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  1. my random incoherent thoughts name Green at 3 if GWS match take young. if not we get a beauty either way. at 8 take Jackson if he's still there if not I like the thought of Pickett scaring sh*t out of defenders. with Bennell and maybe brown and maybe Murray as mature age additions to go with Tomlinson and Langdon - looks not bhed trade season
  2. they would be that way that get 2 top 10 picks as they will match on Greene. stuff them I say - no deal on 3 regardless. bid on Greene and put them out of the rest of draft. take young at 3 and Jackson at 8 and walk away happy
  3. this bloke along with Karim Khan literally wrote the book on sports Medicine! it's called 'sports medicine' and is tge bible for anyone in the industry. he also started the Olympic Park Sports medicine centre. is a God in the sports med world!!!
  4. Wouldn’t it be nice to have options for different scenarios Wiseblood? If Bruce and/or Jenkins come in and they play well enough to justify a spot it doesn’t really matter who they keep out. The who must get better to overtake them
  5. just reading AFL website - GC using PSD against Adelaide in Greenwood deal. if GC are 100% locked in on Greenwood and going to shaft Adelaide. leaves us with PSD2 as a free hit for Langdon. would wait on dealing out 2nd rounder for him. just to [censored] you Bell
  6. I like it i like it a lot
  7. Named on News.com website RIP Spud 🥔
  8. just on demonland now to see what the hell he is on about - must have stunk up the commission interview but no information anywhere
  9. one of my dad's best mates played one game for the Dees back in the 60s. his favourite saying goes - I remember my last game for the dees..... ( a bus trip to the cattery....) - he never tells anyone it was also his first! hahaha Declan could follow along with these wise words
  10. not sure Pert at fullback would have any positive impact..... the new CEO has very little influence on the playing group and rightly so
  11. Stop blaming the umps people - we [censored] the bed. Not hitting targets forward or kicking set shots. Simples - that’s the difference
  12. Set shots hit up a target inside 50 - skills or vision - not sure which is worse a couple of [censored] decisions but hey we shat our own bed here
  13. Cannot believe the posters saying we’re in this....... especially at times when we are in front! WTF tidy up some goal kicking and fwd 50 entries and we are 5 goals up. Not in the bag yet but sheesh we are killing it over there
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