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  1. I thought you would have a ritualistic burning eaxh year, a Melbourne scaef suttee, after all it has been hanging around your neck long enough with little effect.
  2. It is very hard o print caenders from yjr Middle Ages, much easier for Queenslanders to turn back their cloks 500 years/
  3. Wait until you get to 40 years membership. They send you a nice letter and a small badge showing you have been a loyal member for forty years. It is a great help if you need authentification for phsyciatric hospital care whih is hard to obtain these days.
  4. Gave away a player who can but kept a coach who can't
  5. So we let go a player who can, but kept a coach that can't Pathetic
  6. And what do you expect. The club has largely been a shambles since 1964 and probably a little before that. Melbourne were the first semi professional club who gained success on this basis and then rested on the laurels or should I say Caldwells until, inevitably, other clubs like Hawthorn and Carlton became thoroughly professional and we remained in a limbo between a Saturday afternoon outing and a fair dinkum battle both on and off the field . I'd refer anyone who doesn't believe this to read Brent Croswell's brilliant accounts of his time at Melbourne. Whatever Melbourne did to overcome their pathetic status was always five years behind the AFL leaders' benchmark. WE often improved but it was always not enough. In fact we have always been the NQRs. Many, like myself thought we had finally started to get our act together until the 2019 crash. Of course we are angry. Naturally football clubs, particularly professional clubs, and for this purpose I reluctantly include Melbourne in that category, don't like criticism especially a "crie de couer" from a long standing loyal supporter such as WYL. They would prefer us to yell loudly on the day and if beaten go home with a few consoling platitudes, such as better team won on the day or we would have won if Fred hadn't ruptured his heart muscle. I remember going to an after game wrap up at the SCG in the 1990s and the club members being told by an official that we did pretty well until we were overrun in the last quarter We were expected to swallow that.The fact is we dropped our bundle. I don't agree with everything WYL says but if it causes a few rankles among our more trusting and complacent supporters and even perhaps among the paid officials, who all should bear some scrutiny for the 2019 debacle, so much the better. More power to WYL's arm I say!
  7. It is but not a very good one, it is a gerund a noun made out of a verb. It is part of "corporate speak" which signals that [censored] (uncensred - bovine excrement) is to follow. The letter was a very good example with a sweetener thanking us, a vague admission of guilt and then the fog drifts in, with no clear defined remedies. "What we have learnt" would be far better because it is direct and wouldn't have sounded like a spiv selling the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  8. I did that once many years ago. My question was on an administrative cockup. The answer I got was pathetic, comments like this is old news and a hysterical reply from one of the passing parade of incompetents that the club has been inflicted with over the years. He didn't even answer the question. Then the microphone was ripped from my hand by a lackiy from the venue. Never again
  9. I am not sure whether the Melbourne medical staff were remiss here but I certainly agree with the sentiments in the last two sentences. NQR sums up a long history of a lot of Melbourne's operations- from recruiting to simple things like administration and membership. My own personal experience was trying to get to an MFC lunchon matchday and being confronted with the bouncers who told me I couldn't enter the area where the lunch was held I eventually talked my way in because I didn't want to waste an average to good feed but soon retreated to the sanctuary of the Bullring in the MCC as I wasn't made to feel that welcome. I could elaborate on any number of administrative incompetencies but it serves no real purpose as they are now past history. I also think Peter Jackson did a magnificent job in cleaning up a dreadful mess and just hope it doesn't relapse. At times it feels like being in a third world country. I did read an article on the Brisbane Bears which praised their medical team as contributing to their lack of injuries, objectively the same could not be said for us. It certainly is one aspect of our operations that bears close scrutiny.
  10. That really is nitpicking Jack is not a Rhodes scholar nor should he have to carry a thesaurus to press conferences
  11. No completely justified. An apology should be sent to each and every member.
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