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  1. Viney is on AVB's left - in the right of screen:)
  2. Headline on Herald-Sun site. I don't have access to the article - behind paywall!
  3. SK - I reckon Salem will get to 200 games. Otherwise i agree with your post.
  4. Earl lost about $200K in a sports store in Malvern Central. MFC was skint and offered Earl $40K so he saw Ian Collins at Carlton. He asked “How much do you need” and wrote out a cheque for $200K - problem solved!
  5. You can add Petracca to that list.
  6. The issue is that we don't seem to have a system of play that stands up in all conditions. Other clubs have systems of play that seem to cope no matter how many injured players they have because the soldiers coming up from their VFL club plays the same system and does a reasonable job when required. Helter skelter football does not stand up in finals - the coaching staff need to develop a game plan/style that will work and indoctrinate the whole list to play it. Not sure Goody is the guy to do that?
  7. Play Fritch on wing or half-forward to replace Hannan, he's a much better kick and can mark. Hibberd will go in defence.
  8. We were out coached in last quarter. WCE blocked up the centre lane so our ball use became stagnant. I am not sure Godwin is capable of changing from plan A if it doesn’t work. That makes us too easy to play against.
  9. We might have to try Frost on a wing to fit Salem into the back 6.
  10. Surely a professional fitness guru (Misson) would have given every recruit including May a fitness assessment when recruited/drafted and provided them with a guide to how to arrive for the pre-season. You would expect each player's manager would have also given some guidance on what is expected of players. It appears to be a breakdown in communication between the club and players. Not a Professional outfit!
  11. Looking forward to JT getting a ripper with pick 23
  12. SEN this morning said the Jesse had told MFC that he wanted to go back to Western Australia. i would assume that Freo would be the team he’s looking at. A deal will be done.
  13. Spargo kept Simpson to 19 touches, a great defensive effort
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