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  1. Late in the 3rd quarter and we had kicked 6 goals 9 behinds from set shots. The Eagles 5 goals straight That is the game right there. Have been doing similar most of the year. Gifted the weagles 30 points before pulling our finger out. We made the same mistakes as we do every week but seemed to run a bit harder. Some decent decisions by Goodwin in terms of match ups: Lewis on McGovern, Fritsch forward, Brayshaw on Yeo We are our own worst enemy. Its kind of pathetic actually.
  2. But we have the architect of the Bulldogs premiership if you listen to some on here....
  3. Simply untrue. Nice try at revisionism. For a start this thread was started in April 2018. Second. If you look at our 2018 year it was basically rubbish until we changed our game style after the Swans game (rd 21) where we got poleaxed. Round 22 we went to perth and had a memorable win that started 4 wins in a row including 2 finals. If we are being really serious we had 4 good weeks. Our game plan was still questionable with us being very easy to score against and chaotic on our fwd entries. Many of us said the jury was still out on Goodwin and it still is. I still can't get over the last round of 2017 where we didn't lay a tackle for the first 15 minutes and lost the game and a shot at finals. That was a massive black mark about his coaching ability and his bewildering selections week after week still say to me the jury is out. He has a long way to go.
  4. You must have a really short memory. 6 July 2019 Richmond 150 v Suns 58 Thanks for playing
  5. For years the TV networks demanded the AFL speed up the game. Nearly every rule brought in over a 12 year period was designed to do just that including increasing the interchange. I think its beyond dispute that the interchange is the major cause of the flooding/congestion style of game that we have. Reducing I/C numbers takes the game back more to what it was without fundamentaly altering the game. Reducing the number of players is the wrong solution and fundamentally alters the game IMO. The problem the AFL creates for themselves is that they make a rule change and then they have to make further rule changes because the first rule changes was ill conceived or not thought through. This has been going on for years. So I am opposed to making further rule changes per se and rather see them unwind what to me is the obvious cause of the problem.
  6. I like TSmith as a defensive fwd on Hurn or McGovern.
  7. I didn't watch the WCE v Coll game last week but it was said that the Pies kicked the ball to the pockets and then tried to create a stoppage rather than bomb the ball to their tall fwd at the top of the goal square. If true I hope Goody was watching.
  8. So 2 years ago we were 18th for defending one on ones in our defensive 50. We were 17th for allowing shots on goal once teams entered our defensive 50. We recruited lever and May to bolster our defence. Maybe this horrid stat means we will be recruiting new forwards?
  9. Yeah it is rubbish. It is proven that players can sustain high energy performances in bursts by having short breaks. Reduce the breaks and you reduce the energy they have to run. Reducing interchanges will reduce the ability of players to run fwd and back all day. Stats show that second half scores outweigh first half scores (although not by much) and this would mostly a result of players not being able to sustain high pressure tactics, tackling and running.
  10. Rubbish. The interchange is the reason players can run up and down all day. Couldn't do that in the past. Wind back the interchange and the game becomes more one on one.
  11. Sorry not great thoughts. What would it say about a young player asked to fill a role and who does so - better than everyone's expectation I would add - and then leave a putrid Hannan in the side?
  12. Opposition rucks are allowed to jump into Max 3 seconds before the ball is available to be tapped but that's OK.....
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