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  1. Actually that's causality.
  2. We were better in 2011 than 2019 but that's like saying 2019 was better than 2013. Much of 2011 was an illusion. We would smash very average teams but any team that was finals caliber gave us a bath. It was an awful team with a coach that happened to have great offensive structure. He got the best and worst out of a [censored] awful team in what was at the time a [censored] terrible organisation. Last year was poor decision making and management but hardly a reflection of the entire business.
  3. A few influential figures involved in those groups, with political and media klout. Lots of "old money" in East Melbourne with influence in the Yarra and Melbourne councils. I lived there for 5 years and saw it first hand. There's a reason why the suburb -- on the doorstep of the CBD to one side, and junkie ice heaven in Abbottsford to another -- is enclosed in its own elite bubble with no crime or over development. Unless you're developing apartments that service a very high class buyer, you're not building anything in East Melbourne or Jolimont. You also have the chardonnay sipping socialists like Stephen Jolly who thumb their nose at sports and private enterprise and would like the streets for weeks should anything further infringe on Yarra Park. I was at a council meeting when they were pushing hard to ban cars from the park, citing "irreversible" damage to the park. Mind you cars have been parking there for half a century and it's still one of the greener parks in the city.
  4. yes that's fair. but on the flip side, that these sexist armchair experts exist shouldn't detract from reasonable discussion and criticism about the state and condition of AFLW.
  5. Interesting that we are conditioned to accept the impact the cycle can have on women -- their personality, hormes, energy levels etc -- but as soon as it comes to AFLW we have to tow the line, and not dare say it can have a detrimental impact on their physical capabilities (which science shows it clearly does). You should see some of the comments on Facebook. you would think these doctor's are celebrating eugenics.
  6. Rumblings tell me there is renewed development in the Jolimont plan but still unlikely to happen. The East Melbourne resident bubble won't stand for it. The alternative is a new development as part of major Richmond Station development in the works. Eddie actually hinted on this recently.
  7. This was my wife's message to me when we were trying to have kids and all I wanted to do was go to sleep.
  8. Of the two I'd be more hesitant to throw LJ to the wolves. Kossie I feel will have immediate impact. LJ only plays if Gawn doesn't imo. If Weiderman does play round 1 then LJ might get a look in. Both play and he won't. Kossie you'd think would slide in fairly easily. You could go either way with an ANB or Lockhart. If Spargo can get a game in the first half of 2019 then Kossie you'd think would be an absolutely shoein.
  9. We started 0-3 in 2006 and made finals.
  10. How utterly embarrassing. Imagine being asked to give up your deserved salary increase to fund a subpar, below-average womens league. and imagine being a woman in 2020 and having men pay you like that. "Get woke, go broke"
  11. praha


    You mean like Piers Morgan?
  12. praha


    Yeah he's definitely not conservative lol
  13. praha


    I don't think he's politically correct or a lefty. He's just the CEO of an organisation in the 21st century. Which means you have to play the woke card for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, in an attempt to appear "diverse", they expanded the women's league far too quickly, in turn draining the talent pool and forcing teams to recruit overweight, unfit "talent". The result is pathetic matches of almost no entertainment and embarrassing scorelines. 5 years ago you were getting good media coverage and fan interest around exhibition games, when Melbourne and the Bulldogs were slowly developing and growing the women's sport. The matches were awesome and of a surprisingly high quality. But of course the AFL spotted an opportunity, in turn morphing the women's AFL presence from a legitimate grassroots program, to a "so brave" league. Don't you dare criticise the quality of the matches, that would be sexist! Yeah, there are a lot of pathetic man babies out there attacking the women directly, but that sexism is an unfortunate symptom of the reality: the product is [censored] awful, and people have forgotten how good it was before the league expanded into a massive league too big for an already stretched talent pool. Why did they do it? I don't believe the league really gives a [censored] about women's football or growth. It was a good PR opportunity, that has now become a patronising howl from AFL House, and golf claps from AFL Media, who are so desparetly trying to make your typical AFL fan care about how brave these women are. As they say: "Get woke, go broke"
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