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  1. Another trip to the PLayers Association for these millenial lightweights
  2. . Goodwin is clueless. Seems that you are too. Abusing posters is very mature of you. Check the mirrror. Read the thread and you'll see that this club is in deep trouble. Probably too hard for you but we can't afford to lose one supporter and there are dozens of committed supporters that are over this club. As for you footy knowledge - "I've mentioned multiple times that I still have no idea if the players are playing for him or not" - it looks pretty non-existent. The players haven't played for him all year. He hasn't a clue how to turn this train wreck around.
  3. Fairly typical. Haven't seen a second of the game but chime in with pithy comments 'what does anyone expect' I'll tell you. We expect effort. We expect running, chasing and tackling - not too many skills required there. We expect to see what Simon is doing with a game plan that has been useless all year. There is nothing there whatsoever that anyone can hang their hat on. Not a spark. Just disharmony, no direction and probably worse is the same cr*p dished up week after week. Goodwin is clueless. The coaching panel is in complete disarray. The players are in complete disarray. There is no leadership. IN fact it looks like the rimours of a split between two opposing camps is about right - they're playing that way. DOn't care for each other, don't lead to the right spots, can't cover their men. Sam e old same old. We've won 5 games, 3 by less than a goal. It's pathetic and frankly looks beyond redemption.
  4. The. Only amusement I am getting from this train wreck is the absolute silence from the arrogant Pollyanna's who have been lambasting those who dared criticise the team, coach and/or club. The symptoms have been obvious yet they sit on their high horse denigrating those who have seen plainly how sad this club has become. and when 20,000 don't renew memberships, sponsors desert us, Prime TV slots disappear and the AFL stuffs us with fixtures I hope they all feel happy.
  5. We've won 5 games, 3 by less than a goal and play like this - then you post absolute garbage. Pathetic excuses can't cover up what a shambolic clusterf*** this club is.
  6. Yeah but the happy clappers will keep bagging everyone on here that is frustrated beyond belief about how this club and the coaching panel have [censored] up our team. I hate football.
  7. We're a rabble.. Goodwin hasn't got a clue how to turn this train wreck around. Totally out of his depth. And he's as boring as *uck in his press conferences
  8. Swans don't have a real ruckman at all
  9. He's a serial apologist for the coaching staff who wouldn't know a defender from his toenail. The bin is the right place.
  10. It's all about structure and ours is terrible. If the players don't know where to stand or who to mind ten we have a structure problem. No one can deny we like the 'bees to the honeypot' structure though.
  11. 90 minutes of promoting P Roos Inc. He was always good at that.
  12. Spargo has fallen a long way. Unless he is injured and I have missed it?
  13. Must be careful at this point of the season not to laugh at anything lest Adrian Anderson is brought back to investigate....
  14. I never said it did. You're good at presuming for other posters. It is clearly a reflection of the disfunction/failure of our present coaching set up - against what many of the happy clappers have been saying. I think I have worked out what camp you're in.
  15. The problem is that the "bees to the honeypot" has been going on for 2 years. Everyone knows it. We get the ball we get tackled. They get the ball to the outside and its off to the races. It's not rocket science - it's coaching pure and simple. Its structure and discipline. The whole game is structure and discipline. We look lost. The players haven't a clue where to run, where to stand, when to kick , where to kick etc. When a player is actually instructed to stand like Jones was on the weekend, the players must think WTF?? Nothing to do with injuries. Its about having a plan that the 40 players can understand and execute. Most clubs do it pretty well yet some here think Goodwin is the messiah and give him a free pass. We need to be angry at what he has done to our team. And now its 'imploding' with McCartney, Jennings and others going.
  16. Jennings gone McCartney gone Rawlings brought back Plapp de-emphasised. Chapman hopeless. But Goody's the man.
  17. I thought it was appalling. Called Hunt "Josh" twice Said we were expecting AVB to provide run (when he has played 7 games since 2016) Our membership increase of 33% was a success (wait till next year) 666 had killed us. Surgeries were in essence to blame. He is clueless. I have dealt with him in the past. Not smart and not well regarded. Can't understand why he was parachuted into the job.
  18. I think the Jayden Hunt experiment (or Josh Hunt as Pert keeps calling him!) with 20 goals from 20 games and increased fwd line pressure has been a better than pass mark
  19. Its defined in the official AFL & Champion Data stats. You can choose to ignore that fact all you like. Back to dreamland for you.
  20. That can't be right....Its all the surgeries we had over summer....Goody told us.... Some people can't see the nose on their face. So Jennings and Mccartney both gone. Chapman should go and so should Plapp. If we can't get rid of Goodwin we need to get decent assistants pronto.
  21. I could believe it. We have seen it all year. Dumb lazy footballers who look totally lost It's a coaching and leadership issue full stop.
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