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  1. Come on Ding, you are forgetting the 1987 Night Grannie!
  2. Love it! we are seriously footy deprived at the moment
  3. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/705211/rd-2-a-win-with-harmesy?videoId=705211&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1592043959001
  4. James Harmes had been filming the end of the game; he seemed to get the team pretty excited on the way back in to the rooms. They appeared to start on the back of his filming to maintain momentum. Not a great look. The skipper did not look particulary thrilled with it at first glance
  5. Wow, great photos!! Thanks
  6. Mind you, his teammates and opponents haven't played for 12 weeks so that will help balance things out a little.
  7. Channel 7 Sport Report strongly suggesting he is playing. Good times if so!!
  8. Just listening to Angus's mum on ABC Grandstand. What a terrific person. Raised 4 boys, 3 to elite level sport and with them all out of the nest has taken in Luke J, Kossie and Trent Rivers into their home. An inspiration.
  9. I watched round 11 2011 - Max's And Jeremy Howe's first game along with a host of young talent: Scully, Trengove, Watts et al. A bitter sweet run and gun experience. Just so sad to know what was to follow after that terrific game
  10. So that looks like only #16 & 27 still injured/missing.
  11. having said that, clubs like Richmond with fewer (almost no injuries) don't have the same benefit that teams with lots of injured players returning from injury have.
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