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  1. Yeah right. Nothing to play for. Smashed in 2019. a tough summer of training. Run out on to the ground, 'yeah whats the point' And if you think the game was even you weren't watching. They moved the ball with ease and we were witches hats mostly. And still bombing the ball into the fwd line so many times I lost count how many times we kicked it to them Good luck with your isolation. Clearly not doing you any favours.
  2. I'm with you. If the players weren't switched on that is an indictment. A bit like rd 23 2017 when we had to beat a lowly Collingwood to make finals for the first time in a decade. Everything to play for but the players weren't 'switched on'. In fact they didnt lay a tackle inside the first 15mins. I am so sick of Melbourne not turning up to play. The coaching staff is on notice this season and they have fallen at the first hurdle. Yes there was an unusual circumstance but it didn't bother the Eagles. It would seem in fact (and has been pointed out elsewhere) it wasn't in this case their lack of endeavour. It was the complete failure of their game plan and ability to have any system bringing the ball into the forward line. Same old crap we have been dealing with for a decade. What doesn't help is people making lame excuses for them.
  3. The bit about the game plan is still problematic
  4. It was crap the first time it won't get any better on a second reading
  5. Really? I have seen and heard most excuses but you have created a new low. You should expect more given we have been butchering the ball for a decade. Goodwin's game plan don't work. The shiny new coaching panel have a lot of work to do.
  6. Lost count of the times we turned the ball over into our fwd line. Same ol crapola. They have learned nothing
  7. I think you can sign up for a 14 day Kayo trial or $10 for 2 weeks. Quite reasonable really..
  8. HMM they lost Rd 1 in 2015, 2018 AND 2019
  9. jnrmac

    16 minutes

    There will still be a last 2 minutes.....
  10. Or in the case of a Preliminary final 10 goals...
  11. Hopefully no soft tissue injuries........... I'll see myself out...
  12. Congratulations for the most stupid post on DLand.
  13. You miss the point entirely. Let me make it simple for you by giving you an analogy. In a boxing match when players are tired it becomes a test of wills and ability to withstand what your opponent can throw at you. Its very often not pretty but enthralling and ultimately why people watch boxing. I think you are the one that is strugling to understand simple concepts.
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