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  1. So you want diamonds in the rough that also fill a specific positional need and address a particular team skillset limitation through a later draft pick, regardless of the quality of the draft and it's available player types in a given year; and with no benefit of hindsight to determine what the list holes are in the future years; particularly as some of your previous selections addressed existing list needs that then had the flow-on effect of highlighting resultant new ones!!!!
  2. Reality OMac played a poor game on the weekend Reality OMac is out of form Reality OMac is not going to challenge for All Australian Key Position Defender but he has performed a role in the past, above his stature. BIG REALITY our midfield applies little defensive pressure with the opposition transitioning through them with relative ease, once the ball is on the outside our midfielders are dusted (jogging behind or to the next contest is not defensive pressure) VERY BIG REALITY our forwards defensive acts seem to stop at the 50 metre arc, while opposition backs link up with their midfielders to run through the center of the ground Little wonder our backs are being slaughtered; remember Jetta and Hibberd were also struggling for most of this year as well.
  3. We play scared, we'll handball at the hint of a shadow; normally to someone who is to lazy to move away from their opponent.
  4. Anyone who can find 6 good players probably were lucky enough to find an unguarded case of beer by the 10 min mark! But to put up 6 names I'll go with: Frost Pruess Brayshaw Jones Jetta Melskam But this is really about who did something good rather than who played well
  5. We are getting killed by: Lack of speed in the midfield (center of ground). Teams are bursting out from the congestion and spreading faster which opens up the ground, and making it virtually impossible to defend. Lack of forward pressure (most our forwards are slow to react and only do one act of pressure). It comes out far to quickly (and with time) to a midfield that can't keep up with its opponents. Lack of accountability in the backline, we are constantly getting beaten one on one, but worse, we often don't make it to a one on one, and when we do it is often a miss match (small on a tall). Lack of ruck options - all teams are going with two against Gawn (regardless of quality); and even running a third tall against him. Thats a lot of area's to address, maybe: Garlett Pruess Lockhart Hunt Weid Spargo Fritz Oliver Stretch Viney Frost Salem Jetta Tmac Jones Gawn Harmes Brayshaw Bench Petracca, Baker, Hibberd, Keilty Is Hannan fit? We also miss AVB.
  6. Brayshaw Harmes Oliver Dont want to give a back votes but Fritz Dont want to give a forward votes but Lockhart Don't want to give any more votes but Gawn
  7. We were bad Bombers actually worse Umpires absolutely atrocious
  8. Hunt is not accountable Hibberd is slow and out of form, Jetta is getting beaten. Then to go with 3 talls on a wet night - idiotic. Jeez we miss Lewis. Hunt and frost to go. Sparrow got away with the fumbles last week, this week he didnt get close enough to fumble, Trac did (i.e. fumble) also no pressure, not sure what ANB does, Melks playing without confidence (hes a forward that doesn't want as shot at goal). Weids has playef 2 good game (unfortunately last year). Sparrow and Trac to go. Kk was also poor (no defense) Spargo and Keilty in, then whatever; perhaps Stretch and anyone fast.
  9. Brayshaw Oliver Harmes Gawn Lockhart Fritz Its really hard to give a forward or back votes
  10. So when I coach under 12s one of the things I teach is chest marks; is there a spot for me on the Dees coaching Panel?
  11. Salem Harmes Geez I dont know, maybe Fritz Wagner Brayshaw
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