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  1. Alternatively: Its a grand old flag at Whorebourne We;re the mighty fighting Dorks We didn't play fine in 1939 Cause then we were demons and Hawks We haven't got any supporters but we still do very well Red and blue and brown and gold splattered on our jumper thanks to the greedy AFL
  2. No they are not "fair weather supporters". Many are people in dire circumstances in an economic disaster that, at this stage dwarfs the great depression. They showed their loyalty by signing up now they have more important priorities like toilet paper and life's basic necessites
  3. More importantly unable to control his mouth
  4. Spot on - Essentially, to win a flag all aspects of the club must operate properly and I suspect that most members of long standing can point to stuff ups right across all areas of the MFC, from recruitment player selection and management through to the appointment of senior officials, sponsorship and the general administration of the club. Since 1964 there has been a long history of building up hope only to have it shattered and the only way to regain the trust of many supporters is through success on the field. Clubs love the jingoists - those modern day Benedict Arnolds -"My country( footy club) right or wrong but above all my country(club) or those supporters smitten by puppy love because they don't have to work overly hard for membership. Now they don't like criticism and either ignore it, take umbrage or make an efffort to explain it away. I also think the club has made a number of positive changes but the jury is still out and to stop criticising it is to surrender to mediorcrity. So more power to your arm. Apart from that I enjoy your posts you don't hold your punches.
  5. And yet the smallest Melbourne crowd has twice the IQ and far less gaol time than the largest Collingwood crowd
  6. Rugby League would give them a run for their money. From officials through to journalists and those players currently susended for assault the correct use of English is largely optional.
  7. Is that why so many sports journalists are barely literate?
  8. what is "off field culture"?.. Fresh cow manure straight from the paddock
  9. I thought you would have a ritualistic burning eaxh year, a Melbourne scaef suttee, after all it has been hanging around your neck long enough with little effect.
  10. It is very hard o print caenders from yjr Middle Ages, much easier for Queenslanders to turn back their cloks 500 years/
  11. Wait until you get to 40 years membership. They send you a nice letter and a small badge showing you have been a loyal member for forty years. It is a great help if you need authentification for phsyciatric hospital care whih is hard to obtain these days.
  12. Gave away a player who can but kept a coach who can't
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