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  1. Just sponsored a player so I have done my bit
  2. Brisbane are in the same boat as St Kilda.
  3. Fritsch Pickett Langdon Lockhart Jackson
  4. My concern is that the AFL have said that the bottom line losses are for the Clubs to absorb. They sit on millions of dollars in their Future Fund and the Clubs have to absorb huge losses which will impact the smaller Clubs already facing huge debts. Will the banks cover back up funding. Richmond, West Coast etc who sit on massive reserves will be able to ride this out virtually unscathed. In my conspiracy AFL world, the Suns and GWS will not suffer but have the advantage of increased funding due to their "special" development needs.
  5. And their own players after losing to us. Just feral like their Collingwood cousins.
  6. Bailey has an infection around his knee which is not serious. Petty has groin issues but not osteo related.
  7. In 2019 Shannon was in charge of the new player welfare but I am not sure of what his exact title was in 2019. HB was even more emotional when he got off the phone after his invitation to train. He is entirely invested in doing the very best for his family and the Club. I loved the support he is getting from Stephen May. Obviously the way the players got around Kossie was the other high point. It reminds me of how Richmond players are said to have that bond. How would Kossie have felt knowing that they were there urging him on and getting down on the sand with him so that he could be the very best that he could be. For a first year player that surely is something that will remain with him and hopefully become an integral part of his journey with the Club.
  8. One of the real joys of the year will be to watch Harley make his comeback in red and blue. I don't know what happened in his past and obviously drink was one part of his downfall but I could have almost cried listening to the emotion in the room. Burgess and no injuries could be the making of this Club in 2020
  9. And there I believe and hope is our next Captain. Even I'm feeling excited about next year. Who would have thought.
  10. The family's story is very sad. Michael Greene was a very good footballer who was looked at by a number of teams however he got involved with the wrong people and ended up badly involved with drugs. His father made numerous attempts to help him but to no avail. I lived not far from the Toby's Grandfather's house/business and it was sad to watch his father's struggle.
  11. As it is surrounded by suburbia, you would think it would be easier to have the land rezoned residential than the other way around.
  12. With such a scathing attack (and I am presuming you are targeting the administration) what are the areas where we have fallen down in a matter of months. Is it marketing, memberships or sponsorships? You forget that all targets/budgets would have been based on 2018's performance. Would you or the AFL have seen the car crash coming. Absolutely not and if we had have achieved another finals shot everybody would have been congratulating the Admin. for doing a great job. What did the Admin. do or not do that has you claiming that we "have reverted to our usual style". I can see no reason to blame our current woes on the Administration of the Club. Their membership target should have been achievable if there had been early wins. New sponsors were signed up and old sponsors resigned. New staff were employed to reflect the Club's ambitions for 2019. What more could they have done? Where is the incompetence? I do believe that there will be significant changes made in the Football Department. However I will look at these changes as necessary after our mind numbing performance and not as ruptured relations within the FD. Everyone will be held accountable and maybe there will be a few heads roll and some resignations but we need fresh eyes and new voices to come in. I had a discussion with other supporters about the fact that at any time during the season did the first 22 play together. We tend to forget that not only did we have the worst list of injuries of all the Clubs but there was never a time that the team really had a chance to play together without playing out of position to fill a hole of another injured player. My other observation is that we have to be able to call on better players outside the 22. Collingwood/GWS has been able to do it and we need to have that capacity as well. With all player operations out of the way, we should be able to bounce back having full preseasons. Could we do a Brisbane in 2020. With a little help from the AFL (as they received) there is no reason why not. (I am though doubtful that the AFL has the same view of a successful Brisbane as they would of a successful MFC.) I don't think we are broken but at this time the Club will be aware that the more successful Clubs and some journalists will see us being vulnerable and hope to exploit the position we have found ourselves.
  13. Did we go into the meeting requesting financial assistance with a move to our own facilities, This could have been why db reported that the meeting did not go well. Surely the Club would have already had an indirect indication from the AFL as to what they were thinking about No 2 Draft pick. I would not think there would have been any shock if they were told that the Suns were being handed our pick, disappointment yes. After all AFL's priority would be getting the Suns up and running and not whether the MFC is able to retain members.
  14. Was told a couple of games back that Frosty loves being at the Club but felt that his game had improved and that it should be reflected in his contract offer. I like so many others love his enthusiasm but my heart still stops when he gets the ball waiting momentarily to see what he will bring. Thankfully there have been fewer of the car crashes this year. Glad that it looks like a compromise has been reached or the Club has recognised his improvement this year.
  15. I think the team did just that last week. Despite adversity they "took them on". When I watch him run on the ground on Sunday I'll be thinking about Oscar and his Mum being with him and his Dad telling him to take them on. How much emotion must he have played with last week. So sad but also so heartening.
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