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  1. May seem like a stretch but I'm in desperate need of two additional AFL Members barcodes. Have a bunch of people in from interstate and have used up mine plus all family and friends, and want to avoid slugging them for a guest pass. Anyone have a spare barcode they won't be using that I can reserve some seats with?
  2. praha


    Surprisingly I actually think he will play longer if he returns to Vic than if he stayed in Sydney. They need a new coach and need to start focusing a rebuild around Heeney. He definitely has another 3-4 years left. He is in pristine shape.
  3. Don't know why we are such clear favourites. We've played maybe 2.5 good quarters all year whereas Saints have played consistent without setting the world on fire. Should be a close game. Could go either way imo.
  4. never had issues but I've seen way more people complain about the membership department this year than in past years. You could always jump on Linkedin and message one of the board members/higher ups. I'd keep it very high level, not like your standard Facebook message. Very professional. We are stakeholders afterall.
  5. The problem is that the AFL lacks a truly marketable star, Buddy Franklin maybe being the only one that neutrals would go out of their way to see. In the 90s you had a league filled with absolute superstars that could still put on a show even if their team lost by 90 points. But you had a not-so-friendly family attitude, low attendance rates amongst women, and falling participation rates. So the AFL has worked hard to shape both the game and viewing experience around being welcoming and accessible to a more diverse audience. The problem, however, is that it is over-investing in areas that defer attention away from the main attraction. This alienates the core fanbase. I feel the game overall is in a good position, but the AFL badly needs to realign its focus here.
  6. Why would you drop Spargo? Is Baker going to offer more? Deckchairs.
  7. Don't fall in love with old mate Wagner just yet. He has more flexibility given we are covered in the key defensive roles, albeit with Omac and Frost. If OMAC doesn't play, Corey may fill his role. Better player in the air, sure, but his early years weren't so flash. Happy to give him a chance.
  8. Preuss shouldn't play. Keep him fresh for Richmond. Saints speed and spread will trouble us at the MCG. OUT: Preuss, Omac IN: May, Lewis
  9. They are well below their best. But they have winners and xfactor across the ground. They are most vulnerable down back, where they are still quite solid. Not sure how much longer Howe lasts though. He squibs many a kick coming out of defense. Great as an intercept mark. But those around him make him look better than he is. He's lucky his teammates bail him out.
  10. Frost played a smart defensive game. Buddy is like Dusty. If they beat you to win the ball, you are better off keeping space and forcing them to their opposite side. They have too much core strength to go at them front on and try to tackle them face on. Frost kept space and did this time and time again. One moment stood out in particular in the third. On the broadcast wing, Buddy beat Frost for the ball. Frost kept his distance and forced Buddy onto his right. It was an important moment because the Swans had 2 players streaming forward but Buddy couldn't get a clear kick to them. Frost has the better of Buddy, and Buddy knows it.
  11. Petracca, Hunt, Harmes, Oliver, Viney, Jones, Salem, Bradshaw all huge. That Brayshaw goal celebration... Can we get a #YehTheBoyz hashtag going for this year after a few wins?
  12. Sydney down 1 man. Swans by 6 goals.
  13. Viney 2019 is Brett Moloney 2011. All muscle, no show.
  14. They have almost 110 touches to quarter time. Double ours. They have 13 shots on goal from 17 entries. 9 scores from 17 entries. They have double our uncontested possessions. They have 13 more contested possessions. Despite having so much more of the ball, they have laid as many tackles. That was an annihilation.
  15. LMAO! Viney the closest player to Franklin in the 50. Jesus H Christ.
  16. we are spectacularly average. 2 goals from directly in front. They stream down the wing with a field in front of them.
  17. Gees Bruce is really rubbing it in atm.
  18. think we should prepare for heartbreak tonight. this isn't just a team out of form: it is struggling to find a comfort zone, a confident ability to adapt under pressure on a consistent basis. If we had, say, won our first game but lost 2, I'd be more confident. But three in a row the way we lost, plus the preseason...there is just something not right atm and it may take 7-8 weeks to right the ship. 2019 feels far more like 2007 than it does 2006. That said we have more upside than in 2007 but I feel we are more likely to be 0-8 than 4-4 or 3-5, which we will need to be in order to be a realistic chance to play finals. 2007 quickly lost hope after so much promise and the team couldn't get started. this isn't MFCSS. it's me being as objective as possible. We just don't look "right" atm. happy to be proven wrong.
  19. Thanks for your effort. Our engine room is firing based on those stats but the clearance and transition rates are a major indictment on the midfield group. It goes to show that winning the ball isn't enough: using an old cliche, you need to run both ways. The value of your clearances and ability to score is only as strong as your ability to defend. TBH there were more positives in our loss vs Geelong than against Essendon.
  20. Actually if you watch simulations of the universe expanding and the big bang you will see chaos but also organisation. thus, organised chaos. the formation of a star or a planet for example is chaotic but it's still organised. the universe is bound by both laws of science and theory but also randonmess. Anyway I think Hibberd will find form.
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