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  1. Anyone know of a supporter group in Auckland?
  2. I think its an absolute disgrace the way Fev has been treated by the media and VOSS FC (and we know what the FC stands for) At the end of the day, Yes there has been some misbehaviour, but what has he done that most aussie blocks haven't done before How about VFC actually look after an individual that has a significant illness ie depression, alcohol and gambling addictions and support him rather than showing him the front door. How about putting him on a long term injury list and try and support him through this issue They knew what they were getting so they can't [censored] and moan when things don't go their way.
  3. Not a fan of ex players becoming coaches of the same club Nothing against Shane but i believe brisbane and the filth have made big mistakes
  4. Maybe Santa can teach him how to kick.
  5. 4 hand balls in 3.5 Q's of footy. your visy money at work!
  6. I don't think we can be too critical on rookie prospects. Our club would have one of the best conversions rates going. PSD or rookies in recient years LJ wonna flash and I know theres a couple more if I think a bit harder. Not many clubs would have a list like this.
  7. They would be jelous of our colours for a start!
  8. Like I stated earlier this is one of the lowest acts a footballer can do, if Neitz was not embarrased about this its says something about him. 1st round NAB cub for a new club is hardly a 300th not that changes anything!
  9. with any luck BM CJ can both play against us. Sad thing is it wont be aginst the red + blue, we will probably have to go to casey to see it!
  10. I'm sure his 1st VI$Y check would have had him covered.
  11. Hodgey you Legend! Lets not go over the baggy green debate again!
  12. Honestly short of whacking someone from behind theres not much worse somebody can do in my eyes then not shake the hand of a champion when it is offered. I'm sure he didn't learn that lesson at the MFC. Maybe another sign of the "Team and culture" that good old juddy is attempting to build.
  13. I think its a case of if the shoe or in this case if the jumper fits. Maybe his true filthy colour is shining through.
  14. Arrogant, CFC will suit the little mongrel. Refused to shake a champions of the games hand in Kirk before the game. Haven't seen him have a touch yet either! Good riddens, probably why he is not the next MFC captain!
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