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  1. Smaller ground dimensions will suit us IMO.
  2. Interesting graphic, but Lever gets well looked after in his matchups.
  3. Weideman needs to hold his marks when he gets two hands to the ball and clunk them. And then kick straight. Not only will this be the difference in him becoming a genuine AFL player, but it has the potential to completely transform our side. Until he does this consistently, he will not be in our best 22 players. That's not to say Weideman should not be picked for structural and/or development reasons, because he has certainly shown potential. Weideman won't get a better opportunity than at MFC given how desperately we need a key forward to stand up. He should look at how Casboult is playing for Carlton. I think the shorter games have also meant that the need for a second ruckman is reduced. Also TMac and Tomlinson are both able to play a large percentage of the game. These factors have brought a rethink about how the team needs to be structured.
  4. This may have already been covered, but looking at the fixture, it would appear the AFL is likely to have to shift our game against Freo to Melbourne.
  5. Jones for AVB would be my only change.
  6. What a ridiculous decision by the states. The AFL players and coaches would be one of the most tested populations in the world.
  7. Would be a good time to get the Tigers IMO. They have been ordinary since the restart.
  8. A real positive was Pickett's speed, balance and skill. Every game he has played he has looked better and better. As painful as every loss is given North have our pick this year, we have got a beauty.
  9. Cats finished top of the ladder in the home and away last season and missed the finals only twice since 2003.
  10. It was disappointing to lose, but Geelong are a very good side and I think we are making progress. As poor a spectacle as the game was, it was good to see Goodwin develop a game plan to defend the MCG. The Cats had a lot of ball but had only 14 shots at goal and 12 scoring shots. If we had have executed our defensive skills better, they would have hardly scored. Offensively, we are still lacking potency up forward and that is a combination of our midfield not being skilled enough by foot and not having good forwards. The chemistry will get better as the year goes on. The game is now shocking to watch, but team defence is the only way to win. At least Goodwin has discovered a method to defend. I think we will win the next couple and get our season kick started.
  11. Harmes might tag Dangerfield by the look of our side. Or Smith could go forward. May, Lever, Smith, Hibberd, Salem, Lockhart, Rivers and Harmes is one too many defenders.
  12. I still hope they pick Weideman. TMac as the lone key forward is not a solution IMO.
  13. The Freo game is listed as an away game, which is a good sign, as it means we will probably only get 1-2 more away games interstate. (We may play home games in the NT.) Also we haven’t really had a good record at the MCG under Goodwin.
  14. I hate Essendon as much as any club. But we could easily find ourselves in the same predicament as the Bombers later in the year and we have already had two players suspended for breaking the isolation rules. So I don't think we should be complaining too much. This has a good chance to derail their season and at least we didn't play them before McKenna tested positive.
  15. That's all good and fair, but it looks so far that we have spent a lot of assets (picks and salary cap space) and gone backwards.
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