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  1. Hire the Richmond tackling coach, seriously if that manic style is what we are supposed to be playing then we need to poach the mentors of the teams that can do it properly. MFC is a sad place to be. I have no faith at all.
  2. Well based on what I've seen this year, clearly AVB and Mitch Hannan are the best players on our list.
  3. More like Petraccafumble, gee whiz, our picks 2&3 are shaping up a lot like Sylvia and McLean. All promise and no delivery, tracc was a better player in his 2nd year than he is now, clearly been Melbournised.
  4. I want a royal commission into our club. Wtf has happened, I mean seriously?!!! Players that aren't up to it: Jones, Lewis, Petracca, ANB, Spargo, T Mac, O Mac, weid, Brayshaw (possibly the worst decision maker on our list), Hunt, Stretch, Fritsch. Play the kids, let's go for pick one.
  5. Mate, when you have a team playing as bad as us, what do you expect? Honestly, if I was in the Box I would be tearing our pi$$ weak players a new one. Pea hearts the lot of them.
  6. I feel sorry for the demonlander who backed the tigers at 40+. Cruel. Edit: congratulations mate
  7. Too many dumb footballers on our list. Gawn included.
  8. Waiting for Lewis to give away his customary goal through a stupid act. Should be any minute now.
  9. Wiedeman is not worth his place in the team at the moment, back to the 2s Sam. Could be Declan's chance very soon.
  10. Classic MFC player management at it's finest. I hope Dec plays soon Drunkn.
  11. I sense a drubbing of 100+ points. We are a laughing stock again. I'm pretty close to losing interest in AFL.
  12. Out: any chance of redemption In: our first (I suspect of many) 15 goal loss for the season
  13. As long as he's not forcing bathwater down their throats I say lighten up and enjoy it.
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