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  1. the site is full of people who pay their membership subscriptions every year and hope for some return on their money, Some have done this for many years some can barely afford it but the pay just the same, They are usually optimistic at the beginning of the season but bewildered at their beloved team's woeful efforts as the season progresses. i don't see them as "holier than thou know alls" I see them as betrayed supporters who are desperately seeking answers but a fed corporate bulldust by the club after every loss. i personally don't. find the clubs efforts very funny. But I grew out of The Three Stooges, punch and judy humour years ago.
  2. Go and play your hypotheticals elsewhere If you are a Freeo supporter you will get a a sympathetic hearing in that quarter. If you really are a Demons supporter perhaps you could enjoy a great victory and consider what might have happened to the Freeo fartbags if Melbourne had its injured players available like Lever, Vanders, Hibbard and Melksham. We would have beaten them in Freeo or any where else your care to nominate
  3. You'll ruin his Korea with that sort of comment.
  4. Oh no Please. Its over thirty years ago but I still have nightmares over the Hawthornmerger/takeover and its resultant bastard Whoreborn.
  5. Picket, I reluctantly have to agree in fact I have writtwn a new club song which is more appropriate to our current situation. Coincidentally the original, She Loves You was written by the Beatles about the same time Melbourne enjoyed any real success They’ve lost another game, the eighth one for the year. There’s nothing left to do, but to have another beer. Because they’re lazy and they do not give a stuff .Yeah Yeah Yeah They’re lazy and they don’t try hard enough Yeah They’re lazy, Yeah Yeah Yeah, They’re lazy Yeah Yeah Yeah And when they play like that they really make me sad. I caught up with the coach at the front of the team bus I yelled out from the street, Apologize to us, He said you’re crazy, you’re just another fan Yeah Yeah Yeah We’re not lazy I’ve got a new team plan Yeah I cried I’m crazy Yeah Yeah Yeah I’m crazy Yeah Yeah Yeah Because a club like this has finally sent me mad Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
  6. I agree if we were playing in France he would be known as L' espargot.
  7. In a single sentence you have gone a long way to explaining one of the fundemental problems with the club's performance- the easy picks - not the best.
  8. I thought you would be a Seppelts Great Western chamoagne.
  9. No they didn't bring it oin themselves, they brought it upon us,. They will move on to whatever gravy train awaits them. It is us, the long suffering supporters are left shattered.
  10. You can't say that, even in jest. The AFL thought police will send you to a Gulag.
  11. Each year I consider my options of avoiding a bitter Canberra winter, amongst muy considerations are the fortunes of the MFC. This year I was actually thinking of forgoing my annual desrtion because I was delusional enough to think that that the risk of Frost bight may be offset by chance of success How stupid - avoid the Frost at all costs South East Asia here I come
  12. What oes he have a hot German friend?
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