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  1. Would you seriously give them votes, for tonight ? I'd give e them all an ' E ', for effort... that is all.
  2. tSmith is proportionally what we need in a bigger package... about 6'6" and 100 Kgs, a Clark Keating type who will run around and crash the rucks, and the packs. Taking marks all around the ground Maxy is too classy, and doesn't crash. And isn't putting the pill in our pockets... nor is he taking marks and kicking goals, every game. So really, he is, like so many of us atmo, nullified.
  3. So we can't chew gum, and talk at the same time. no ones perfect 😉 ...
  4. He was referring to our contested effort. that we were in the game for 75% of the time contesting but had lapses. Even tho we are badly out of form. and cannot kick a goal to save ourselves. This is all midfield issues. selfish play... playyers playing for self... Oli is terrible. Tracca is a pedestrian, plods about the field. TMc tried but is so out of form worst I've, seen him. Gawn is not linking up. Jones looking aged. Viney just a player, out of form. We are a walking rehab zone.
  5. Thats right, 'UH'...... '666' helps all of them... all the quick running sides > cats. But Port are a front running outside type team. Modern tigers built for the mobile running style, these days. Saints becoming a pressure, and attacking running team. ........................................ We've built up our contested area, apart from recent form... We have placed a few Key position spine areas, which isn't showing itself right now. We have about half of our midfield sorted, lacking the Bartlel type, and a Nigel Lappin type. . time to start recruiting the pieces... cause 2019 is cooked, and 2020 beckons. PS: we have to look for our own Bartlel's and Lappin's fromn the draft... no one is going to give us them.
  6. you talking takeover... or straight buy out ?
  7. We'll get there. at least he can cry. Thats a positive thing to keep him mentally healthy. I'm just feeling numbified atmo.
  8. Lets start at the top and sack the AFL Commission, retrospectively... from Fitzpatrick and on-wards.
  9. all their fingers must be Painted on.
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