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  1. History shows that midfield and contested ball dominance almost always equates to wins most of the time. As always, however, Melbourne leads the way in breaking records no one knew existed. We set standards no one else dared set. And we add new meaning to "inefficient". If we were salesmen, it would be like selling 100% of your stock with a return/refund rate of 80%.
  2. Goodwin won't get as long. Richardson has had to battle horrid injury lists and just broadly poor form. But this was always going to happen.
  3. All true BUT he'll be 3.5 years into his coaching career, excluding 2016 when he essentially took on game day duties, when we reach round 12 2020. If we're in the same position as we were in at round 12 this year, he will be gone. The variables have saved him this year and that's reasonable. But he won't have those excuses. A contract extension to 2022 was a mistake. But that doesn't mean he won't be let go. This year has been an onfield disaster but the full effect won't be felt until next year. Thankfully we have Anzac Eve and QB home games. But we're due for fewer prime time and friday night games after earning them for this year. This impacts the bottom line, sponsorship dollars, etc. It might actually reach a point where paying him out and sacking him is more financially viable than keeping him on. A contract is one thing. The overall impact to the bottom line is another. The game is bigger now than the team itself. We are staring down the barrel of a bottom 2 finish. It's utterly disastrous for the club broadly. For its vision. Last year, missing finals would have been classed a failure. This year was the same. But the second worst team in the league? It's a colossal failure by the FD. Contract or not we can't afford to stay the course if nothing changes by midpoint next season. IMO the club should already be testing the waters for possible replacements as a just in case.
  4. While I am indifferent to OMac, I'm uneasy about dumping a young KPP that has room to grow. ANB is clearly not up to it but if Tmac and Jetta are any indication, then I think we can develop OMac into a solid player. He also showed in patches last year that he can be a very good player. At times he was even being lauded as a potential AA backman. The club has also indicated that they're developing him to build his strength. He's unlikely to go imo. At the end of the day he's a key defensive player with finals experience, that managed a few scalps towards the end of last year. He has always been a scapegoat for our troubles but any poor performance from him is typically a symptom of rather than a catalyst of our issues.
  5. I know Lyon is a dirty word around here but he's said on SEN that Goodwin got a pass because of last year but that it's "coming next year", which I assume he means the pressure. Hardly breaking news but you'd have to say he has until round 12 next year.
  6. It was a shocking decision. Yet oh so predictable. Dare i say it was a distinctively Melbourne moment.
  7. maybe. on the flipside we made a prelim last year. so either our list over performed or our FD and coaching team over performed. if the latter then Goodwin should and probably is under internal pressure. If the former then a rebuild is necessary. Some here seem to think nothing is wrong: we don't need a rebuild nor is anything wrong in the coaches box. Mind you we are staring down the barrel of finishing 17th. Five years after we last finished equal 18th in 2014, Roos' first year. There are a lot of perpetual negativity nancies on this forum. But many of them are right. Good clubs have the occasional down year. Poor clubs flat out bottom out. Nothing has changed. Consider our list turnover in coming years: Lewis Jones ANB Hibberd Jetta OMac JKH Garlett AVB Hannan Potentially Brayshaw Either retired, traded, or delisted. Or on the decline (Jetta and Hibberd). We have very little depth upside. Dunkley, Lockhart, Petty have potential. But they so depressingly remind me of fillers from the Roos years. I can't fathom how anyone doesn't think we need a genuine rebuild and restructuring. It's like it's a dirty word. We need to be quick and harsh. Otherwise we're going to end up back where we were in 2012. Make a decision on Jones. Choose between Viney or Brayshaw. Now is the time.
  8. The Lions started last season 0-8 and scored 2-5-17 in one match. They are now a legitimate flag threat. I don't know what that means. But it's both depressing and encouraging at the same time.
  9. That was a 2015 Roos era-esque performance. A weirdly good-bad performance. There to win but never truly winnable. Looked good yet bad at the same time. Anyone that thinks we haven't regressed has rocks in their head. We played like a team with the end of the H&A in sight. Our skills are horrid. Our gameplan is predictable. We took one step forward on 2018. We've taken three steps back in 2019. Brayshaw looks like an average VFL play. Oliver looks like he's been Melbourne'd. We have no forward line. Our backline is dysfunctional. We lost Tyson yet have ANB and Brayshaw to pick up the slack for useless possessions. Jones and Lewis are hopeless. We were solid for 2 quarters but utterly pathetic in the 1st and 4th. 5 tackles to 25 to start the game.
  10. defensively we've been great all day. possession alone isn't a good indicator. they've rushed forward a number of times and our defensive pressure has been superb.
  11. I know I'm normally a merchant of negativity around here but I think we have done well to curb their pace and spread.
  12. almost every Bulldogs entry has come from a free kick up the ground. also 18 tackles to our 5.
  13. Hold the phone: a small forward that goes missing when the rest of his team does? wow!
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