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  1. While Petracca is the worst set shot in the side, there are only a couple of players I actually have confidence in when it comes to these kicks in the entire side. One of those is Brayshaw, and the reason for that is that Jones took him on in his first couple of seasons and really worked on his set shots. They used to have set shot contests after every training session. You can clearly see the difference when comparing Gus to Petracca or Oliver. Neither of them have any confidence when kicking for goal and their technique is terrible. While a specialist kicking coach would be nice, it's possible that we can't fit one in under the soft cap. What they can do with the structure we have right now is set aside some time every session to work on it. Turn it into a competition. Challenge them to improve against their teammates. Even ask our better kicks to work with the worst ones on their technique. It won't be fixed overnight, but it's clearly an issue that needs to be worked on.
  2. Also it would become a tactic to stop play and allow the defence to reset. A quick-thinking captain could spot a fast break about to happen and burn an appeal to stop the game.
  3. I think you've missed the mark on a few of these this week Joeboy. Jones - Fumbling, bad decisions Garlett - Cheap goals, [censored]-weak Frost - Dominant bar one Petty - Showed real promise Baker - Some impressive glimpses.
  4. The AFL needs to introduce some form of appeal process to allow captains to have decisions reviewed on the ground. That blatant throw in the goalsquare should never have been allowed to stand. Beyond that, WC are masters of blocking players out of the marking contest. One of the umps justified giving a goal to Kennedy by saying that if you block their run at the marking contest you need to contest the ball. I lost count of the number of times a WC player ran diagonally through the contest to take out one of ours and give his teammate an uncontested mark. Every one of them was a free according to the umpire's own words. We need something like the NFL system to appeal bad calls on the spot.
  5. Best game of the year so far. Baker and Petty both showed us something. Now we just need someone to teach these players how to kick goals. None of the top sides miss basic shots the way we do.
  6. And another bad miss when we needed it. This is the difference between us and the good teams.
  7. Two consecutive throws from the Eagles in the middle. No call.
  8. Once again, we've missed five or six really easy shots. This game should be over. Can't blame the umpires for our bad kicking.
  9. Messy, but we'll take it. I AM a little surprised they didn't find a free for WC in there though.
  10. I think I need to start barracking for the umpires. They beat us every time.
  11. So easy when WC get the ball forward. How is it that we make it look so hard?
  12. If we could kick this would be a slaughter. How did Petracca stuff that one up?
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