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  1. FB: Plowman Jones Newman HB: Docherty Weitering SPS C Walsh Murphy Simpson HF: Dow McGovern (191cm) Martin FF: Silvagni McKay (204cm) Betts R: Casboult (201cm) Cripps Curnow IC: Gibbons Setterfield Fisher De Konning (203cm) Likely CFC team according to Talking Carlton. Not that tall in the fwd line. De Koenig played 2 games in 2018, that's it. May and Lever have it covered. We were cut up by West Coasts smalls in rd 1 so I doubt we go too big.
  2. Well the good news its nearly June and we are only 1 game from top place.....
  3. 14 day trial of Kayo is free. You could time it to see 2 games Its $25pm otherwise
  4. Trying too hard to do the difficult pinpoint passes rather than the team orientated kicks to a set position. Seems to be caught between doing the team thing and taking the team on. ANd his skills have deserted him
  5. Opposition teams actually try to get this match up. Its a gift for them
  6. Rd 1 is irrelevant really. Oscar isn't best 22 so it will be determined on our injuries or match up whether he gets a game.
  7. Well one of us will be right If I was a betting man your horse looks dodgy
  8. Well, if we can't beat Carlton.....
  9. 2018 is looking like the anomoly. Unbelievable that our fwd line delivery is so pathetic. Still. You can believe in miracles but its fantasy to think he is going to magically turn this around.
  10. What about Darren Jarman who was drafted by Melbourne but refused to come.... Sat out a year and went to Hawthorn
  11. 4 time premiership player Martin Pike. It irks me everytime I hear that.
  12. Fewer rotations solves all of those problems (well maybe not umps being unable to distinguish 15m) Its the simple solution and the cause of most of the issues in football today. Why add more stupid rules to cover for rotations? Like many I have been watching some old games and the flow of footy is fantastic. The umpires are rarely noticed because there aren't stupid rules to adjudicate.
  13. The Duke was pushed into McKenna Just sayin It was no free..
  14. Everything coming out o fthe mouths of the coaches points to this. They are failing badly. Furthermore it has been a problem for a very long time. We got away with the bombing thing in 2018. Its the outlier.
  15. Whoa, there's a left field choice from Pendles
  16. Even I wouldn't put Jnr in the top 20....
  17. Do you really think that is the instruction?
  18. Yeah right. Nothing to play for. Smashed in 2019. a tough summer of training. Run out on to the ground, 'yeah whats the point' And if you think the game was even you weren't watching. They moved the ball with ease and we were witches hats mostly. And still bombing the ball into the fwd line so many times I lost count how many times we kicked it to them Good luck with your isolation. Clearly not doing you any favours.
  19. I'm with you. If the players weren't switched on that is an indictment. A bit like rd 23 2017 when we had to beat a lowly Collingwood to make finals for the first time in a decade. Everything to play for but the players weren't 'switched on'. In fact they didnt lay a tackle inside the first 15mins. I am so sick of Melbourne not turning up to play. The coaching staff is on notice this season and they have fallen at the first hurdle. Yes there was an unusual circumstance but it didn't bother the Eagles. It would seem in fact (and has been pointed out elsewhere) it wasn't in this case their lack of endeavour. It was the complete failure of their game plan and ability to have any system bringing the ball into the forward line. Same old crap we have been dealing with for a decade. What doesn't help is people making lame excuses for them.
  20. The bit about the game plan is still problematic
  21. It was crap the first time it won't get any better on a second reading
  22. Really? I have seen and heard most excuses but you have created a new low. You should expect more given we have been butchering the ball for a decade. Goodwin's game plan don't work. The shiny new coaching panel have a lot of work to do.
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