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  1. This is fast becoming one of my favourite threads of all time!
  2. Shane McSpeerin, probably the first time I remember being at the footy and hearing someone say "McSpeerin, apparently he is going to be a gun this guy".........
  3. I am getting my money's worth watching the classic replay each week, we beat the GWS last game who do we beat this week?
  4. This guy; i thought he was going to be a gun.....sadly not to be https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_O'Sullivan_(footballer)
  5. Disappointing but completely understandable.
  6. the ball pinging into the goal post and the wobbling sound as the post shakes! "wugga, wugga, wugga"
  7. I work with a guy who looks after the ads on the LED screens at the G. The superimposition of ads on the seating is going to happen. It already happens in many sports so it seems to not be a huge leap.
  8. What are the odds of the Weagles running a crowd sound track during our game. Pre-Recorded "BALLLLLL!" everytime we get near the footy.
  9. The sound of people scratching their heads trying to work out why the AFL persist with this match up as the first game of the season
  10. With no crowd to make a noise it is amazing the things you hear. The sound of boots near the boundary The players calling "BALL" The sound of boot kicking the footy The umpire exhaling as he bounces the footy. Feel free to add yours
  11. Just a hunch but I reckon the AFL want to be told to pull the pin either by the Govt or WHO. Could be insurance based for them.
  12. HT, I would imagine it is based on the fact that finishing 17th had gifted us more games against lower teams from last year whereas Richmond don't have to play theirs against the top teams from last year.
  13. Good to see Preussey and Joel out there along with #3. the injury list must be as short as we have had it for some time.
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