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  1. Came here to write all these things. Hibbo is done.
  2. I'd wager most of them actually don't want to be there and I don't blame them. Pointless playing AFL under the circumstances.
  3. James Harmes Nathan Jones Sam Weideman Marty Hore
  4. Jake Melksham Josh Wagner 6. Bayley Fritsch 7. Christian Salem
  5. I reckon India are like Collingwood, biggest supporter=membership base and they basically control the whole sport due to the power and influence they wield.
  6. Gun recruiting!! Man if Bennell comes up to scratch, we will be a very different side next year.
  7. Go home factor is impossible to ignore. It's going to be a big risk taking Jackson. I think he'll be good but Perth is just so different to Melbourne. Hope the club has interviewed the bejeesus out of him to make sure he's not a flight risk.
  8. I'm sold, is there a strong go home factor though?
  9. Something ain't right with this. Why trade a bloke with X factor for a nothing pick? Goodwin doesn't back himself or his assistants to coach Frosty into becoming a more reliable team player? Frost has priced himself too highly for our salary cap? Or is it something else? If he does go to the Hawks, I bet you he becomes a much better footballer under the tutelage of Clarko and we'll be kicking ourselves.
  10. Yeah, but just imagine the learnings.
  11. Stinking it up in the GF, he looks a Melbourne player already.
  12. I'd love to know our stats on handballs to feet, we'd be number one by a mile. Also handball receives by a stationary receiver would be right up there. Speed of players exiting a congested area would surely be 18th. I'd love to know the average distance of attempted pass (hand or foot) that is turned over directly to the opposition. Call it the butcher stat. I'm sure we'd be right up there, or should I say down there? Number of players committing to tackle a single opposition player would again be enlightening. We usually send at least two or three due to a lack of trust in our team mate's ability to get the job done. Come on Champion Data, think outside the box.
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