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  1. Nobody knows what Scully will decide, no media, no GWS or MFC. That is why there has been no real action. Tom wants to play footy. I think the club know they have to leave it up to Tom to decide. I doubt they will issue any requests. At the end of the day, 22 players will win us the premiership not one. I'd love to see Skully become captain of our club because he is everything that our club hasn't been for 40 odd years.
  2. I doubt such an agreement would be valid under contract law - I am pretty sure GWS can't officially sign anyone
  3. A 16 year old which most junior coaches will tell you will be a star.
  4. That is rather funny. Just look at the Saints and Bulldogs. We have 10 more premierships than both of them.
  5. That is the strange part. When we win, it has always been through the middle. This playing around the boundary line is stupid. It must be the coaches request because we still go to the same spot on kickouts even when we are hopelessly outnumbered. Love to know what our game plan is!
  6. Source is one former Demon assistant coach. No guess work.
  7. Too right. Bailey is the captain of the ship. If people aren't performing, he needs to put rockets up their backside. You cannot help but think the problems are of his making. You have to put in place certain procedures and steps. I think Malthoue would be great because he is experienced and the changes he'd put in place would professionalise the club. I think Bailey just lacks experience - hense instead of working on the building blocks, our football department spends more time in meetings discussing what they are going to do. The club needs both a defensive coach and a forward coach.
  8. I'd be playing Morton up forward. That is where he wants to play.
  9. 18/55 wins and he is going to be reappointed? Yeah right!
  10. No matter who we have playing, our game plan is not even in the ball park for modern day football. We need leadership within the football department as well as on the field. Having spoken to one former assistant coach, the football department spends more time talking and having meetings than coaching. Its ok, if Bailey wants to be a teaching coach, under 18's might be a more suitable role. We need a coach who develops a team structure, has an idea of where he wants to go and implement it on a weekly basis. It is no point having a team of youngsters if you cannot guide them in the correct direction.
  11. It is hard to justify his role at this club anymore as with a few other support coaches. The MFC need to make a tough call sooner than later.
  12. I am glad I had to go to work... can't handle any of this [censored] anymore. Should be some serious changes to this side. What did Davey do in the last quater?
  13. I'd place Scully (if he stays) and Trengove in our leadership group. Two examples of players who are professionals I wonder if some players who thought they would get the the captains job are sulking. This week probably is the end of Bailey. Very hard to see him winning enough games or getting much out of the team to gain a new contract next year. You can't help but feel that our football department has failed. A coach should be setting standards of improvement for every player each year that they must acheive or be given the toss.
  14. This is true. Would we really improve much after three seasons? We need 10 years before we will see a visible improvment on the field.
  15. The mids job is to win the ball, forwards job is to finish it off. Juice finished it off. At least he lead, how often have we seen a forward that bothers to lead? Maybe Fev has taught the Juice a thing or two.
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