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  1. On a serious note, his highlights are pretty bloomin good!
  2. But....but...how can he possibly be the club saviour if he does not play for 12 months...??😂
  3. And it rides a motor bike! even better!!
  4. Are your cats eyes really as big as they look in your avatar?
  5. The manner in which you frame most of your comments backs up my comment. Hibberd was an AA player whose form appears to have tailed off putting him clearly outside the top 100 players in the league. Your comment would have the uninformed observer believe that he was never an elite player which he clearly was. This is a fan forum and indeed you are entitled to say what you want and how you want within reason. You just seem to be going out of your way to antagonise - if that floats your boat, good for you!
  6. SEN this morning suggesting there is talk of whitfield for 3 & 8 - sounds good to me. I would imagine that he would come with some picks attached to keep us in the draft. Trade Billy to Suns for a pick and you have whitfield and your requisite picks for the draft. By the way, this was less than a rumour so just a bit of fun thinking about it.
  7. some trade radio talk around Josh Bruce and/or Josh Jenkins.
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