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  1. 5 hours ago, Smokey said:

    I'd argue we were painfully close to being "on" vs WCE, the last piece of the puzzle is converting goals and we're back on track 

    Yes no doubt. However there is still our "chain" play. We turn the ball over at important places and guys like Cameron love those fast entries from opposition turnovers. We need to do a lot more than convert our shots against GWS. 

  2. On 5/21/2019 at 9:47 PM, Neil Crompton said:

    Taking over historic, heritage parkland, changing the historic layout, removing trees and blocking existing views into the parkland from outside are just a few of the key problems a proposal would face and thus would undoubtably fail.

    Every area is "historic" in context, Neil. We allow cars to park every week on this "historic" parkland. I've lived in East Melbourne and have been privy to the community events, meetings and whatnot. These are people that spend weeks debating whether or not an alleyway down a backstreet should be named after a madam that used to own a brothel during WW2. It is a bubble of a suburb where its long-term residence live in delusion that the world surrounds them, rather than them being part of the world. You couldn't find a more isolated and self-important group of people if you tried.

    Turning a small part of the park into an oval with a thin layer of metal pole fencing isn't going to "change the historic layout". Nor is a building over railway tracks. If I learned anything while living in the area it's that if we listened to absolutely everything the inner-city champagne socialists spew, we'd likely still be getting around in horse and carriage. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, loges said:

    GWS, it's one thing beating up on carlton but the week before they could only score 38 points at the G against Hawthorn. If we're on we can beat them.

    Unfortunately loges, we haven't been "on" all season. Even our best game of the week last week saw us turn the ball over more than any other time this year, with more players producing clangers than any other time. And we lost.

    This is going to be a low-scoring mess of a game. No doubt we can win this but I just don't see it.

  4. I can already see what happens.

    We push him around and get stuck into him all game.. Gawn and Preuss get the better of him all game.

    On the scoreboard, GWS maintains a consistent 4-5 goal lead from midway through the second term. 

    In the last we peg it back to 2 goals with 10 minutes remaining. We get the clearance, go forward, but fluff it. GWS get the quick transition, fed by silky handpasses and prestine kicks through the centre and across the flanks.

    A long, driving kick forward towards a forming pack. In comes Mumford, who takes the strong pack mark. Gawn and Preuss are no where to be found.

    Mumford goes back, kicks the the goal, and the fat lady starts singing.

    It is our destiny. Look into your heart. You know it to be true. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, drdrake said:

    I reckon more like 1999, of an amazing 1998 making a prelim 1999 we won 6 games, injuries and a changing of the guard with a few old blokes coming to an end.  12 months later we played of in a grand final.

    Agreed. Jones, Lewis probably done by end of 2019. In 1999 we could barely field a side. Remember White having a bad start to the year after getting a leg infection or something. Farmer had an off year, just couldn't get going.

  6. I like your positivity but objectively it is just not our year.

    We are consistently poor in the same areas and have the worst percentage in the league.

    We are at least 7 weeks away from all current best 22 players on the injured list being ready for selection.

    We are playing three Finals locks across the next three weeks.

    We were ok on Friday night against a pretty average Eagles team that is good enough to win when it plays poorly.

    We still have too many VFL quality depth players that reflect a consistent theme of poor quality kicking.

    We may finish the year strong but we are very far off being even remotely finals caliber atm.

    GWS speed and foot skills will absolutely tear us up on the weekend. It will be an effort in margin minimisation. 

  7. 26 minutes ago, Lucifer's Hero said:

    I know how tackles are counted but if that is all you can see in Yeo's and Shuey's games then you have missed a key factor.  And, how many on here wax lyrical when Oliver has huge tackle numbers.  It has to work both ways.

    Sure if we had kicked straight we may have won and some non-decisions by umpires cost us. 

    Nonethelss, the score was 7 goals to 1 from the last few minutes of the 3rd quarter and in the last qtr they took 27 to 14 marks and ramped up their attacking game but we didn't ramp up our defence.  imv that is where we lost but each to their own opinion.

    We were well beaten, from the 25 min mark of the 3rd.  

    The difference overall was class. Oliver is oozing it, so is Gawn, Hore and Salem both have it. Outside of that, however, and you have a lot of solid role players and a handful of VFL (at best) hack jobs like Stretch and, on current form, Fritsch. Stretch has been solid this year but if he's in your team you've got serious depth issues. People carry on about guys like Omac and Frost, but seem to forget some of the complete hack jobs that take place across half forward and the middle of the ground that constantly put our defenders under pressure, and that Fritsch effort in the last quarter leading to the Gawn hanger is the best proof: over-handballs, lazy non-tackles, dropped marks. It all returned in the last quarter after a very slick and fast first three quarters. And the biggest culprits in the last were with usual suspects: Stretch, Jones, Brayshaw, Fritsch, Garlett. I can give Brayshaw a pass for now but he's quickly becoming a downhill skier: on when we're on, but if we're off as a team his skills become a huge liability. 

    Even if we kick straight, eventually all of those errors and hacks start becoming a factor: they pile up, and good teams with experience know exactly when to pounce.

    Melbourne of 2004-2006 was very much like that. I remember quite a few games where we would be hounded and beaten all game and then pop up for a blistering last quarter with the experienced heads popping up. 

    We are relying on sub-100 game players to turn the tide and win games for us. We are still quite far off having that core 150-game group that most great teams have.

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  8. 12 minutes ago, binman said:

    Loss is the most likely outcome od. And no shame in that. We have close to half of our best 22 out  playing the reigning premier, who have most of their best available, at their home ground interstate.

    But hope springs eternal and whilst a loss would hurt (But not sting, assuming we give total effort) a win could change the trajectory of our season and be one for the ages.

    Beware the motivated underdog, coming off an inspirational last gasp win, who had nothing to  lose.

    Go dees.

    If we win tonight I honestly wouldn't care if we miss finals. I mean, I would, but it would be a spectacular "[censored] you" to the football world, which has fixated on our seasob failures thus far.

    Victories under these circumstances build character and teams.


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  9. 7 minutes ago, JV7 said:

    You are talking 3 of the greatest of all time here. Goodwin is in his 3rd year, if we lose tonight it is not on Goodwin. He can only do so much with what we have to work with. Our injury list is as big as anyone in the league, a lot of sides would struggle in Perth with the key personnel we are missing. Richmond did it against Port earlier in the year but still had a host of premiership players. I think it’s poor to be lumping tonight’s performance on Goodwin (win or loss).

    It will be a serious struggle tonight, if we could have even kept the side from last week then I’d say we’d have a sneaky chance with the loss of Lewis, Hibberd & Melksham on top of what we have it would be one of the greatest Melbourne wins of all time.

    Unfortunately I think this has the Prelim result written all over it 

    Where in my post did I put the blame on Goodwin?

    I simply said, this is the type of game great coaches win. And all three of those mentioned were winning games like this in their third seasons. Clarkson had a team that finished second last in 2004 and got them playing finals in his 3rd year and winning a flag by his 4th. 

    It's not do or die for Goodwin, but great coaches find a way.

    I personally can't see it happening but it's a huge test for Goodwin and a great stepping stone in his coaching development. We will see what he's made of tonight.

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  10. Goodwin is going to have to coach the house down.

    How is our depth? Just how good a coach can Goodwin be?

    This is the type of game Clarkson's and Malthouses and Matthews would win.

    I can't see it happening but it'd be special.

    Thinking as objectively as possible if West Coast doesn't bury us, I doubt they'll make finals this year.  Outside of their match against Collingwood they've looked average. But so have we.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    I love some high brow reading early in the day:

    "Adopting Pierre Bourdieu’s concepts of capital, field and habitus along with Loïc Wacquant’s understanding of neoliberalism as the reengineering and redeployment of the state,I illustrate the use of elite sport as a form of cultural glue to re-regulate the city in favourof market-like mechanisms thatbenefit the urban and political elite. The Victorian state has successively re-regulated this neoliberal urban entrepreneurial strategy, often preventing dissident groups from resisting neoliberal activities,through its monopoly over the legitimate use of symbolic and material violence."

    Gee whiz, talk about saying a lot without saying much.

  12. 11 minutes ago, Lord Travis said:

    11 changes from that side to what will likely be named this weekend.

    That’s a huge change in the span of 9 games for a team that should be successful and stable. No wonder we’re performing poorly this year with that sort of change and instability. 

    True although only Jetta, Hannan and AVB would probably walk into last week's side. Maybe Weideman. MAAAAAAYBE Tyson and JKH.

  13. 39 minutes ago, loges said:


    Because it is an awful 2 minutes of football. Not only do we gift the Suns easy transition after multiple fumbles, hospital handpasses and the standard Melbourne 2019 crap, our key forward drops an uncontested mark and ends up with a consolation prize behind by just throwing his leg into the air.

    Make no mistake if any 2 minute period epitomizes where we are at, it is those 2 minutes. Only Melbourne could make a win look so bad. We are far and away the worst team in the comp atm that is scrapping together wins. Our % is a reflection of this. The amount of ball we won vs our scoring output shows how far we have regressed. And the last two minutes had it all on show.

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