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  1. You wouldn't do it but right now, I suspect that he's invested in Carlton because they sold him a dream and offered him the right amount of dollars for him to buy in. Martin's manager is making all the right noises about the Carlton Dream including claiming that we can't afford him. Well, we could afford Jamie Elliott and if Martin is worth $200kpa more then that could be saved by delisting players we have yet to contract. Trading and drafting is about improving your list by getting the best available players. If Martin can play - and I suggest that he can be good with the right coaching and in the right environment, why aren't we having a crack at selling him the dream and getting him on board?
  2. I like Ash. It would burn me up if we didn't get him.
  3. I would move heaven and earth to get a bloke like him. Last night we had 55 inside 50s to 45. Why did that statistic result in a 53 point defeat when usually it means a 53 point win?
  4. In: Flipper, Melksham Out: Gawn, Smith (inj)
  5. Not that I wish him any harm, but how's Justin Beiber's health these days?
  6. So that the rest of us could better appreciate this thread, no doubt.
  7. Looks like he's been sleeping under bridges with Trapper of late.
  8. Bring back Jimmy Magner and Shane Valenti - that should sort out any issues Champion Data has with our midfield.
  9. Pretty sure that we're well placed to get a handy ruck type because most clubs like getting mids early.
  10. Hi! A lot of issues were raised during the trade period with many of the revolving around the Hawks and their tactics and strategies. Some of these are covered here - Ten burning questions from the Trade Period I like this one, especially the end bit. Did the Saints win the Trade Period? St Kilda made some shrewd moves, picking up Jack Steele and Koby Stevens for a song to bolster a promising midfield, luring key defender Nathan Brown via free agency and seizing an opportunity as an increasingly desperate Hawthorn searched for ways to land Jaeger O'Meara. By giving up pick 10, the Saints received 23 and 36 back from Hawthorn and the Hawks' first-round pick in 2017. That's good business. After cashing in on the Hawthorn "fire sale", West Coast and Melbourne would also be extremely satisfied."
  11. Hi ... been out of town a while. Would this bloke be of any interest?
  12. Can I run that past my legal people before I give you an answer to that question?
  13. If he's small and has no speed, how did he make an AFL list?
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