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  1. not sure Pert at fullback would have any positive impact..... the new CEO has very little influence on the playing group and rightly so
  2. Stop blaming the umps people - we [censored] the bed. Not hitting targets forward or kicking set shots. Simples - that’s the difference
  3. Set shots hit up a target inside 50 - skills or vision - not sure which is worse a couple of [censored] decisions but hey we shat our own bed here
  4. Cannot believe the posters saying we’re in this....... especially at times when we are in front! WTF tidy up some goal kicking and fwd 50 entries and we are 5 goals up. Not in the bag yet but sheesh we are killing it over there
  5. They’re at least one if not 2 rotations down and if hickey gets back on it’s there 2nd ruckman - we are going to run all over them coming home
  6. have just cracked a single malt in preparation of drunk deep depression or over the top exuberant celebration...... there is no in between!
  7. Serious danger game..... should win comfortably.... either we lose by 10 or win by 💯 not even game to predict which one!
  8. I think I just choked on my cornflakes..... that in a nutshell IS their jobs Chookrat. i think you missed my sarcasm. In the real world - the person in charge of anything medically related is under the direction of the most senior person, that person has the highest insurance cover and is the one who gets sued if anything goes pearshaped. in AFL worlds this has become a very grey area and people are making calls that they aren't necessarily the ones to
  9. I have been wondering for a few years now - why is it that sports/conditiong coaches outrank the Sports Physicians and Physiotherapists at lots of AFL clubs...... who makes the game day decisions about ok or not to play on an injury? the lines have never been so blurred
  10. get ball kick goals plan b - they get ball stop them from kicking goal then revert to plan A
  11. [censored] the maggots love these swans
  12. Given our preseason surgeries and injuries I for one haven’t been expecting early season wins. Hoping but not expecting to be 2 and 1 now. Was thinking our season wasn’t really going to get started until rd 4 so jagging an early win or 2 would have been good. Still expect us to win at least 12 from here
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