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  1. This. I won't be hurt by the lost cash. Better for the club to have it given their fragile finances.
  2. I liked Nathan Carroll. He was undersized and fought like hell against the big forwards. HE was also a legitimate Dumbass off the field. What's not to love?
  3. Realistically, the biggest problem with this virus that makes it worse than the regular flu is that it's more contagious. That means that the number of people infected grows at a far faster rate. Current estimates (last I checked) are that around 5% of people infected will need hospital care, possibly Intensive Care. As of a few days ago we have around 2230 intensive care beds in Australia. That means 50,000 is the magic number. Once we get to there, people are unable to get into the care they need and they die from inability to access adequate medical care. You will also see people being denied ICU access for other things such as Heart attacks because the spaces are all occupied with people unable to breath, thus there will be a lot of secondary fatalities not directly attributed to Corona. The advantage of delaying measures is that it buys more time to prepare, meaning that we can create more spots for those patients and keep more of them alive.
  4. Do we get a priority pick for finishing the season on 0 wins?
  5. The missing ingredient is a decent plan for the forward line. We have no discernible structure and still persist with the blind bomb forward which is inevitably gobbled up by the defence who are set up to capitalise on it while our own forwards are either up on the wings being "mobile" or all flying for the same mark and crashing into each other. We don't need a Tony Lockett or Buddy Franklin up there, the players we have would be perfectly adequate if they were working as a unit and had even average delivery.
  6. The Pies have a strong side. The only real weakness, apart from them only having the second-best ruck in the league, is their lack of a real tall forward. Not that we have on either, but if you had to pick a weakness I'd be looking there. Great medium/small forwards, but Cox isn't the answer for the FF spot.
  7. To be fair, he is a pure inside mid. When he played that role he came third in the brownlow. Last year they tried him all over the park in every role we needed shoring up and his game really suffered for it. If he plays in the centre square all year he'll be great value.
  8. Do you mean four number 1 picks? I still find it hilarious that the blues have four on their list and another they traded away, but people still think WE got too many top picks.
  9. No crowd of Feral Bogan Perthites is a good start. Has to be worth a dozen frees and a few goals.
  10. It should be really interesting to see what happens to West Coast and their magical free kick differential over in Perth. Maybe without the feral crowd the umpires will be willing to call a fair game.
  11. The real edge Jones has in being a good set shot at goal. Our team is littered with players you wouldn't back from 30m directly in front. Having a guy who you can back from pretty much anywhere in the 50 is very much needed. One of the things that really separates the top sides from the rest is that they don't waste the easy chances.
  12. Well, the one area we really need cover in is the ruck. If Gawn gets sick we're stuffed, so I'd be looking at bringing in a backup just in case. I'm sure there are a couple of ex-AFL rucks floating around who could nullify the contest and give our mids an even chance.
  13. Looks like they are sticking to the traditional gameplan. Get it forward and then stuff up the scoring opportunity any way you can.
  14. Still wondering what he did wrong with that bizarre call against him when he spoiled the ball over the line.
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