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  1. Or what? You'll trade him? For what?
  2. https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/ft_player_compare?playerStatus1=A&tid1=12&pid1=4041&fid1=C&playerStatus2=A&tid2=5&pid2=4043&fid2=C&type=A Pretty neck and neck statistically. IMO Petracca is the more defensive/wing sweeper whereas De Goey is a Bruest/Jack Riewoldt type forward. Like I said earlier in this thread I think the comparisons are really unfair.
  3. Petracca and Degoey are completely different players. Please stop comparing them. Anyway, watching how both Collingwood and Richmond play the MCG it really stands out to me that Goodwin's gameplan needs further refinements. When we lose on the MCG we seem to lose the same way. We get smashed in uncontested possessions and marks. If we were playing Collingwood tonight, we would comfortably lose by 10 goals. We're still at least 12 months off it. We just can't fill the space at the MCG. We're not winning a flag or getting close to it until we start consistently owning that ground. We weren't just bruised and battered on Saturday. We were tired and slow.
  4. Yes, sure. But a choke nonetheless.
  5. It was a massive choke from one of the most experienced players in the league. All you can do is laugh, really. And maybe he should, too.
  6. lol you were acknowledging a trend. I wasn't. I said it was the worst we had played *since*. Whereas your argument is that it was a trend.
  7. Completely irrelevant in isolation. We were terrible against Collingwood in round 23 2017 and similarly inconsistent and poor against Geelong in round 1 last year but no one made the connection. If you want to talk about trends then fine but seasons should be treated in isolation. Besides, we were x10000 worse in the Prelim. We were within a goal on Saturday at the 12 minute mark of the last quarter. Like I know people are trying to justify their irrational angst, but comparing two games, 6 months apart, in two different seasons is just silly.
  8. It was an average performance after an uninspiring pre-season. Interstate supporters tend to be wordy if their team is winning away from home.
  9. Nothing stat. A better insight would be the finishing position of the season prior of the teams that start 0-2. How many are actually bound for, expected to and/or have goals set to realistically play finals? The reason so few teams that start 0-2 make finals is because most teams that start 0-2 just aren't very good and were never playing finals to begin with. The teams that have started 0-2 and ended up making it, were expected to and always were going to play finals. Really, is starting 0-2 any worse than starting 1-2, and then losing by 70 points and 50 points like we did last year vs Hawks and then Richmond? It's selective analysis at its best.
  10. Imo, losing the contested ball, and lacking pace are mutually exclusive. Once a team starts getting easy transition out of a stoppage, we get sliced up on the outside, especially on the MCG. On the weekend we were lethargic and slow. That is a bad combination. Every team has its weakness. The Eagles were a terrible contested ball team last year and weren't especially fast, but they had key linebreakers across half back. Hinkley coached to Port's strengths and our weakness. We had an off day and couldn't adjust. You tend to lose games when a weakness is exploited successfully. And it happens to every team. This is why no team goes undefeated. Reasses and regroup.
  11. We were bad on Saturday. But perspective has us lose a match by 23 points after getting smashed in UC possessions, tackling and inside 50s. And without two key defenders, and Lewis. We went up against two ruckman, with an underdone Oliver and Viney, and no impact from Brayshaw or Petracca. That was as bad a performance as I've seen since probably round 23 2016 vs Geelong. We were worse on Saturday than we were against Hawthorn last season. We were lethargic, slow, and lacking urgency. And yet we only lost by 23 points. Yeah we lost but hardly is it the writing on the wall. People need to get their [censored] together.
  12. Perspective: ever fancied team this year has underperformed in round 1. Richmond was uninspiring. Collingwood was disappointing. Melbourne was lethargic. Adelaide was poor. West Coast were comfortably beaten.
  13. Mate how long have you been supporting our club for lol There was more poor decision making in 1 minute of any Bailey-era coached team than there was in the whole game today.
  14. Melksham was probably among our best.
  15. Viney - shouldn't have played Jones - that dropped mark Salem - Classic Christian Salem Jetta - Not quite Jetta Hibberd - Had no run O. McDonald - Constantly air balled Frost - Athlete but nah Petracca - In and out T. McDonald - Worst as forward Weidemann - Didn't have delivery Spargo - Tried but limited Oliver - Couldn't get involved Brayshaw - Almost no impact Harmes - Couldn't drive home Gawn - Covered and Beaten Hunt - Moments of influence Neal-Bullen - Had no impact Sparrow - Solid first game Fritsch - Lacks some confidence Melksham - Only forward target Hoare - Who is Hoare? Wagner - Never again, pls
  16. Well I mean, it is only round 1. We're missing two key backmen. Viney is badly underdone. We lacked experience in the defensive 50. We were younger overall vs them. Eagles were average round 1 last year. We all know how that turned out. Pies were making similarly mindboggling mistakes last night. Richmond hardly blew people away on Thursday. You gotta take the bad with the good. We were very average but reality is we have 21 games to make amends. It was a poor performance. Oliver Viney Gawn Brayshaw Mcdonald had little to no impact. We only lost by 23 points. Would have been closer if Jones wasn't such a spud. Let's get real hear. Two of the aforementioned have decent games and it's game on, we potentially win. And that's with three defensive generals missing. you just can't kill yourself over a round 1 loss. Would you rather this loss now, or leading into finals?
  17. Extremely concerning. The warning signs were evident during pre season.
  18. Our "stars" got an absolute spanking today. When was the last time Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Mcdonald, Jones and Petracca ALL had no impact?
  19. oundisciplined, lazy, slow performance. oh well at least collingwood lost as well.
  20. we're gonna get panned in the media this week after this performance. it's been so lazy.
  21. Viney has be terrible. A witches hat today. Shouldn't have played. Brayshaw Oliver Trac and Harmes all need to get involved. As with last year we are killing ourselves in the middle and across half forward.
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