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  1. We recruited a big body in Preuss that might actually bring a few of these aimless bombs from our prolific mids to ground or, God forbid, even clunk some marks. However, the selection panel, in their wisdom, have preferred to shuffle the deck chairs and persist with a putrid TMac and shocking kick for goal in Tracc as our key fwd targets and effectively let our season slip away without so much as a whimper.
  2. The scary thing is only Nev, Vanders and Melk are missing from our best 22 now. What we saw yesterday reveals huge concerns about our depth. Recruiters and development coaches need to pull their finger out because our list is severely lacking in skill, speed and smarts.
  3. I know it's [censored] weak but I'm in the exact same boat. I've had a gut full and am on the brink of not renewing for next season.
  4. I can't believe Jones kept a straight face on the couch while saying he honestly believed and was extremely confident that we're on the verge of something special. A career in politics perhaps.
  5. Our premiership window is boarded up. Three more years of Goodwin, and that will be that for our so called core of midfield bulls.
  6. I honestly think we need a mini rebuild, I'd trade Tracc, Weid, Fritsch, maybe even Brayshaw for some currency and delist Nate Jones, Lewis, OMac, Garlett, Among others. Play the kids for the rest of the year, what's the point of this season now?
  7. He should have kicked at least 5 himself and set up 2 or 3 others. Was playing on Shepherd all night and had about 10 kg on him yet never really owned his opponent. Doesn't play to his strengths enough and for a brute of a physical specimen just isn't hard enough at the contest or the man. Proving to be a major letdown as a pick 2.
  8. MFC - please stand up Lost count of the number of times our players slipped over tonight, embarrassing, same thing happened in last year's two games at Optus. And I notice it happening every week, particularly Viney, slips over nearly every time he goes near the ball.
  9. Doesn't offer a decent enough contest up forward for mine and like all our forwards has the yips something chronic
  10. Tom Mac needs a spell in the twos, he's in woeful form.
  11. Jeez how much does Salem stick out in this team at the moment, just so clean and composed most of the time. Garlett, Tracc, and the McDonalds...my goodness, shocking just shocking. Lewis is finished, he offers less than nothing. Thought Wagner was pretty good and Hunt as well.
  12. I have a funny feeling we will lose every game at the MCG this year and win more than half of our away games.
  13. I bet we pick up someone from Casey, they already know our panic-ball system so can fit right in.
  14. I converted my son turning 11 this year from a hawks fan to a demon at about age 4. First few years were trying but it's been good until this year. I am so frustrated watching the Dees these days I can't stop abusing the tv, I honestly can't believe what I'm seeing from these so-called full time professional footballers. Anyway, the little fella now refuses to watch games with me and I'm expecting him to start following another team before too long. Didn't help that his favourite player was Dean Kent.
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