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  1. Sydney down 1 man. Swans by 6 goals.
  2. Viney 2019 is Brett Moloney 2011. All muscle, no show.
  3. They have almost 110 touches to quarter time. Double ours. They have 13 shots on goal from 17 entries. 9 scores from 17 entries. They have double our uncontested possessions. They have 13 more contested possessions. Despite having so much more of the ball, they have laid as many tackles. That was an annihilation.
  4. LMAO! Viney the closest player to Franklin in the 50. Jesus H Christ.
  5. we are spectacularly average. 2 goals from directly in front. They stream down the wing with a field in front of them.
  6. Gees Bruce is really rubbing it in atm.
  7. think we should prepare for heartbreak tonight. this isn't just a team out of form: it is struggling to find a comfort zone, a confident ability to adapt under pressure on a consistent basis. If we had, say, won our first game but lost 2, I'd be more confident. But three in a row the way we lost, plus the preseason...there is just something not right atm and it may take 7-8 weeks to right the ship. 2019 feels far more like 2007 than it does 2006. That said we have more upside than in 2007 but I feel we are more likely to be 0-8 than 4-4 or 3-5, which we will need to be in order to be a realistic chance to play finals. 2007 quickly lost hope after so much promise and the team couldn't get started. this isn't MFCSS. it's me being as objective as possible. We just don't look "right" atm. happy to be proven wrong.
  8. Thanks for your effort. Our engine room is firing based on those stats but the clearance and transition rates are a major indictment on the midfield group. It goes to show that winning the ball isn't enough: using an old cliche, you need to run both ways. The value of your clearances and ability to score is only as strong as your ability to defend. TBH there were more positives in our loss vs Geelong than against Essendon.
  9. Actually if you watch simulations of the universe expanding and the big bang you will see chaos but also organisation. thus, organised chaos. the formation of a star or a planet for example is chaotic but it's still organised. the universe is bound by both laws of science and theory but also randonmess. Anyway I think Hibberd will find form.
  10. And we have 3 games in 13 days. When it rains, it pours.
  11. We're in trouble unless we reign in our defensive ineptness. Can't even see us beating the Saints at this point.
  12. Irrelevant. I am working in a similarly dysfunctional team environment atm. You work to keep your talent. Unless they want to go home to family, you work to keep them involved. You empower them. We let him walk "because he wanted to leave". Why did he want to leave? How useful would Dunn and Howe be right now? What was the logic there? The Roos legacy.
  13. Why? We let good talent leave.
  14. Who gave the go ahead to let Howe walk? What'd we get in return?
  15. Disagree. You're asking Oliver to change his game plan based on our deficiencies. He is an inside player with unbelievable hands. Holding him to account because coaching and recruiting can't see we don't have outside skill and run is silly. He's Neither a catalyst nor a symptom of the problem. He's part of the solution. We're eating our own here by attacking Oliver.
  16. You know what's sad? The best, most direct kick to a lead last night came from Frost to Petracca in the third quarter. Frost drilled it down Trac's throat and he fluffed it. They went down the other end and kicked a goal. Such is life.
  17. praha

    Gary Pert?

    We have a strong list that lacks depth, no doubt. Our major ball winners haven't played 100 games yet. This decade? Seeing as those only this season to go, Id agree.
  18. praha

    Gary Pert?

    I think the key atm is that we're playing bad football for a good side, rather than being a bad side playing bad football. It is quite obvious to me, that. We win the ball a lot and undoubtedly have the talent, but this is a funk. If we get to rounds 11-12 and we've won less than 4 games, the season can't be salvaged and at that point you start putting players on ice and blooding newbies. Then you reasses and reboot for 2020. I think a slow start and potential bottom 10 was completely viable and rational prediction for this team for this team. They look absolutely drained and still very much in pre season mode. I would reasses Goodwin's position mid-2020. Yes it is tough as supporters to be patient but you need to treat each year and regime in isolation. It is not ideal but top 4 and flag predictions were just hyperbole from the start. It creates a story if they don't perform. "What a disappointment!" Gary Pert has been around for 2 seconds. Anyone suggesting he is in a position to be vocal or held accountable is just being unreasonable. I'd give the current regime until mid 2020. That'll have Goodwin deep into year 4. From there if it's proven he's not right, then you look to Pert. Atm as a fanbase we need to think far more logically about this all. IMO this is my objective interpretation of our list, I think it's far more likely we'll bounce back than won't.
  19. lost the game there. itnis demoralising.
  20. it's pretty embarrassing. only melbourne could run through a banner with mean tweets, and then lose. like, it's the perform storm of stupid.
  21. Averaging 114 points against this season. That is bottom of the ladder caliber.
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