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  1. Some of the trash I see written by Petracca here and on Facebook is astonishing. Criticise Goodwin, and the club's lapdogs come to gobble you up. But it's free reign on a player who continues to trend upwards. Astonishing. Trac had a great 2019 and was one of a few highlights amidst a [censored] disgraceful year. True testament to him and his character that he actually got better as the year progressed and our year was shot, and our on field "leaders" did little else but show up (Gawn the exception). We expect poor player performance, and celebrate mediocrity because, next to trash, it seems like gold. And yet, we hold "potential" in such high esteem that we often bury young kids under the weight of expectation and hope, and often take our frustrations out on them. Petracca is the new Watts. Good thing he's twice the player and 10x as motivated.
  2. Have a close mate from Seattle that I used to work remotely with about a decade ago. Huge Sea Hawks fans, but his comments about the Mariners well remind me of what it's like to be a Melbourne supporter.
  3. See now I know you're lying because players openly discussing salary and contract length is not only a HR breach but also a privacy breach and likely in breach of their own contract terms.
  4. From a financial standpoint, it is awful. Most of our MCG home games are against low drawing interstate sides. If we have another poor season we're going to be back where we were in 2013 with 13k people going to watch Melbourne vs GC. We were awful this year and this fixture reflects that.
  5. imo it's the perfect test. lose and it's a bad start but hardly the end of the world. will be interesting.
  6. Criticism levelled at Petracca is at best ignorant, at worst stupid. A complex player that deserves complex analysis. Much better than people are prepared to admit. He's not just another Jack Watts. He is firmly establishing himself as a great of the game.
  7. Yes. Ultimately, what separates the great, good and average teams is how adaptable their plan B and in some cases plan c is. Ability and/or foresight to adapt can make or break a season. 2019 basically told us we have zero depth, and could adapt. We've responded by hiring some pace by also dropping a lot of depth from the backend of the list. So it may all work and I'm backing the club in at this point but I'm just playing devil's advocate. I think we're banking on a pretty good bill of health.
  8. What happens when Tomlinson hurts his foot and Langdon gets concussed? Goodwin still needs a plan B.
  9. We need to re-sign Fritsch asap. He is being eyed hard by Collingwood and Richmond. The former in particular is VERY keen.
  10. JKH has matured a lot the last 2 years imo. I see him eventually molding into a Jetta type player. Very similar imo. JKH was also far less deer-in-headlights this year whenever he got the ball. Has developed his composure in that sense. Maybe it's just me but I see potential in him, much more than I do Stretch. JKH is only 24, let's not forget that. I much rather keep him over Stretch.
  11. Comfortably top 22 when fit imo and takes the place of ANB Baker and a few others. Comfortably. Agree he has this season to get it right before moving him on. A month is an exaggeration. He is our modern day Tingay: Talented and impactful enough on the team that you give him that extra time, just can't get his body right. At 27, statistically he is only just moving into his peak both from a skill and physical perspective for an AFL footballer. Agree 3 years was overkill but he definitely deserved a contract extension after his end to 2018.
  12. We'll take pick 3 and 8 I reckon. Can't see the logic in trading 3 to GWS if we can just bid anyway and still be in a better position.
  13. I was bouncing off the ceiling but not from excitement.
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