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  1. Thanks guys, great photos. Correct me if I'm wrong but those players appear to be enjoying themselves....is this permissible?
  2. Thanks to Saty and Liam (Hardtack) for the great shots. Most appreciated from my dingey little office!!
  3. #15's tongue needs it's own jumper. What a ripper!! Thanks for the shots, awesome
  4. My dear bro proudly sported 24 on his melbourne jumper as a kid
  5. Taylor Adams was sitting next to me at the Big Bash last night. Slim build not particularly tall. The modern midfielder?
  6. this is what happens to DL in the depths of summer....
  7. My neice bumped into Milky in Dromana looking fit and healthy on NY Day. She left him to his parenting duties.
  8. Same one... ouch! poor guy, hope he can come back.
  9. Hmmm, from a global perspective I reckon the Aussies have the Collingwood honour sewn up. We are pretty unpopular anywhere outside these shores. Main difference is that they win more regularly.
  10. The training reporting has really been first class this year. There is no doubt the lack of sniping has made a huge difference along with the wide ranging reporters. 1 Saty good, many reporters even better. Thank you to all!!
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