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  1. Always go best available! Im not wowed by his highlights either tbh, sure his ground ball and quick hands are great but he doesnt look to have much acceleration or precise kicking.... Is it possible his Power rankings are high because he is playing in NSW against poor opposition"? Having said that, i remember people commenting on Ollie Wines' ability from highlight packages picking out his lack of pace and penetration in kicking.... Personally i like Young @3 Kemp @8, BIg body powerfull explosive midfeilder...
  2. How can GWS be so sure that we wouldn't bid on Green? This whole time its been Rowell, Anderson and Green as the clear top 3 with even some dispute as to green being the clear best inside mid, and if the comparisons of Crips are real and he is the best inside mid surely we bid! Is there any proper footage from his Under 18 NAB champs?
  3. Fair enough, and so we should. But would in particular stands about him, besides his "athletism". Most of us have no idea obviously, unless they can say they've followed them through out the year and even the previous to gauge development. This is such a bizzare time of year.
  4. I'm not buying it, surely where not actually considering taking a prospective ruckman/forward.... Does not make sense at all.
  5. Agree, his tick leads are forward craft is quite good, its hard being a forward when things arent going well. Theres not many small /mid forwards that dont go missing from time to time. IMO no point having him in the backline purely for his line breaking speed...his kicking under pressure when running at full speed is average at times so id rather not have him delivering out of defence to save us all the head aches....frost is gone, lets have elite users delivering out such a critical part of the field. forward/ mid/ wing for mine
  6. also have to take into account that it's unlikely they will retain all those players.... First to second year players are cheaper...
  7. You could say the same for most of our forwards, Tom Mcdonald has had one good year up forward. But week in week out i cant really depend on anyone.
  8. Also rate, what a negative bunch... one poor year. Same deal with spargo, written off after one year. no idea
  9. So we still get 50% off new and used Jags?
  10. Looking at previous draft Liam Ryan, willie riolli and Daniel Rioli all went outside the first round to late second round.... i dont get why this is always the case with indigenous small forwards,.... if you go back and rate there draft years now theyd almost all be first rounders/top 10s
  11. Used to love a punt, but the abuse and suffering the horses go through purely for our fame and fortune doesnt sit right with me
  12. Frost like kicking, running into a panic sitch. Having said that id take him, hes bassically a ready to go lachie Ash isnt he? Thats 5 Top ten draft selected players to bring in this offseason 😏
  13. Okay, didnt see much VFL footy at all as i was playing footy myself most of the time. Two points to bring up, 1: Going off this kids highlight package id be of the opinion that this kid has all the attributes to become a small forward at AFL level, hes a fearless little beast if you have a spare 6 minutes or so please watch both these clips till the end. Remember he is a small forward its a tough possision to play, and its easy to get lost and caught in no mans land but he has great goal sense and tackle pressure. 2: I guess this shows the a highlights package is just that... a package of a years worth of footy which is why we really cant judge this next batch of kids purely on a small package of highlights....its a long football year
  14. All my Colllingwood mates saying good run and dash, bad ball user..... not sure we need more of this.
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