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  1. Come on Ethan where is your sense of humour? The riddles were 5 years ago........ and some may say some of my best work!!!! Think its time you let go of your grudge. Afterall there is no need to read my posts if you dont think they are worth reading. There are a number of posters on this site I just dont read...... you should try it some time, may help you overcome your anger issues.
  2. No, his set shot kicking is poor. Easy set shots missed have a very negative mental effect on the entire team.
  3. The word that I am getting is that Bennell is well and truely in the mix for R2!
  4. Bennell could be the key. A very dangerous small forward playing short stints in the midfield. Bennell will attract the best small defender every week leaving Kosi a easier task.
  5. Only passenger today was Hannan. However considering our lack of small forwards he will probably stay in the team.
  6. Viney is another who is clearly carrying an injury. He too should be put to pasture to get right for 2020.
  7. It is clear TMac I’m injured. Toe, Foot, Groin not sure but he has no power, no speed and has lost his ability to kick through the ball. It’s obvious for all to see. As such TMac should be put to pasture for the remainder of the season. Get him right for 2020 and let’s get a good look at TSmith, JSmith (when he returns) and all other tall forwards.
  8. @rpfc Great effort to try and discredit me, but what I wrote was true. The FD would have prefered JH stayed and JH was happy to play out his contract. This is a fact. We did as well as we could getting KK, May and a Pick 23 for JH and the FD shoudl be congratulated for this..................... but that does not mean they are happy losing the best young forward in the comp.
  9. So Peter Bell has flown in from Perth to get this deal done. There is no doubt he is under serious pressure from his Board, Supporter Base and the other AFL clubs that are relying on the Hogan deal to get their trades done. The MFC can’t blink. We must stare down at very least picks 5, 23 and 30. In my view this is still cheap, but this does allow the MFC to complete its aims for the trading period.
  10. Rjay, this and everything else I have ever said on Demonland is info I have heard directly, usually it’s from the club sometimes it’s from friends in the player management game. If you don’t want to believe what I write don’t, you have every right to believe what ever you want. Player managers call each other everyday to test the market to see if a targeted player may be able to be seduced. NM did enquire about Oliver with a massive deal, the truth is they are probably not the only club to have made an enquire. It happens all the time. It means nothing. Only a small percentage of these make the media. I don’t make this stuff up. As for others on here that abuse me for saying what I hear. Get a life. Until this, I have never responded to your insults, I am entertained you waste so much of your time trying to discredit me. The abuse I received for telling you after R5 2013 that Neeld was soon to be fired and Roos was locked in as our coach in 2014, or the abuse for letting you know Clark was coming out of retirement but would not play for MFC, we were “blindsided”, or that we were looking to trade out Pick 2 in 2013. I could go on. Each time I cop abuse. Its extraordinary. One last thing which continuously comes up. 4 years ago I never said we were getting Dangerfield, I only said Roos had made a play for him, which was true.
  11. How about Tom going back when required.
  12. Mate, no disrespect but that is nothing more than your speculation. It is simply not true. Without wanting to sound like a [censored] that is the best assurance I can give. But I promise you are wrong.
  13. The problem getting May without a Hogan trade is as much salary cap as it is what we can trade. JH is on $900k next season, on top of that we have a very young exciting list that we will need to manage carefully to keep together in years to come. Make no mistake teams are looking to raid our talent. I am aware of a massive offer from NM to Oliver (who has some vague connection to them) that Oliver refused. This one never made the media. These offers will only increase. Our stars are all young.
  14. I dont know the answer to this. Maybe this is nothing more than media speculation. After all the club has never said anything except two early first round. Maybe 5 and 23 with pick swaps was their absolute position. Think your probably jumping a shadows here. I don’t know and don’t think it means anything.
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