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  1. Looking to see Rioli rubbed out for his concussion causing sling tackle on Smith
  2. He's Oscar's mum I wouldn't worry too much. Thinks he is a combination of Stephen Silvagni, Chris Langford and Bruce Doull. Most of us can see that he is currently a liability. But at least he's tall....
  3. Well he did take out Darling in rd 23..best thing he's ever done.
  4. Was poor on the weekend. Still getting a bit of the ball but missed handballs and turned it over quite a bit. Decision making a bit off as well. Not sure what the problem is there.
  5. Fair comments all except for the turnover by foot. His neat disposal is the only attribute he has unless you count being tall....
  6. WTF? This has been a position since day dot....
  7. On that point I wonder if our brains trust will insist on players wearing decent stops on their boots to stop the debacle in the Prelim of players falling over like they were ice skating??
  8. Oscar slow to the contest as usual ..
  9. He's played one game which we won. Wait a few weeks...
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