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  1. Thanks. I taped the game last night. Will now delete.
  2. Fund trustees for Cbus Super have agreed to the early release of Smith’s benefit on the grounds of “Permanent Incapacity”. The company has accepted independent medical advice declaring that he is incapable of ever returning to the workforce. Basically, the first AFL player assessed in this way but there are others as well who will benefit from this groundbreaking case.
  3. Clayton Oliver Bayley Fritsch Christian Petracca Max Gawn
  4. Brayshaw Petracca Lever T McDonald vandenBerg
  5. Ed Langdon Toby Bedford Kysaiah Pickett Jake Lever Luke Jackson
  6. Didn’t Jimmy Toumpas’ family come from one of them Greek islands?
  7. Wrong. He did not butcher the ball for the previous 2 hours. He is one of the most reliable and accurate kicks in the draft. The only question mark raised by people in the know is whether he can replicate his accuracy under AFL pressure playing with men, not boys.
  8. You could have gone on. Cyril Rioli: 4 premierships Jeff Garlett: 0 premierships
  9. With all the talk of reviving Harley Bennell’s controversial and injury-riddled career after only 2 games in the last four seasons, why not look at Cyril? Turned 30 earlier this year and yesterday, on his comeback at NTFL level, he booted the winning goal for the Tiwi Bombers. Perhaps his Bomber teammate Austin Wonamaerri or Palmerston Magpies opponent Aaron Davey could convince him to make the move back south? Fairytale finish for Cyril's footy comeback in the NT
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