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  1. I’ve heard more an attitude issue than on field. Belief he will do well at Hawks but attitude didn’t fit model and wasn’t good for the young group coming through. not sure what to make of it.
  2. Not really, assumed it was bordering the current ground. Most of my questions were about on field.....why so crap this year. Much pointed to small things adding up....but highlighted we wanted May and Lever ALOT due to defence weaknesses, and they hadn't played at all, and we were weak on the WINGS and had plans for VDB and KK as first choice wingers this season.....that didn't pan out!
  3. I had a chance recently to spend 20mins asking one of our senior exec questions about this year. Including the home base, seems there are 4 live options all around Goschs Paddock. He was very confident.
  4. Had a good chat to Pedo on the long weekend minutes after the Phillip island vs Cora Lynn blockbuster finished in a draw. He was BOG alongside the CL full forward. Played Ruck all day for PI. Lovely guy.
  5. Sat behind the bench, Oliver tried to get back on for last 5mins and couldn’t. Ordinary. I think they wanted Melksham off but couldn’t get him. Got to fix that.
  6. Also had it confirmed. Terrible news. Rest In Peace, such a talent unfulfilled in many ways.
  7. I spoke with one of the MFC coaches on Sunday, Viney certain to play. Might play half vs Geelong VFL, would have played vs Giants if we had lost to WCE. Pretty insightful chatting to a coach must admit, some other insights I really enjoyed hearing.
  8. My understanding is Viney is a long shot to play again this year. Sad but true.
  9. I watched the 1st half today and thought Jeffry played his role. A lot of pressure acts and tackles, some leading to goals plus one classy, classic Jeffry goal himself. wasnt disappointing for me. There is definite things to like about Keilty, Balic, Stretch, Frost at this level. Baker promising. if we need changes next week I’d be happy with Vince.
  10. I'm here also Diamond, what a fabulous game, great stadium, pity bout the second goal. Just watched game 2 at fanzone, wouldn't mind a few Icelandic blokes in the Dees backline, they go hard!!! go Aussies
  11. Absolutely smashed round the clearances. Lucky to be this close
  12. Massive crowd. MCC is full, just walked half the ground to find a seat. Electric atmosphere. carn Demons
  13. Tough call, having seen this one live.....In Viney out Spargo or Weid, depending if we go tall or smaller very little times last night when we had 3 big talls deep, TMac and Hoges both rotated on the ball/wing alot Salem was really good, as was Lewis, they won a lot of important footy one on one as the Suns charged forward, Vince solid, so no changes down back for me. Weid is building ok, a luxury to have him build in the AFL. Spargo will be a beauty, but not impacting enough yet, ANB was much much better than him
  14. Article is well written and a bit close to home so as fans we get defensive. This has the potential to drag on and be a downer on our year, it won't if we win early, set up a finals spot and gofrom there. I had the displeasure of lisetening to a few local footy club friends last week who had a lot of inside word on this one, it was hard to defend given what they shared. I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall when Bellamy and Goodwin talked after it blew up and was cancelled, I head that conversation was one for the ages and defining in Bellamys view of where to next. bellamy is perhaps the greatest coach in australian sport in the past twenty years, if we can learn anything from him we should. Say what you like about the NRL or Storm, they are simply amazing team. Every single year I head to Storm games knowing we will likely win....again. as we head into the Cats game I'm keen to win and move past this as a relevant topic, there is no positives in this coming up again and again.
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