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  1. Give them one; we have demonstrated clearly how little effect they have on developing strong culture which is what this inflated-pigskin caper is all about.
  2. Looks like this page is being written by grade sixers. We won with 1 fit rotation. Enjoy it in a year of disappointments. For the record I thought it was great to hear Jayden acknowledge what a year from hell it has been. Call yourselves supporters tsk! tsk!
  3. squad should be cherry ripe for the finals period!
  4. IMHO - trade for elite outside mid and draft for best available
  5. Well done everyone, this has become areally irritating thread....sigh....Demonland sucks sometimes
  6. I asked the question on another thread so if anyone can help I would appreciate it. When Jones caused the reversal of Viney's free kick, why did they also get a 50m penalty too. The same thing happened at Casey yesterday and it does not make sense.
  7. There was real fracas on the forward flank in the last quarter. Coburg were going the knuckle and a couple of our players arced up. At the time we had a shot on goal from CHF. Because Preuss was spotted retaliating to a dog act from a Coburg player the kick was reversed and a 50m penalty applied. Very similar to Jones' effort yesterday. What I don't understand is why the 50m penalty is applied. Surely reversing the kick should be the penalty. If anyone can explain this I would appreciate it.
  8. The Freo Supporters near us were chanting as if it was game over at the 5 minute mark if the last quarter............................................................................................................................................LOL.
  9. Absolutely; workmates are already making cracks about us tanking...good grief....
  10. The first half of the season puts paid to predictions such as what were made at the start of the year so the idea of going off the first half of the season to draw your conclusion about the second half is folly. Whilst I doubt we will make the eight I do think that this is not a rational thing and a couple of wins could put us on a winning streak. We have our injured players back and the run home does look a bit more doable. Reach the eight and it is game-on
  11. For all that has gone wrong this season, No.11 is not one of them. He is our genuine A-Grader and deserves our respect and adoration. It should not be up to him to kick goals for us although it is great when he does. My concerns are more to do with our forwards who seem to have forgotten the point of the game inside the forward 50 arc! Kick a sausage roll FGS!
  12. And Crows too, how did we lose that one?
  13. Anyone who knows my posts would know that I hate potting players but I seriously thing TMac needs a spell in the 2s. A man without a plan.
  14. Mark him down for a BOG on Monday!
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