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  1. You might be correct with the confirmation bias but since Rd 1 2018 his accuracy is 43% for set shots and 31% for general play He's a terrible kick for goal TMac is 63/60 JHunt is 58/58 https://www.statsinsider.com.au/afl/shot-charting
  2. Worst conversion rate in the comp and we are targetting ............ ...........the worst converter in the league What a garbage article
  3. Not playing like he did on Sunday he won't.
  4. Didn't we have a full internal review last year? Because our game plan was so appalling? And didn't we change all our assistant coaching roles? To refresh and inject new ideas? We got rid of a bunch of coaches /assistants /strategists It has clearly failed. I defy anyone to provide evidence to the contrary. That all points to the Senior Coach who has admitted he doesn't know how to change things. Lets not procrastinate any longer. he's a dud.
  5. Then lets change the midfield. If they aren't doing what they are supposed to put in Harmes, Brayshaw, Chandler Dunkley etc Oliver & Viney take a rest
  6. He had a great PowerPoint apparently 😂😂😂
  7. We're 17th on the ladder We avg 11pts a qtr (excluding 1 qtr against Carlton) 11POINTS!!! Last 28 games, 2 wins by more than a goal We have our very best 22 on the park Epstein didn't kill himself & Goodwin can't coach
  8. Not sure about that. 12 shots on goal from their first 18 entries tells me otherwise
  9. I think we desperately need experience. Remember when Roos spoke everyone listened? It doesn't always work: Worsfold has been ordinary for example but one of the major failings at out club is that we don't have a successful recent past where players/coaches come back in and help educate the new breed. Our coaching staff haven't had recent successes and when rookies are surrounded by other 'rookies' it doesn't work. ALan Richardson doesn't 'appear' to have helped at all but its hard to know. I suspect Voss would be much better the second time around. I can't stand Hird but he would be better 2nd time around. Ross Lyon is the obvious choice I guess but he doesn't inspire me personally. He wasn't great at Freo and his recruiting record is very poor but his first 4 yrs he won 67 from 87 and got them to a GF. Clarkson is the main one and if you look at his protoges they have largely done very well....
  10. there's a first time for everything Roos aside we haven't had an experienced coach since Northey in 1992. Why do we keep going with untried 'flavour of the month' rookies? I reckon most coaches are better second time around altho I don't have the stats to back that up. It seems that experience is shunned in AFL coaching circles. Ratten has immediately got the Saints playing better football.
  11. This is coaching and its pathetic. The running back from the mark is highly frustrating Its like having no one on the goal line. Or not manning the mark properly. OR when Tomplinson was kicking for goal last week with 48 secs on the clock - put the ball on the ground and stop the clock. Or when a Richmond player is on the ground and we slide in to tackle their head - free kick. Or when a player is targeted by opposition no one goes Basic football that you learn at school. Its so frustrating. We all see it in the stands or on TV but these geniuses struggle. This is leadership as well. If I was leader I would have team rules that shamed/fined players for breaking them. We have very few 'professional' footballers.
  12. 4th qtr 3 out of our first 4 kicks into our 50m were marked by Richmond players. Kicks by our mids under no pressure.
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