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  1. More people should learn about Phil Jackson's coaching philosophy. He knew how to play the media, kept his cards close to his chest, and could stare you down from 1000 miles. Never said much, would occasionally show emotion, but he was called "The Zen" for a reason.
  2. Spargo brings more, chases, and continues to chase even when it's lost. I cannot fathom why people want the gold medalist of downhill skiers in the team.
  3. Why are we playing a high defensive zone in the last quarter of a season defying game when we've kicked 1 goal for 2 quarters? This is actually the most frustrating of all the games this year.
  4. Goodwin needs to go for the win here. Put Mcdonald forward.
  5. 1.4 in 2 quarters of football. In the 2nd and 3rd quarters the last 2 weeks, we've kicked 1.7. 1.7 in 4 quarters of football.
  6. how many fumbles there? embarrassing.
  7. We made the Preliminary Final last year and we're celebrating "effort" and "intent" in round 6. Give me a [censored] break. Structurally we are still a mess. There is no leadership. Weideman is awful. Never leads into space. Petracca has been terrible. Garlett chases once and then gives up. ANB may as well be downing pies in the stands. Someone breathes near Stretch and he shanks it. Viney, Oliver and Brayshaw play like under 10 midfielders, crashing in hoping they will get a clear possession. We have zero class. Gawn smashes it into space in our defensive 50 without straight to a Richmond player. Where is the [censored] leadership. We are no chance. Richmond's intent puts us to shame. Their pressure is 10x ours. And we are celebrating "improved effort". My god supporting this team has ruined some of us.
  8. Actually, historical analysis tells us that 50+ inside 50s tends equate to a win where the opposition has less. Once you hit that mark it's a sweet spot. Our great game has always been highly anecdotal however, and greatly open to interpretation. Structurally you need coherence defensively, and in transition, but once the ball is in your forward 50, ideally you want to keep it there or keep it rebounding back to pile pressure on the defenders. The best attacking teams tend to be the ones with fast and chaotic transition. Our problem is that while we were good at this last year, teams are equally if not more potent in it when against us. Forward pressure is good and eventually we will start scoring more. However, it is our short entries across half forward, a lack of defensive prowess from our midfielders, and a dysfunctional backline that is really what's killing us atm. Law if averages tells us you should have a shot on goal every 2-3 inside 50s. Our problem is that we go in twice, don't score, the opponent goes to the other end quickly and scores. Everything resets and we are back at square one. That third entry isn't happening because we are either giving up, breaking down structurally, understating the opponent, or a combination.
  9. If our issues thus far are partly fitness and a lack of training and matchday conditioning due to interrupted preseasons, it stands that more gametime and full matches would be beneficial, no?
  10. Calling a 70k crowd given the weather. 20k Melbourne supporters (at best). Toiges by 7-8 goals.
  11. Doesn't work like that anymore. The bench is used for rotations moreso than "spare" or backup players like in days of yore. Few players spend more than 80% of gametime on the field.
  12. been happening since the 90s Jaded. Never forget playing Adelaide at the MCG on a Friday night in the mid 90s. They'd lost their past 3 games at the MCG by like 90+ points each. We came in hot favourites. Friday night lights. Lost by 6 goals. Then there's Modra's 10 and Freo's first ever win at the MCG in 1999.
  13. Lucky for them they play Melbourne this week. I'm guessing Lynch kicks 10, Jack 5, with Grimes floating forward for 3 goals and 12 marks.
  14. We would have to be the best worst team every as it currently stands. Winning the ball in key areas and actually giving our forwards a chance but breaking down in every other part of the ground.
  15. Attack is only as good as your defense. The more you score the more you stand to concede. Our defense had holes and the writing was on the wall in some games but we still improved dramatically on that area over 2017. However we have since regressed to defensive standards that we saw in 2013 and Roos' first year. Meanwhile our scoring has stopped. If we were allowing 15 goals a game but scoring 17-18 ourselves then no one would be talking about our defende. The problem is we're barely averaging 12 goals a game but comfortably giving up 15. So therein lies the problem. It was the opposite last year. Defensively across the ground we were quite good last year. This year we are a shambles. Defense goes beyond just backline efficiency.
  16. Based on my above post it appears to have only been officially recognised just before the start of the season. If that's the case, was he "defensive coach" throughout the preseason or was it a last minute thing?
  17. Could well quickly turn around like it did last year vs Richmond, but given our fixture and performances it appears extremely unlikely. Hawks and Tigers games last year were bad, but at least it wasn't a theme. This team is been average now for 8 straight weeks if you count the Prelim and practice games. We are 1-7 in that time which I suspect is bested in awfulness only by North and Carlton. We have gone from being a flag contender to being one of the worst teams in the league, overnight.
  18. Jesus. We are only $2.55 for the win. Do punters know something we don't? We have been outrageously short odds almost every game this season. We should be comfortably $3.50. Suspect it may push out to that eventually.
  19. This goes well beyond the playing group, my friend. Regardless of the working environment, if you have a mudslinging contest taking place amongst your leaders and managers, the toxicity sets in, and morale is shot. That someone from the club even had to say that "morale is still high" says a lot. The club says stuff it shouldn't, and stays silent when it should talk.
  20. On March 5, the most recent archived snapshot of the page, McCartney is listed as Player Coach Performance Manager. https://web.archive.org/web/20190305052423/https://www.melbournefc.com.au/Team/players/coaches That means that between then and now he has been reassigned to Defensive coach, with nothing communicated to members. At this link he is still listed as the former: https://m.melbournefc.com.au/club/people/staff-members At the current version of the above archived link, he is "defensive coach". https://m.melbournefc.com.au/Team/players/coaches Why weren't members and stakeholders educated about the change? With all of these rumours coming out now and with McCartney seemingly snuck into a Defensive coaching role, this all seems like the perfect storm. Trust Melbourne to spend 6 years rebuilding itself and throwing millions at the best administrators and coaches in the game, only to regress back to the corporatised and political mess that it has been for 50 years. [censored] like this pisses me off more than anything. Why do I pay $1500 a year? We shouldn't be kept in the dark. Where is the accountability?
  21. Objectively, Richmond should smoke us by 60-70 points. MFCSS tells me we may well lose by 100 points. Only Melbourne could throw objectivity out the window and outperform itself in the crapness stakes. Seriously, how are we even going to get close? Moving witches hats with any ins or outs.
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