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  1. We don't tackle in the first quarter and now you want to introduce a rule to reduce tackling further lol
  2. I think it reflects a gap in maturity skill and leadership as you allude to. The gap between 1-4 teams and 5-8 is fairly big, but even larger 9-12 and 13 below. We don't discount WC and GWS wins, they were well coached and played matches. But even as Goodwin has mentioned we were a young team on a roll. My intent is not to dilute last year's finals as merely a flash in the pan. Rather my intent is to highlight that, to be consistantly good, you need to consistently beat good teams. So it started as a concerning albeit afterthought stat. But this year shows it is a trend.
  3. Everyone calm tf down. An interesting if concerning stat, is all. Collingwood struggled last year against top 8 sides but has shown a trend it is not. We've been consistently poor against top 8 sides during the season. It hurts us. It impacted our ability to snag the double chance last year. How do we fix it? What do we do? Where is it going wrong? Is it a quick fix? Instead of attacking each other for simply posting an opinion, engage and contribute. We're in this together.
  4. The only sides that were top 8 during H&A when we beat them were GWS and WC. In what world are you living in that any half decent side is even remotely relevant without beating good teams?
  5. Can't hide from the facts. Was always building. The more these damning stats present themselves, the more the pressure builds. Interesting take from Robbo, that the club is "talking confidently". Goodwin talks like a coach of a team in the midst of a slump. King was fairly brutal in his assessment. I expect a quick turnaround, and for the club to be in a contending position in 12 months time. Otherwise, get rid of him before the rot truly sets in. This year isn't just poor. We are quite literally setting new records for ineptness. Literally, actual records for ineptness.
  6. That is our record against top 8 sides during H&A over the last two seasons. Only one other team hasn't won against a top 8 side this year. I'm sure you can guess which team it is. What do we put this down to? Inexperience? Coaching? Luck (or lack thereof) of the draw? Culture? This is over two years. Not just this year. The more we see, the more reality starts to hit home. What does this club stand for? I've not pondered that question since round 2, 2013. Here we are, six years on.
  7. Salem, Oliver, Jones, and Frost all need to hit the scoreboard. Yes even from the backline. They can all slot it on the front from 50.
  8. Poor coaching, lazy adaptation (or lack thereof) to 6-6-6 rule, dysfunctional leadership, and growing pains for Oliver and Brayshaw, who have both been found out as being extremely one dimensional. Dunkley for the Bulldogs is demonstrating the type of player Oliver *should* be, or become, but Clarry is going through the motions and simply playing the year out atm. His performance is eerily Scully-esque circa 2011. His mind appears elsewhere. Very concerning. Brayshaw seems down on confidence. Mcdonald has attracted No.1 defender with Hogan gone, and so it's been a learning curve for him. Same with Weeds. Garlett, Spargo, ANB have been useless. There goes out forward line. At one point this year our entire back 6 in Salem, Lever, May, Jetta, Lewis and Hibberd were out. This leads to lack of cohesion and connection with the mids due to lack of experience playing together. The variables all point to a pass for Goodwin given all of the above but the entire coaching team's approach has been a symptom of this and I feel Goodwin has been found lacking. It will be a learning curve for him as well. The stats point to a list badly lack depth, but also a coaching team that had not prepared for nor considered the worst. We've blooded some talent in Petty Lockhart Hore Dunkley but these are atm depth players. That Hore was the general in our backline for a few weeks shows how badly hit by injuries we were. Again though, we've maintained a healthy core, continue to win the ball and continue to get the ball forward. Goodwin's defensive coaching prowess is nonexistent it seems and he would be on notice. You don't go from premiership fancy to bottom 2. I don't care how badly hit by injuries you've been. Will be a fascinating next 12 months. Watch this space (if you dare)
  9. we would have to be the only team in the history of the game to play finals, have off season surgeries, a shorter preseason, and have this impact performance so significantly that it sees us on the verge of a bottom 2 finish. This has Carlton 2002 written all over it. The only thing that gives me hope is the fact that Richmond were actually garbage in 2016 with 8 wins and 79% percentage with a few 100 point losses. And we all know how they bounced back. But they had a mini rebuild in the offseason. Goodwin has got to make tough calls on Lewis and Jordon, consider the roles of Viney and Brayshaw, and completely redevelop his gameplan. The next 12 months is going to be the most challenging of his 20+ years in the AFL. In the words of Ari Gold, "I just don't see it happening."
  10. History shows that midfield and contested ball dominance almost always equates to wins most of the time. As always, however, Melbourne leads the way in breaking records no one knew existed. We set standards no one else dared set. And we add new meaning to "inefficient". If we were salesmen, it would be like selling 100% of your stock with a return/refund rate of 80%.
  11. Goodwin won't get as long. Richardson has had to battle horrid injury lists and just broadly poor form. But this was always going to happen.
  12. All true BUT he'll be 3.5 years into his coaching career, excluding 2016 when he essentially took on game day duties, when we reach round 12 2020. If we're in the same position as we were in at round 12 this year, he will be gone. The variables have saved him this year and that's reasonable. But he won't have those excuses. A contract extension to 2022 was a mistake. But that doesn't mean he won't be let go. This year has been an onfield disaster but the full effect won't be felt until next year. Thankfully we have Anzac Eve and QB home games. But we're due for fewer prime time and friday night games after earning them for this year. This impacts the bottom line, sponsorship dollars, etc. It might actually reach a point where paying him out and sacking him is more financially viable than keeping him on. A contract is one thing. The overall impact to the bottom line is another. The game is bigger now than the team itself. We are staring down the barrel of a bottom 2 finish. It's utterly disastrous for the club broadly. For its vision. Last year, missing finals would have been classed a failure. This year was the same. But the second worst team in the league? It's a colossal failure by the FD. Contract or not we can't afford to stay the course if nothing changes by midpoint next season. IMO the club should already be testing the waters for possible replacements as a just in case.
  13. While I am indifferent to OMac, I'm uneasy about dumping a young KPP that has room to grow. ANB is clearly not up to it but if Tmac and Jetta are any indication, then I think we can develop OMac into a solid player. He also showed in patches last year that he can be a very good player. At times he was even being lauded as a potential AA backman. The club has also indicated that they're developing him to build his strength. He's unlikely to go imo. At the end of the day he's a key defensive player with finals experience, that managed a few scalps towards the end of last year. He has always been a scapegoat for our troubles but any poor performance from him is typically a symptom of rather than a catalyst of our issues.
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