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  1. Can't go due to junior football today grrr.
  2. The club site suggests they want him to paly in the 2s to regain form after an interrupted season. A good sign for mine.
  3. Great speech, just a reminder it is Oskar as in Trengrove
  4. I reckon Vardy (super [censored]) just wanted to touch Max because it was the first time he had been near him all night. Absolute dog act and typifies him as a player. Hang your head you ordinary, ordinary player.
  5. I really don't mind it. Go Dees!!
  6. Where did you see that GC?
  7. I think we win the injury crisis
  8. When they went 6 points up I stormed to the front door to pick up the pizzas. Got halfway up the hall and turned around thinking that there was still hope; scared the dog when T Mc hit the post. To cap it off, the pizzas weren't ready when I eventually got there. That was the worst game we have played in 5 years but we got the 4 points. There is still hope.
  9. The win yesterday was great for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that we won with such significant injuries. I have reduced the injury list by a week as this was pre-round 7 To have 9 of our top end talent back by round 11 will give the team a huge boost and hopefully help with a huge second half of the season. Player Injury Duration Jake Lever Knee 3 Weeks Tim Smith Back TBA Aaron vandenBerg Ankle 3 Weeks Jack Viney Hand 1 Weeks Kade Kolodjashnij Concussion TBA Joel Smith Groin 3 Weeks Steven May Groin 3 Weeks Braydon Preuss Shoulder Test Jay Kennedy Harris Leg 4 Weeks Guy Walker Shoulder Indefinite Neville Jetta Knee 9 Weeks Aaron Nietschke Knee Season Mitch Hannan Knee 3 Weeks
  10. Hate calling our players spuds; they give their heart and soul for the jumper and may not be up to it but it is so disrespectful to talk about them like that.
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