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  1. Not sure this necessarily follows. Yes you need a basic level of fitness to execute but our problems stem from a confused game plan, no trust in our team mates to run and spread. This is part fitness but its also getting burned on the turnover and the ball sails back over your head and before too long players start playing for themselves not the team. This is why I believe our problems this year were way more than injuries. The game plan fell apart and they were like deer in the headlights with ball in hand. When that happens you invite pressure, the ball gets turned over more often and skills look very ordinary. Its a vicious circle. Richmond by way of example are happy run fwd of the ball and chance their arm. As a team they are comfortable and not under the same pressure we are. B grade players look like A graders in a team orientated game like that. If they stuff up they don't have the same fallout that we have becuause they have been to the top and trust that it works.
  2. Langdon has always had endurance. Was elite at schoolboy cross country. Hunt might be able to develop it...
  3. Papley is one of these guys that becomes a superstar because he's out of contract. He's an OK player but not one you'd sell the farm for. Or pay $900k and pick 9. That's insanity.
  4. They can 'try' all they like. We are in the box seat and will do the deal that suits us. Remember we gave away a lot to get pick 8. Why would we do that if we didn't have a clear idea of what we wanted? And why would we give it away for nothing?
  5. Sorry that's a pretty inane comment. People have opinions all the time about sports they haven't played. Doesn't make them invalid. There are over 700 accredited media in the AFL and I estimate probably around 70 have played the game. So what? Some are good commentators some are bad. Pro tip: If you don't like reading other peoples opinions don't go on to a football fan site.
  6. We won 5 games. 3 by less than a kick. That is more than injuries but lull yourself to sleep that all will be OK.
  7. He's a terrible defender. Turned it over something shocking. He is a forward half player full stop. Very hard match up on. Can kick. Natural forward.
  8. 6 of the 10 teams below us in talent beat us last year......
  9. Sometimes they take time. In 2016 we were 18th on defending one on ones. The club knew they had to get better defenders hence the recruitment of Lever and May. This year we are adding runners who can play the wing and assist with our transitions. As for poor kicking, its not just technique. Its running to the right spots, kicking to space, getting the ball to someone who is under less pressure etc etc.
  10. Pretty sure we picked up Toby Bedford last year from our 'academy'? Could be wrong tho...
  11. He nominates a 2 yr salary from what I understand. So if Carlton offer him a 5yr deal with the first 2 at $800 and the next 3 at $300 lets say (ie $500k a year) we are unlikely to match the first 2 yrs at $800 (he is under no obligation to sign 5 yrs)
  12. Totally disagree. Leadership is a critical factor in our club that has been missing for a long time. And it starts with attitude. Actions speak louder than words and how they turn up, when they turn up has a big role to play. Jack Watts was a case in point. After finishing for the first time in the top 5 at the B& F telling everyone he understood how hard you had to work and he would be working harder in future, comes back from the summer break with poor skin folds, poor attitude and misses all the JLT games as 'punishment'. When that is allowed to go unchallenged mediocrity becomes acceptable. Fortunately Goody marked Watts' papers that day.
  13. It's a real balance. In hindsight JKH, VDB and Stretch have been given way too much time. All have shown glimpses. VDB perhaps more than the other two but has been injury prone. Some just take longer to get there. Jetta is a case in point. And then its not like you can just wave a wand and replace 10 players with 10 ready made players. A list manager has a tough job.
  14. Yes the fact he is going with Richo is good. 24/7 talking about how to make it work, strategies, tactics, leadership etc A clear plan hopefully with a strategy of how to execute it and engage everyone else around you.
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