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  1. Very happy for the young fellow. May struggle with his height but was consistently in Casey's best last year. My feeling is that any ruck option we may have signed would not solve any percieved ruck injuries/issues this year as the available ones are all young stick insects. I noted that the Dorks used their last pick on a 208cm twig who they said will be unlikely to see any action in the 1s let alone 2s this year.
  2. Not sure that anyone except the fansthought he would be back before then. It works out to around 12 months from the date which is about right. I am no expert but not surprised. As an aside I spent some interesting time googling ACL operations and how they work a while back - quite fascinating
  3. Wacko Jacko came from Richmond; not sure if he played seniors with them as they had Michael Roach keeping him in the magoos. From memory they had another gun FF at the same time. Rich pickings for the tiges back then
  4. Clearly a ripping bloke (that Brodie Grundy guy seems ok too.... I'm feeling confused and a little dirty)
  5. Further to your comment, it looked to me like he was consciously lowering his eyes to find a target which I found pleasing
  6. 1987 Prelim taught me to truly hate the Hawthorn supporter base. Never forgive or forget.
  7. "We've gotta sit with that in our guts for the rest of the summer."
  8. MCC member and also an MFC member. I made the decision many years ago when we were close to going to the wall. I could not face the idea of not doing my bit if we had gone bust. I only sit in the MCC for away games and Cricket.
  9. Awful for the young fellow; speedie recoverie to you!
  10. Thanks for the clarification about the date but I am sure that he was eased out of the role towards the end. Effectively his leadership was seen as the end of an era of struggle for the Dorks and the new broom swept through. Either way I hope that NJ goes a step further than RVB
  11. I often think of Richie Van den Berg who from memory had the Dorks captaincy taken off him the year they won their 07 flag. A club campaigner who did not quite make it to the promised land.
  12. Yep, Saty, I get your loyalty to the club but your lack of balance in this matter undermines your stance. Last year the camp coverage was first class, this year it is an afterthought. No updates since Saturday? really?. It has been substandard compared to what we have become used to. That is a fact.
  13. Incredibly impressed with the young man. Wow what was I doing at 22/23? sometimes we forget how young these guys are.
  14. I shout it whenever he has the ball; I reckon if everyone did it would be a hoot!
  15. OMG T.Mac is not smiling...off to Freo?😁
  16. pretty sure he had one sam. I know at the time that much was made of the support provided to Liam. One of his biggest challenges was walking into a club in complete disarray
  17. Agreed BBO, it does make one realize what a combination of qualities an elite footballer requires to make it at the top level. We lament all of the players who have been delisted over the past 10 years but it is important to remember that they could all play to a pretty high standard but did not have what it takes to go to the next level. In Liam's case he was the most exceptionally talented player I think I have ever seen but his deficiencies were just too great even with those remarkable talents.
  18. thanks everyone for your reports; really great to hear different perspectives. Thanks for your photos too Saty
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