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  1. Nick's comments that Hogan looked so unhappy over the last two years. Really, I couldn't guess why. Then to say now that he is at home he is far more settled. Such lightweight comments.
  2. Fantastic initiative by the Club and Casey.
  3. This diet does work. I know two people who are on it and are consistently losing weight.
  4. Saw him in the Supermarket yesterday. Wearing sneakers without any hint of a big toe problem.
  5. Last year you could still "renew" a MCC/MFC membership through the MFC however CC details are forwarded to the MCC for them to complete the transaction, After a couple of weeks the MCC send over an updated MCC/MFC List. It is a convoluted process and the pitmeister is correct the MCC changed the process two years ago along with ending a payment plan for those memberships.
  6. I think it's 17th December, 6.30 Dining Room as usual. It will be hard not to compare him to PJ.
  7. Thanks to everyone. Always interesting reading and great to get a mention tonight by big Maxy.
  8. Was in the car listening. Had to wait a few moments to gather myself before hopping out. Absolutely mesmerising but what else would you expect from the great Martin Flanagan.
  9. Can anyone confirm that you can still purchase tickets from ticketek.
  10. I got this last week with 4 credit cards. Rang the banks no blocks on my cards. Spoke to someone at Ticketek and they now claim my card must be scammed and so they are investigating. What are they investigating? Just own up to it being an almighty ba...s up. MCC have had a number of complaints regarding the same issue. This week didnt bother. Will line up early like last week.
  11. DV8 I'm not sure if you know that the Club have been having open training sessions like this for many years with BBQ, Coffee and Demon Shop always operating. They are usually at the end of the year and before the season starts and then the game against Collingwood. The Club does not make any money from the BBQ's - all funds go back to the Demon Army to support them in their endeavours. I thought today was especially well organised by the Club having some of the Membership staff there to answer any queries for the coming finals and also 2019 memberships. The Club was hoping that there would be around 1200 at the training session given the weather but there near were to 2000 and one of the best things to see was that there a huge number of children there in the red and blue. Our future. So I do take issue with you that "the Club continually leaves the supporters out of their thoughts". Of course there is always the issue of the value of our supporter base and if the Club did not have that as a focus you would I am sure be crying that the Administration were inept. The cost of the day is part and parcel of what is "pay back" for the magnificent and longsuffering support that the Club has had over many years. Today was a huge success so now all we have to do is put it on the park (MCG)
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