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    Yep, the issue is the boys didn't really do the wanting of these things. It was a club administration LED course of events... even to the point of leasing a secret house, and hiring a nurse to inject the players. And the players had no understanding of what the injections were, and still don't. I cannot believe the Bombers got off so lightly... and how the footy fraternity is so blaze` about it. all these days. This has to be about 10 times worse, than if a club threw a game. I can't think of anything that could be worse in sport.
  2. Maybe the Swans reneged, changed they're minds ??? just sayin'.
  3. He might be better if he can get a game or 2 in... prior to the Eagles match. 2 matches prior, is the Hawks match.
  4. No team can go into any game now, after dreaming of they're own bathwater, early in the week. Bathwater is toxic to winning for any team, these days.
  5. Well, we'll know by Monday, I reckon.
  6. DV8


    I'm not against what Dank does. Because I also use vitamins, minerals, Maca, and other herbs like Tumeric, etc, from time to time. And I gave many of those things to my Pet, who had become Arthritic from a trial drug to kill cancer cells... the trial drug worked... but the side effect was Arthritis, within 10 days of the trial. The Maca, and the Tumeric were fantastic for the Pet. So I'm Ok with leading edge trialing of certain substances, which are said to have better health benefits... just do not agree with the use of, for cheating, and for exploitation. If the person is fully aware of what they're doing... and the mentioned benefits/negatives of the substances, then I am OK with it... and particularly so, for terminal illnesses... where all options, or most options, are already used up. ............................... It's those who go into these things to cheat our systems in order to be better, in sport say, over the others in the competition... the Bombers, and they're officials who condoned those secret operations are a disgrace. They should Never be allowed back into the sport, in any administrative type level.
  7. DV8


    Deespise them... and their efforts to cheat the competition, and to put 'injections' into young players, who had little say in it.
  8. I reckon Sparrow will be an 'In', against the Tiges.... and maybe another small defender 'in', as well ? we need more speed against Richmond. and Preuss in to stretch the Tigers tall backs.
  9. DV8


    We did... we spanked their ignition for them.
  10. Buckley is getting it right. They are almost flag favourites.
  11. The saints have won more games than us this year, so far. They have had better form. But we are starting to move.
  12. Yep, (corey) he plays positions around the boundary, I agree with that. Outside-ish but with plenty of go in him. (spargo) I think even at this early stage Spargo brings our forwardline stability, composure and direction. He spots up targets inside 40Mtrs beautifully. His kicking/snaps for goal I'm sure will get better as he matures, and gets stronger in his legs. He will increase his kick penetration with this.
  13. Don't misunderstand me,... I like cWagner as well... but he is a winger/half-forward in my mind. And behind the Melksham's and Hannan's. Spargo plays a different riole, bringing very different skllls. Spargo is ahead of his age/experience curve imv. @ 19Yrs of age. He will get much stronger physically, and will learn to become even more composed than now. He will I'm sure build a better tank as well. Hoping he can become a rover/half-forward, in future seasons.
  14. Now what IF, CoreyW plays against the Saints, and then comes out, for Lockhart to play the Tigers.? What IF Preuss does not play against the Saints, but Keilty comes in... But then Preuss gets up for the ANZAC Eve game Vs Tigers... and Jeffy comes in-tandem, to be his feet. Then Keilty would then miss the Tigers game. This scenario gives Preuss more time to recover his shoulder. And IMV the Tigers game will be less vigorous, for a player with sore shoulder.
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