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  1. Didn't he finish 2nd in the Time trial? I hope he ends up as a small defensive fwd but he could also ultimately take over from Nev.....
  2. He started with a minor calf as I understand it. Given how these injuries have a history of hanging around I am hoping they are being ultra cautious with him
  3. Sorry but you will have to go to the re-education camps if you repeat anything that DerWayne says
  4. Can you smell what we're cooking?
  5. Has basically been put on ice. That is, the figure of speech not the drug.
  6. I hate these fluff pieces. "I want to be a Hall of Famer" What a ridiculous thing to say..... I hope he has matured. We all know he has the tools. but so did Colin Sylvia. Trac needs 3 things IMO: 1. Endurance - reportedly he has vastly improved 2. Ball drop - Insane that this has not been rectified 3. Selfishness - I see a guy that is trying to please too many people and do the team things too much. Sometimes he just needs to grab the ball burst away and deliver like say, a de Goey We have seen a few times when he does this and it is very exciting. Other times his mind is swimming -'what do I do?' 'Don't stuff it up'. If ever there is a player that has a licence to break away from team rules it's Trac. More instinct and less robot for me.
  7. True, a good run at it this year will be vital. I like his neat side step. He hasn't really used his pace and that may be down to fitness. I think it was last summer he was recovering from a badly torn hammy so we haven't seen what he can really do just yet
  8. He's a kid OD. he has some time.
  9. It's not looking good. He can't take a trick I'm told
  10. A home prelim represents success to me. 8 clubs make finals. It's frankly pathetic to consider making finals a success.
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