.
  3. I reckon it's systems, coaching, a lack of confidence, a bit of laziness and then skill via decision making (which I think has always been the MFCs problem) comes into it.
  4. And what do we put this down to? Serious question. And let's not just say Goodwin's game plan. That's far too easy.
  5. Don't worry. It's resilience-building. That's what I tell my parents haha.
  6. Sorry about your wife mate, but do you think Lyon's game style stacks up in the modern game? Or do you think he'll change tact from 2005?
  7. He set the tone late in 2018, but he's the worst handballer at AFL level I've ever seen and his kicking is inconsistent. I think he's still got value to the team, but we'll be a much better team if others pass him.
  8. Potentially, although Goodwin was a big fan of ANB in 2018 and when Roos had him yoyoing in and out of the side in 2016, Goodwin backed him the following years.
  9. Abso-[censored]-lutely. I also think this year is mostly exceptionally poor, because our team, despite the obvious holes, is playing nowhere near its potential.
  10. We had a forward coach last year (Rooke in the first part of the season and Rawlings in the second half) and neither fixed the connection issue between mids and forwards. Part of it is the way the overall team (mostly from the midfield and backs) is being coached to play fast and/or simply long. The other part of it is the lack of a decent forward coach and how this impacts on the forwards' learnings. But I think there must be a forward coach this year, because they all break off in line groups at the breaks.
  11. As I've said elsewhere, Ross Lyon would be an ordinary move for our club. A dour coach with a 2005 game plan is not going to get us anywhere. It's Clarkson, Yze or even Beveridge for mine.
  12. It's not a new tactic at all. Higgins and others have been doing that to multiple teams for a while. As for Lever being stationary, you can't clear out your entire defence and I wouldn't blame that incident on him. The golden rule for juniors is never kick short in defensive 50 unless the player you are kicking to is absolutely free. That was entirely Max's fault. He's a terrible kick as a rule and should be looking for a longer target or someone completely free.
  13. Yep, Petracca was very good when he got it. I think the lambasting of Oliver is overplayed. Sure, he could improve his disposal, but for my liking, the players around him need to improve their disposal more so. Oliver is the extractor and constantly wins contested possessions. If he was giving to a Harley Bennell it'd be a different story.
  14. We've tried that before and chose incorrectly and got the old boys club mentality. I don't care about MFC blood as long as the incumbents are good at their jobs. And that last bit is now questionable.
  15. Absolutely spot on. Great post as usual. Sides murder us on turn overs. The stats definitely bare that out. One of our biggest problems, as a few have noted now, is that we turn the ball over across half forward and it's this lack of connection between midfield and forwardline that sees us rebounded against so easily on the slingshot.
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