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  1. Sign up for a Kayo trial you get 14 days free....
  2. 1. May 2. Gawn 3. Petracca 4. Langdon 5. Fritsch 6. Oliver 7. Lever 8. TMac 9. Harmes 10. Viney
  3. The problem with this is that when he's in a chain and he is responsible for stuffing up that chain the effect is well, a chain reaction. The ball is turned over, efforts are wasted, frustration is built and player buy-in to the the team ethos is eroded. Similarly when shots at goal are frittered away it is a cascading affect - bad for us, good for the opposition Role players are great if they can play their role. Not do 6 or 7 things out of 10.
  4. Maybe because he refused to run a time trial because it was too hot.... The lack of leadership at our club was unbelievable as evidenced by announcing the youngest AFL captain in history. It was a cluster888k of the highest order that we are still emerging from.
  5. And C Data had the Bulldogs at 15 in 2019, 2nd this year.
  6. Pretty sure its so you can tell how the ball spins in the air....
  7. This is all that is required. Good teams are full of role players. They key is knowing what that role is and getting buy in. We have enough talent. We may be a bit short on game breakers but Goodwin has admitted that players lost faith in the plan and weren't playing for each other. They were confused and hence got caught betwixt and between with ball in hand. He said they didn't work enough on the basics and tried to add too many layers of complexity and nuance which all fits (except if you are a happy clapper who screeches 'injuries!' at every turn) Hopefully 2020 is a lot clearer - my question mark remains over the whole new shiny coaching panel. They need to get their act together very quickly. We can't afford for them to be out of synch - and find that we are 0 and 5
  8. How about we wait to see whether the pre-season s 'interrupted'?
  9. 80 games over 8 seasons. I liked his best footy but lets not call it a real career. He was fringe at best
  10. I think you have to say our recruiting team is doing a great job. They are open, easy to deal with, give a little here get a little there, innovative, occasionally smart and ahead of the curve and ultimately get who they want. You set out your plan, you look at what you have to sell in terms of picks and players and you go after what you want. By and large we get the job done. Sometimes we give away more on the surface (a la Hogan) but we as supporters dont always know the facts behind the trades. We generally end up in a better position than before we started. Other clubs deal with us because we don't play games, are genuine and commercial. Compare that the Dumbdoro at Essendon* who would drive me insane as a supporter. Whether we pick the right players is another question that will play out over a few years but I think you have to give the recruiting guys a high mark for achieving what they set out to do. * check this out Hawthorn also selected former Essendon swingman Michael Hartley in the pre-season draft after the Bombers refused to delist him. The 26-year-old had a one-year offer from Essendon on the table but delisted himself to join the Hawks. What a goose Dumbdoro is
  11. This is so blindingly obvious but the happy clappers keep saying it was only injuries..... no system, no clue with ball in hand. Roll on 2020
  12. Maybe we thought Jackson was a better bet than Green. Keep in mind GWS may hve taken Jackson had we nominated Green
  13. This is what I find really hard to accept. We had enough experienced people at the club who repeatedly spoke about not getting carried away with a Prelim - they know there was work to be done. Goodwin even flagged it multiple times re the Hawthorn final and then inexplicably chose to not to sit down with the team and review the Prelim (his own words). Richmond made the prelim under Frawley and didn't see finals for another 12 years. We aren't that team but I hope like hell Goodwin has looked inside himself to unlock the issues - even if he doesn't explain them publicly. Re the draft they have gone bold which I don't mind. Jackson has plenty of upside and Pickett could be the most exciting player since Jurrah - x-factor we have been missing. Lets go 2020.
  14. Aaron Davey says hi.. so so we went after Jamie Elliot and ended up with Pickett. That's a great get IMO. And we save around $700k a year...
  15. This is demonlands wines v Toumpas moment for prosperity. i told you he was a spud i always wanted him at 3 i can't believe we didn't draft x
  16. Great trade. Tyson was a 1 trick pony and not a great one at that. Also didn't play this year and we got a potential gun that can play multiple positions. Win win.
  17. I'm not sure that theory holds water, can you name one instance where that has happened?
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