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  1. Neither Scott or Bolton had three years of guaranteed money.
  2. I think the coaches have been far too slow to adjust to pick up some obvious issues with our game. The defence was far too aggressive early in the year and pressing up the ground too far and it took until the Richmond game for us to hold our structure. The selection of Jones and Lewis on the wings was an easily foreseeable bungle. Jones was excellent at half back against Adelaide last week and then stupidly moved back onto the wing this week. I don't understand the continual selections of Spargo, Garlett and Fritsch. Spargo is not up to it physically and Garlett and Fritsch don't commit to the contest to an AFL level. Gawn was hitting the ball backwards in the ruck far too often early in the year. I don't expect the coaches to get everything right and often Goodwin irons things out eventually, but it should not take so long. We aren't going to get rid of the coach with the new salary cap anytime soon so hopefully he can react a bit quicker when there is such easily identifiable issues going forward.
  3. I would push Jones back to cover Jetta's absence in defence. He is not a wingman and now that he has been pushed out of our centre midfield, he will provide more as a small defender IMO. Stretch to come in as Jetta's replacement. Garlett should come into the side for Spargo. We need to bring in another true key defender to play on Riewoldt and Lynch. Oscar or Petty need to come in (partnering with Frost) for either J Wagner or Hore. (Probably Hore out based on pace.) Lewis is past it and we need to inject some more run. Lockhart should come in for him and play a wing role. Neal-Bullen for Preuss if he is not fit. There are other players out of form like Hibberd and Fritsch but I think we have to let them work through it. C Wagner also lucky, but we are thin for options at Casey. But the biggest change we need to make is to our defence and being less aggressive in pressing the ball carrier. The Tigers are fast and will kill us if we over commit. Up forward the key issue is we need better contests from TMac and Weideman.
  4. At the margin, the rule change will help the weaker teams. Last year we kicked more behinds than the opposition and we were then able to get repeat entries inside our 50. This year it will be easier to take the ball the other way.
  5. We were net +62 for behinds kicked last year (second to Richmond at +75) and first in inside 50s with +309 for the season in 2018. If anything I see the change in the kick-in rule as a negative for us.
  6. Eddie on MMM said the game was on Friday afternoon. It would be good to get confirmation of the start time.
  7. I think we have very few natural wingmen on our list and none that have proven to be A-grade AFL players. Stretch and Baker are really the only two on our list that I can think of. Players like Salem, Vandenberg, Fritsch, KK, Jones and Hunt can all play the wing role, but I think they are better suited to other positions. Smith's kicking is a weakness, but otherwise he has the athletic traits needed for the role IMO (i.e. speed, endurance, size). In this respect he is a bit similar to Vandenberg.
  8. Looking at the sides, about 30 players could make legitimate claims to getting a game in round 1. I would like to see us trial Joel Smith on a wing in the preseason given his mix of speed and endurance. I prefer Fritsch in defence given his intercept marking and distribution. He could be an elite defender. And I would like to see Hunt tried as a forward. He is not as skillful as Spargo or Garlett but I think he could be a better pressure player and stronger overhead. It will be also interesting if Kolodjashnij can get a spot on the wing or in defence.
  9. I don't think we were his club of choice.
  10. That's one way of looking at it. But from my perspective Beams is a gun, finishing top 10 in the last two Brownlows. He is arguably Collingwood's best player now. My rankings would be: 1. Richmond 2. Essendon 3. Collingwood 4. Carlton 5. Hawthorn 6. Fremantle 7. Geelong 8. North Melbourne 9. St Kilda 10. Melbourne 11. Brisbane 12. Sydney 13. Adelaide 14. Port Adelaide 15. West Coast 16. Western Bulldogs 17. GCS 18. GWS
  11. I don't think Plough is that far off the mark. The big winners of the trade period were Richmond, Essendon and Collingwood who all picked up star players for nothing or cheap value. We came out with a C+ despite not winning on any individual trade. The grade I would question most the D+ on Geelong given they picked up Dahlhaus for nothing. I think he penalised them for not getting the Kelly trade done, but I don't think that is really fair.
  12. This is probably plan B. But I think we could do with another alternative on our list.
  13. I understand the knock on Menzel but his offensive side of the game is elite. He ranked 16th in the league for goals per game last year ahead of Tom Lynch (GCS), Walker, Greene, Gray, Curnow, Membrey and Betts. I would be in favour of bringing him onto the list instead of pick 90. What if Weideman or McDonald get injured this year?
  14. I still think we are lacking two good wingers. The way I see it: Jones - Really a natural inside midfielder. Not quick enough and not good enough overhead. Really a natural inside midfielder. Stretch - He plays like a gut running outside midfielder. Not quick enough and not good enough overhead. Coming back from a foot injury. Hunt - Has played mostly at half back and could become a small pressure forward. Endurance and skills are the question marks. Baker - Looks a likely type but unproven. Has good size, pace and endurance. Skills are the question mark. Fritsch - I prefer him off half back given the way he reads the aerial ball. Not sure he has the breakaway speed for the wing. J Smith - Has played mostly off half back. Has the pace required and good overhead. Skills are the question mark. JKH - Similar player to Stretch. Harmes - Probably provides the best combination of skill, pace, endurance and overhead ability but he is also one of our best four inside midfielders. Kolodjashnij - Has mostly played off half back so far. Not sure on the endurance/pace and feel half back is likely to be his best position. Lewis - Too slow. Salem - Not overly quick and better off half back. Hannan - Has a good combination of pace, endurance and size. Not a great kick however.
  15. We could only trade up if the holders of top picks are willing to trade but we have live pick trading this year, so this should be easier. GCS will almost certainly hold picks 2 & 3 and the SA clubs might look to deal given two of the top prospects are from SA. And Carlton may be willing to part with pick 1 to GWS to get Shiel. There are also a number of FS and Acadamy players available, so there will be the ability to package picks to move up or down the draft. In saying this, I think we have recently shown good ability to draft well with lower picks. so I don't think we should be scared of trading Hogan for a combination of lower picks as long as they aggregate points equate to our valuation of Hogan. If anything, a good drafting team is able to produce greater value with lower picks. Freo currently hold #5 (which will move to #6) and nothing else of value this year.
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