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  1. Didn’t Jimmy Toumpas’ family come from one of them Greek islands?
  2. Wrong. He did not butcher the ball for the previous 2 hours. He is one of the most reliable and accurate kicks in the draft. The only question mark raised by people in the know is whether he can replicate his accuracy under AFL pressure playing with men, not boys.
  3. You could have gone on. Cyril Rioli: 4 premierships Jeff Garlett: 0 premierships
  4. With all the talk of reviving Harley Bennell’s controversial and injury-riddled career after only 2 games in the last four seasons, why not look at Cyril? Turned 30 earlier this year and yesterday, on his comeback at NTFL level, he booted the winning goal for the Tiwi Bombers. Perhaps his Bomber teammate Austin Wonamaerri or Palmerston Magpies opponent Aaron Davey could convince him to make the move back south? Fairytale finish for Cyril's footy comeback in the NT
  5. Absolutely not! A top ten plus very early teens at least if at all.
  6. Nancy’s pretty rotten at the moment and quiet frankly, I’m not much better. Thanks for asking though.
  7. The only whining you’ll get from me is if we don’t get a fixture commensurate with a bottom six finish which is what we’re supposed to get having placed 17th in 2019. I also would like to see Richmond as the premier getting the toughest draw in 2020 and not a soft one such as they got this year when they finished with a long run of games at the MCG and a seemingly easier fixture than the other sides that were in the top 6.
  8. The Blues had cap space available for Papley which didn’t eventuate so it would appear they have now used it for Newnes.
  9. But Henry is regarded as a mid teen selection. Would Freo do the trade based on speculation that someone would use a much higher pick on him than expected?
  10. GWS would only be taking him before Green if they get the opportunity to do so which means they would have to trade their pick 6 to Melbourne for 3. They had their chance to do this during the trade period when they could have offered a player as part of the deal. This is now highly unlikely and GWS doesn’t appear to have the necessary currency to do this now. If Melbourne nominates Tom Green, I can’t see GWS passing on him for Jackson.
  11. Seems to be out of contention now that we don’t have any picks in the range where he’s likely to be selected.
  12. Is the club looking at any Category B rookies? We currently have Austin Bradtke in the Category B role but can take two more if needed. The rules (in addition to up to 6 Category A rookies) - Each club can include up to three players (now referred to as Category B rookies) on its Rookie List provided the player either: • has not registered in an Australian Football competition for three years immediately before inclusion on the Rookie List; • is an international player, meaning he is not an Australian citizen and has not lived in Australia for a substantial period; • is a former NSW Scholarship player with that club; • is a former International Scholarship player with that club; • is a rookie Zone Selection for clubs based in NSW or Queensland. IRISH ROOKIE PRE-SELECTION Irish players can be signed directly to a club’s Rookie List under the International Player Rule and do not have to go through the draft. Clubs can now list one Irish player as a Category B rookie but for each additional Irish player rookie listed, that player will be deemed to be a Category A rookie and the club will forfeit its last selection in the Rookie Draft for each additional player listed.
  13. The AFL doesn’t do those investigations these days.
  14. True ... but there’s nothing to stop us from nominating him at pick 3 if we don’t trade it.
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