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  1. 1 hour ago, demonstone said:

    People not renewing means lower membership which means less revenue.

    Can someone tell me how this helps the club climb out of the hole it currently finds itself in?

    If you think it's "sending a message", I'd be pretty confident the club knows just how bad the year has been and how rotten we all feel about it. 

    I just can't see how penalising the club by not renewing is in any way helpful.  If anything, it's hurting the thing we love.

    Here is the "Doom Loop" as Brendan Gale envisioned when he joined the Tigers in 2011.


    The "doom loop" is actually a common concept in the corporate world, albeit used sparingly because people are too scared or fearful of negativity and realism. This fear leads to unrealistic expectations and targets, because optimism leads to overly optimistic goals and targets. 

    Essentially and simply the "loop" suggests that any negative impact both precedes and proceeds another impact, eventually forming a loop. 

    So, negative on field performance impacts attendance, membership, and brand power, which impacts sponsorship, which impacts revenue, which impacts spending power, which impacts resources, which impacts on field performance, which impacts.. and round and round. 

    What I am getting at is that, regardless as to whether or not you or I purchase memberships, there is an impact caused by and causing towards poor on field performance. Rather than saying, "We need your support", the club should be asking, "Why don't we have their support". We know that attendance the last few weeks has been poor and will impact the bottom line. Round and round and it's a vicious cycle...but you can break it.

    Another thread a few weeks ago spoke about "brand" and "identity" and some here ridiculed the concept. 

    "Just play good footy!" they cried.

    But it is more than that. If the environment lacks a vision, coherence, realism, and accountability, eventually it all tumbles. 

    Pert, Goodwin, Mahoney and co have a lot of work to do. Previously they have ignored the Doom Loop and instead painted a rosy picture, which some here have gobbled up like turkeys at feeding time.

    Goodwin now appears to have reached breaking point and sees the loop formed. He is angry and frustrated at both the process and himself: this is the first step towards redemption. He has let those around him down.

    No more pointing the fingers at each other, or at members that don't renew or don't show up. Instead look at the start of the loop and ask why it got to where it is. 

    I'm more confident now that we can turn it around because Goodwin has admitted they [censored] up -- thus being "negative" -- rather than before when we were saying it was an anaomoly, all is well, we will bounce back, etc etc.

    How will you bounce back?

    What went wrong?

    What is the impact?

    How do you quantify the impact?

    For the first time ever the club has actually come out and said, "We stuffed up". And now the Doom Loop is vulnerable. But it became full circle when we had Barlett saying the year was an anaomoly with absolutely no context, solution, or rational reasoning.

    so if someone doesn't want to renew, my response is, "Okay, we are here: how did we arrive?" 

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  2. 8 hours ago, deebug said:

    Yes of course i will, i love our club. 

    I have made some great friends, who are like family to me. We have been members for over 20 years, and like all demon, members/supporters, we are, also gutted seeing our great club fall into a heap this year. 

    I heard David Neitz on sen a few weeks ago, and he was saying how the 666 rule has hurt us this year, but then said it can be fixed. Also said we should have a near to full list who will be able to a full pre-season.

    So have faith guys we can turn it around.

    It's always something with Melbourne. 

    And only Melbourne could be bad because of a rule.

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  3. Jones absolutely needs to go.

    Lewis should be begged to hang around the club. Give Jones his life membership and make him a guest every now and then. but thanks for your service. Goodbye.

    Viney demoted to VC. Gawn Captain.

    Anyone arriving to pre season overweight immediately suspended for round 1.

    ANB, Spargo, JKH, Stretch, Garlett to be shown the door. We need to stop hanging onto absolute spud list cloggers. Since I've been supporting this club for 30 years our list has been littered with lightweight spuds that we hang onto for way too long. I don't give a [censored] how efficient they are or how many tackles they lay. They are career "career players": every match they play, they play like they are playing for their career. Please just get rid of them ffs.

    Put AVB up for trade to see what you get.

    Dangle Brayshaw, Viney, and Hunt to see what's available and what their market value is. If someone bites with pace, skill and football smarts, do what you can to get the trade done.

    If we land with pick 2, Anderson. If necessary find a way to upgrade to get pick 1. Throw Brayshaw and pick 2 to GC for pick 1 and a filler.

    Goodwin given until round 12 to show improvement. At this stage I have changed my assessment and don't believe us to be finals caliber. Therefore I have lowered the expectation from "contention" to at least a record of 5-5. If any less, a % of less than 85% and he should be shown the door.

    I could go on and on. 

  4. Richmond and Geelong both resembled finals teams at points during those season. Geelong never looked terrible, they were just mid range and under performed. Richmond won 8 games but lost a few games by 80 points hence the sub-80% percentage.

    We have been the only team this year that has been consistently average and below AFL standard. GC started okay and won a few games. We have been terrible all season.

    2019 is not our 2006 Geelong or 2016 Richmond equivalent. It is our 2014 Melbourne equivalent. 

    We have a gauge of where we are at and a clean out and rebuild is necessary. Goodwin unfortunately doesn't have the benefit of time. Unless he and the club find a mutual ground and admit that they have completely [censored] up player management, depth, and expectations, in which case he may last his contract. But good luck explaining that to members. They stayed neutral, expecting continuous linear improvement to occur with minimal influence.

    I've never seen a more angered membership base. You have major stakeholders now that were in their mid-to-late teens in in the late 2000s who are now professionals and are just sick of this crap. I intend to attend the AGM and I want detailed responses to clear questions. I don't want PR fluff or corporate jargon. I am a paying stakeholder and I want details.

    Hardwick was questioned after 2016 and so was Thompson after 2006. But they were coaching doubts. There are major concerns about the football department and club here that reflect yet another restructing. 

    People on this forum continue to blindly expect things to be rosy again. It's a subtle acceptance of this year's mediocrity.

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  5. Coaching, leadership, development. 

    Age and experience have an impact.

    But time and time again the same issues present.

    Culture. Support. The Melbourne Football Club is a losers club. Brisbane at least can refer modern players to a flag from last decade. 

    There is always something with us. The same apologists. The same [censored]. It's always something.

    Own up to it. You [censored] up and mismanaged players. Own it and rectify it you losers.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Lord Nev said:

    Gossip and rumour of course, but yes the things I've heard paint a very poor picture from the board down.

    There is division in the board, there is a 'click' group of Mahoney, Goodwin and Viney (Snr), there is a split between the co-captains, there is unrest with one co-captain in particular among the playing group, a president who has the biggest ego out of all of them and there is a growing disconnect with former greats of the club, both players and others, who have been basically shunned from the club.

    Some of those things can be improved by winning games, simple as that, but we are very very much on a knife edge right now.

    I've heard a few things that have actually filtered through connections at other clubs, so not directly via Melbourne, but I know of the captain you refer to, and I have been calling for us to trade him for years. It's now reached a point where he has no value, so we're basically stuck "servicing" him now. Granted, however, these issues have been present for a few years so maybe not necessarily a catalyst for this year's issues, or perhaps it reached critical point.

    As for the other issues you have mentioned, all I've heard is of the "ego" of the president, but not really in the context of Melbourne. 

    The wheels have well and truly fallen off though. We're back to Neeld rhetoric now with the "we don't know what's going wrong" or "we are working to change this". It's not turning around anytime soon.


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  7. I'm an AFL Gold Member so there is no way I am relinquishing that but my mum isn't renewing hers from what she's told me.

    7 hours ago, Demons11 said:

    A bad season and you jump off, what a fickle bunch we are. 

    Stay strong, the sun will come up tomorrow and the pre-season training reports will get you excited again. 


    Yeah, 12 bad seasons in 13 ain't that bad!

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  8. 5 minutes ago, DSP said:

    Hopefully not the only ones. We have plenty of deadwood.

    Bolded for truth. It looks exactly like that. There's plenty of posters on this board that are in line with that thinking as well.

    Nah they're just wrist slashers. We'll be right. We have the team. Goodwin is the man. Etc Etc etc.

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  9. Melksham after the game yesterday:

    “Goody is very positive and he has been like that all year. Even particularly when I wasn’t playing in that middle part of the year there’d be a few times where I thought I’d come in and there would be a few sprays, but he has been pretty positive about most things,” he said.

    “I would definitely say the last few weeks he hasn’t been as his positive self, which is quite high level for those that don’t know."

    I think this is actually very good to hear. This would have been an important mlm learning period for Goodwin. I personally still have my doubts but I think it's a good thing there has been a shift in his approach, and that it's identifiable. 

    Has Goodwin's change impacted the team negatively? We are noticing a continuing degrading of the quality. It coincides with Melksham's comments.

    This is all a good thing. He knows he is under pressure. The playing group is under pressure. Hopefully they all come out of it with a heightened sense of urgency. And I think Goodwin will breath some fire this pre-season.

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  10. 5 minutes ago, Sorry kids said:

    Irrelevant. Marketing Dept  gets paid big bucks and does the sell. 

    It's not irrelevant. They report to the CEO. They're paid the big bucks to do a job, which is held to account by the CEO. The higher the pay grade, the fewer the number of people above you.

    CEO is held to account by the board. The board by members/stakeholders.

    This is how organizations work. If the marketing department doesn't deliver, the CEO asks why, and the board asks why of the CEO. The board isn't going to the marketing team to see why a sponsor wasn't signed.

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  11. 15 minutes ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    Got this from bigfooty.. 

    Jay Clark on MMM said that Burgess is planning the most brutal fitness pre season ever for the melbourne blokes, apparently the club wants to find out who's serious.
    Watch half our list sook and complain to Paul Marsh because our pre season is way too hard.

    players wouldn't dare. after the [censored] camp fiasco and their performance this year (and for parts last year) they would be ridiculed by their peers and the media. 

    And are we convinced it was the younger brigade that complained? I'd really not be surprised if it was someone within the leadership group.

  12. 8 goalless quarters this year.

    15 one-goal quarters.

    16 two-goal quarters.

    In 46% of our quarters this year we have scored no more than two goals. Or:

    - four matches of 6 goals

    - four matches of 4 goals

    - two goalless matches

    This season is actually much, much worse than people realise.

    We barely beat GC and Carlton, probably should have lost to Freo, held on vs Hawthorn. Lose those and only one win for the season. And I know what you're gonna say: "Oh but if we had won the close matches we'd be playing finals". Except we are so far from a finals team, and excruciatingly close to a one-win team.

    If Goodwin turns this around it will be one of the most significant turnarounds of all time. We are firmly, FIRMLY at the bottom.

    He isn't turning this around. we have to make a decision.

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  13. 25 minutes ago, olisik said:

    And people shot down my thread about needing a rebuild. Love for those people to tell us now where our improvement is going to come from.

    You can't deny it. I was also attacked by some for saying it. Pert effectively admitted we need to rebuild by saying we lack the depth of finals teams. You don't build depth overnight. How many on the list outside the top 22 get a game at another finals team?

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