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  1. I will not automatically renew this October. I'll wait until the first month of the 2020 season. If it's a repeat of this year, I'm done.
  2. And he spends the majority of the year on the treatment table. Perfect
  3. Hes' dead right, it's that mindset that killed us dead this season, "We almost made a GF, it's all just gonna happen automatically for us next season". Weak as [censored] this club, I've got no faith at all in this list and especially the coaches.
  4. Why the hell would the kids continually bomb it in then? It's either the stupid game plan or the players are just plain lacking intelligence, probably both.
  5. Based on tonight's performance, I can easily see a 3 figure loss next week.
  6. Another thing that killed us is the extended goal square kick in rule. The number of times Sydney got it past the wing was staggering, on the other hand we can't seem to get it beyond 60m. This club is looking like it's on death row, next year is make or break and I have zero faith in this group of leaderless half-wits.
  7. 18th next year. The Lever and May trades have probably broken our list completely, two of the highest paid players spend more time injured than actually playing football. Invest in decent development coaches and rebuild through the draft. Paying overs to attract players gas failed us badly. Hope they don't make the same mistake this year.
  8. Nathan Jones is A grade at butchering the ball. Not a captain's a-hole.
  9. Jones played abyssmaly, Viney not much better. Jones looks like he's playing on borrowed time. Shocking leaders, the both of them. I'd give the captaincy to Harmes before either of those two but Max is the obvious choice. I don't think this list has the wherewithal to bounce back from this season. They all look timid, unskilled, slow and lacking in smarts. Confidence is in tatters. Bottom 4 again next year, window shut.
  10. stage 2 and desperate to get to the I don't give a F stage.
  11. Defenders, play on your man, forwards play in front, mids help out in defence and build a wall at half forward when we get it inside F50. That's my under 11s game plan. Worth a shot?
  12. That's me done, not renewing next season.
  13. All those games gifted to Oscar the last couple of years in the name of development, and this is how he repays us.
  14. The more I watch us this year, the more I think that it's not the injuries and the interrupted pre-seasons, or the 6-6-6 that has caught us out. It's the lack of having a runner out there the whole time. The collective footy IQ of this team is about Auskick level and without an onfield coach (ie. Runner) we're literally clueless out there. We are a joke.
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