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  1. He had 26 set shots and 10 field shots, which shows you are correct. https://www.statsinsider.com.au/afl/shot-charting In terms of a rough comparison to other forwards: Stephenson, Cameron and McDonald-Tipungwuti are around 50% in terms of set shots versus general play. Ablett is 30% and Papley 35%. Green is 40%. Breust, Walters and Castagna are around 55%. So Hunt at 72% is a much higher percentage.
  2. Hunt is still our best bet as a forward pocket IMO. He kicked 21 goals in 18 games last year, which is respectable. Bedford, Pickett Lockhart, Spargo or Corey Wagner would need to step up to take his spot.
  3. I broadly agree with this, but (for balance) … While TMac should have a better year than 2019, he could be past his zenith. The jury is out on Lever IMO, who is very overrated on Demonland. He struggles to defend key forwards and is a poor kick. Lever is obviously very good at reading the play but he is vulnerable if isolated inside 50. Gawn could go backwards, albeit he is coming from the top of the mountain. Melksham is another who could go backwards.
  4. Baker has a 2 year contract. (No idea what he did to earn it.)
  5. Petracca really needs to go to the next level IMO but your analysis is on the money.
  6. I think someone reported that Joel Smith has a bad cut on his foot and is out of action for 2 weeks.
  7. Beating Hawthorn in 2016 should be much higher on the list.
  8. The Northey era was better as we made the finals more consistently but 2000 was our best side. 1990 and 1998 were missed opportunities and we had a chance to pinch those flags.
  9. I am sure team balance has something to do with it. And the arrival of Jackson and the departure of Frost leaves us with one more tall forward and one fewer tall defender. However, I still think Smith will be a much better forward though, as his decision making and skills will be more likely to be exposed in the backline. Even a "good" kick like Fritsch was a liability in defence last year. Then when he went forward, he looked much better. IMO being a forward is easier in modern footy as the options are generally a) go for goal; b) kick long to a tall option; or c) hit up the leading forward. In defence, there is a lot more to think about and turnovers tend to hurt more.
  10. Thanks Saty It sounds like Joel Smith is really fit, but why have they got him training with the backs after he showed something as a forward in the preseason last year?
  11. Thanks Saty. I would say Hunt is also competing for a spot versus the small brigade you mentioned plus Spargo. Personally, I would have Hunt in front of the pack without having a real understanding of Pickett's AFL qualities. I could see Jetta being overtaken by Lockhart, who is quicker but does not kick the ball as well. I don't see them playing in the same backline, so it will be an interesting contest. Jetta will get the nod if he can keep up with his man. I agree that Jordon and Sparrow have little chance of being picked in the midfield and IMO they will need to find another role to get into side. I am a bit surprised they haven't put Sparrow in the Jetta, Lockhart contest. I think Dunkley will be a good footballer. I am not sure he has the tank to play wing though. I understand he was a mid-season draftee, but he was a long way off the fitness required after half time and wing would be the hardest running position in the game today. I like Petty and hopefully he and/or Weid can stand up this year.
  12. How are our second year players tracking? Are any of Sparrow, Jordon or Bedford showing enough to suggest they will become bona fide AFL players? Are Dunkley, Lockhart or C Wagner looking like they might take a step forward? It sounds like none of these guys are likely to figure in Round 1 if everyone is fit. The reports also sound like Petty has been a standout (even though he has been in rehab) but I think he showed more than a few glimpses last year.
  13. Daisy said on SEN last year when they were born that she needs to play 50 AFLW games.
  14. Joel Smith has never had a run at it due to injury, but he has shown that he is one of our most athletic players with great speed, endurance and size. I think he can be a player if he has a bit of luck.
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