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  1. In a single sentence you have gone a long way to explaining one of the fundemental problems with the club's performance- the easy picks - not the best.
  2. I thought you would be a Seppelts Great Western chamoagne.
  3. No they didn't bring it oin themselves, they brought it upon us,. They will move on to whatever gravy train awaits them. It is us, the long suffering supporters are left shattered.
  4. You can't say that, even in jest. The AFL thought police will send you to a Gulag.
  5. Each year I consider my options of avoiding a bitter Canberra winter, amongst muy considerations are the fortunes of the MFC. This year I was actually thinking of forgoing my annual desrtion because I was delusional enough to think that that the risk of Frost bight may be offset by chance of success How stupid - avoid the Frost at all costs South East Asia here I come
  6. What oes he have a hot German friend?
  7. Hasn't he gone to Carlton, He will be in the top ten there,
  8. I believe that "the Guests of Her Majesty" would be their largest membership category. They also have a innovative method of membership payment " Someone else's credit card"
  9. Spot on. There was a sickening article in the Age last week about poor Gaff, what a contrast to Bugg. I know it is the off season and news is a littlethin but this one was the pits.
  10. Hasty illfounded generalization. Can you provide any figures to suggest that the patterns of attendance at MFC games by MCC members differs from other supporters. I have been a member of the MFC for over forty years and a member of the cricket club. From my observations from both in the members and the outer, in dark times supporters are just as scarce in both areas. In fact, possibly because, in the old days, you could seek sanctuary in a good bar as Melbourne were being thrashed yet again, the members that did attend outlasted those in the outer. There are any number of Demonland contributers and readers who are MCC members, however these sort of illconsidered comments only serve to alienate the people who the club are trying to reach out to. If this is the standard of your contribution I neither want nor seek your respect.
  11. Absolutely, why would anyone want to go to Freemantle. They have recruited a string of not quite rights, have a game plan that is past its used by date and their best player is in his dotage. If it really is about being near his family I could understand West Coast a successful club whose gun forward is over 30. It is only 12 months and g=he comes out of contract.
  12. Absolutely, the trade was worth it, there were three imports who each in his own way, have been instrumental in the improvement in our on field performances.Firstly they were all great footballers. Daniel Cross in 2013 crossed from Footscray. He brought a level of professionalism and fitness and this began to be become the benchmark to the club. He was part of the leadership group and remains involved with the club. Bernie Vince, who reluctantly came to Melbourne in 2013,. He led from the front and never took a backward step. He was our best and fairest winner in 2016. A great leader and clubman. Finally, Jordan Lewis a four time premiership player, acting captain of the Hawthorn football club. As the MFC website says "Drives standards and acts as a quality teacher for the club’s younger players". After 307 games he has experience that no other player who has played for the MFC can match (David Nietz came close). Of course his playing career is drawing to a close but he is still a class act and an inspiration to our younger players. I hope he still gets games on merit and bows out on his own terms. As a player, he is largely responsible for making Melbourne become a destination club. The hysterical label of this thread and inconsiderate criticism of him do little justice to his achievements as a competitor and contributor to our club.
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