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  1. Why would Frost need to tour Hawthorn's facilities? Wouldn't they just say "we have them and your club doesn't".
  2. Maybe this has gone nowhere given the state election result? Hopefully we have at least spoken to the relevant stakeholders. I see that the racecourse itself is being redeveloped but not sure if that includes the public land in the middle.
  3. Interesting. Trying to build stuff in public parks is our go!
  4. Maybe too realistic and practical? Better to hold out hope of being allowed to move back to the 'G...
  5. Agree it looks like Gosch's... Has anyone ever mentioned Caulfield Racecourse as a possibility? In our "heartland", half way between the 'G and Casey and stacks of land in the middle of the racecourse to build a carpark, elite facilities and an MCG sized oval. Could serve as another base for MCC sides, and we know the Melbourne Racing Club is based there..."Team Melbourne" mark II?
  6. Head of player personnel? I think recruiting and list management come under him? I always thought it was totally inappropriate to have Todd in a position to influence football department discussions about his own son. Should have left when Jack was drafted to clear the path and eliminate any conflicts of interest... I remember Donald McDonald left North Melbourne when Luke was drafted...
  7. I think up to 4 senior player spots are available as we only had 39 senior players in 2019. I think you can have 38 - 40 seniors + 6 - 4 cat a rookies (44 total before cat b rookies, which you can have up to 3 meaning lists max out at 47).
  8. Harmes may have laid 9 tackles, but he was caught with the ball 3 times giving away free kicks.
  9. Any one know why Strauss has not been named this week? Not injured according to reports.
  10. I was also wondering about Bartram? Anyone know if he Macdonald and Dunn have signed on yet? Potentially nothing will be finalised until after the national draft?
  11. I would retain Petterd and play him on the HBF.
  12. Surprised at some of the positivity towards Dunn. I just don't think he sets a good example for his younger teammates. From all reports works very hard on the track but constantly let's the team down with soft and undisciplined football. After 8 years on our list, not good enough.
  13. What is known is Jurrah left his home town at 20 years old with no record to speak of, which is rare based on what has been written. He has been dragged into the dispute subsequently, possibly because he had to take a side and therefore became a target as has been reported. The whole situation is a complicated mess. I wish everyone in the community well, not just Liam. The sad thing is the footy oval has been abandoned; a proud footy town no longer hosts matches. Just think of all the potential players that will miss their chance to shine, the kids in the town that might not ever get the chance Liam has due to the unrest. Just wondering, is three days a long time for a committal hearing? I always thought they were relatively short?
  14. Last night I am pretty sure I watched some Melbourne players guarding dead space and others chasing Hawthorn players that had the ball. I'll comment on our style when we eventually get it.
  15. In: Clark, Frawley Out: Watts, Tapscott I am a watts fan but he hasn't been up to it in the last two weeks (terrible second half against the dogs and terrible game against the saints). He needs a solid 4 quarter effort at Casey. Similar with Tapscott. I'd line them up: B: Bartram, Frawley, Garland HB: Macdonald, McDonald, Rivers C: Sylvia, Moloney, Bate HF: Jones, Clark, Davey F: Howe, Dunn, Trengove Foll: Jamar, Grimes, McKenzie I/C: Morton, Bail, Sellar, Magner Let's hope Petterd puts his hand up today.
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