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  1. I think the team did just that last week. Despite adversity they "took them on". When I watch him run on the ground on Sunday I'll be thinking about Oscar and his Mum being with him and his Dad telling him to take them on. How much emotion must he have played with last week. So sad but also so heartening.
  2. He'll be ready for this one though.
  3. That is reading way too much into something that was fairly innocuous. Garlett is a quiet person by nature and I am sure that Saty would confirm that he is much loved by all his team mates and coaching staff. Because he is not as gregarious as Harmsey or Petracca doesn't mean that he has a bad relationship with the coach, if that is what you are inferring.
  4. I think my topic got "off topic" but it has been brilliant reading all the good memories that some of us still have. The weather is going to be ok tomorrow so hopefully we can get some stragglers down to Gosch's tomorrow. The players will be thrilled with any support that might turn up. It must be getting boring with just old Saty hanging over the fence.(Sorry Saty not so much of the old.)
  5. Thanks 19. I'll be there with Demon Dog and hopefully a few more like yourself.
  6. As a diehard supporter devastated and despondent as to the position we find ourselves, I also don't want to be part of the negativity that other Club supporters, the Media and some of our own supporters are relishing. We are generally all passionate supporters on this site and and the extreme disappointment we all feel is exacerbated by the fact that there are no clear answers to our problems. However, why can't we all put that aside and actually support the boys when they really do need our support. I know that the players will be really feeling the anger and frustration of their supporters and despite their outgoing positive comments they will be hurting. I really believe we have the team to turn it around. Friday 3rd May, there is a light training run from 9.30 to 10.30 at Gosch's paddock. I really hope that we can get as many "supporters" there to show the players that we do support them and believe that they can turn it around. I know that we have the team to do exactly that but we will have to get through whatever is happening at the moment. I'm not making excuses for them. I just want to show them that we haven't given up on them. There will not be any BBQ's or marketing tents just plain old fashioned spontaneous support for our players. Let's bring back a sense of unity amongst members and supporters. Bring your dogs, children, neighbours and anyone that loves the MFC.
  7. Nick's comments that Hogan looked so unhappy over the last two years. Really, I couldn't guess why. Then to say now that he is at home he is far more settled. Such lightweight comments.
  8. Fantastic initiative by the Club and Casey.
  9. This diet does work. I know two people who are on it and are consistently losing weight.
  10. Saw him in the Supermarket yesterday. Wearing sneakers without any hint of a big toe problem.
  11. Last year you could still "renew" a MCC/MFC membership through the MFC however CC details are forwarded to the MCC for them to complete the transaction, After a couple of weeks the MCC send over an updated MCC/MFC List. It is a convoluted process and the pitmeister is correct the MCC changed the process two years ago along with ending a payment plan for those memberships.
  12. I think it's 17th December, 6.30 Dining Room as usual. It will be hard not to compare him to PJ.
  13. Thanks to everyone. Always interesting reading and great to get a mention tonight by big Maxy.
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