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  1. That's quite a six pack Petracca is wearing. Looks to have dropped some weight.
  2. Insurance for one. He won't be covered by the AFL's health and indemnity insurance until he's officially allowed to train in December. That means any injury he sustains if he tries to train with the club prior to that is on Medicare. I don't doubt that the club has already discussed his fitness program with him for the interim, but he can't do any official work with us until he's on the books.
  3. I don't think Dangerfield is a good comparison. He doesn't have the explosive movement that is Dangerfield's biggest weapon. He does have a lot of power though, and knows how to use his size and strength to break through tacklers. He is also a good mark and kick and executes under pressure. I see a lot of upside there.
  4. Doesn't Lewis still hold the record for the most consecutive points kicked? The kids legs look muscular.
  5. I really hope we're not thinking of taking a first round pick for next year. That draft is shot.
  6. This list is for the lead-up to the drafts. All of these guys are looking to get a shot in the draft. Bennell is going through a different process. Hopefully Murray will as well.
  7. They would probably be pretty harmful off field. Prone to playing idiotic power games and manipulating people for personal gain.
  8. Second pick, and hopefully. He looks a quality player. I'd also be quite happy if we took a punt at Liam McBean who for some reason hasn't been mentioned in the article. He's 25, over 2m tall and a better set shot than anyone on our list. Plays FF and can pinch hit in the ruck. He'd fit very nicely int our side.
  9. McBean! A ready-made forward who can pinch in the ruck as needed. He can hold down the spot until Bradke gets his game together.
  10. The kid from Casey who got done for importing a protein supplement on the advice of a club doctor and NEVER ACTUALLY TOOK ANY was ripped off. Murray did something idiotic. They were supposed to be having a chat with him this week. I'm thinking it's most likely that they will ask him to join training in December along with Bennell and look at a rookie spot. Can we take two players as supplementary rookies in March?
  11. They will take the same approach as when Sydney offered an absurd contract for Franklin. The contract will stay on the books even if the player is gone. Franklin is taking up salary cap and a list spot until he's 37 if I recall.
  12. Was it the 2018 B&F where he talked about making the decision to do every possible thing to be a better footballer?
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