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  1. Apparently Luke Parker is considering a return to Melbourne. Given our midfield stocks it probably isn't a priority, but still a very handy player: News Link
  2. So because a twitter account with 64 followers posts that we are out of the race for Lever, we now take that as gospel? Despite everybody else in the media saying we are still the heavy favourites...
  3. Sorry to drag this one up again, but has anyone else confirmed that using an iPhone/iPad to a Chromecast does actually work with the new AFL app restrictions? I just want to be sure before I go out and buy one! Thanks
  4. That might be why we are trying to trade our 2017 2nd rounder for Hibberd. Then we can keep pick 19 and 30 for this years draft along with those 3 players! Dream result
  5. Yep, and people on here were calling for his head saying he should be stripped of his captaincy and dropped to the VFL! Just the sort of culture we want to be known for... Well done Jonesy!!
  6. Dawes on the ball, he definitely has the agility for that role...
  7. From memory the new recruits spend most of the first day taking the tour and only doing light running ony. So not expecting it to be too exciting of a report unfortunately.
  8. points for telling us straight up and not making us guess through riddles!!!
  9. if you want to stream the game online go here: http://www.vipboxoc.co/sports/aussie-rules.html just close the annoying pop ups!
  10. LOVE this post! Crazy no previous coach has done this before. Attacking in a line and then teaching players to run back to defense and "holding the line", brilliant. Too often do we turn it over and the goals just leak through our midfield. Usually it's because we are down by 80 and players can't be bothered, given up & just lazy. #standbyroos
  11. the purple [censored] just slammed us again on trade radio, with his usual scatter gun calls. The guy has no idea. How can you call Cross a bad pickup when we didnt give up anything to get him?
  12. fair enough, i havent seen too much of him so i was just putting it out there. Hopefully u are right then
  13. Tyson has averaged like 14 disposals. Looks like a bit of a fail for us. Time will tell
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