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  1. Thanks. My computer seems stuck on this thread. Time to surface and breath. But I see that poll is on what we want, not what we think will happen.
  2. A few posters claim they are in a downtrodden minority on whether Hogan stays or goes. I'm not so sure D'land is one way or the other - How about a simple poll to enliven what looks like being a slow day?
  3. Luckily I've forgotten what you say will happen. But what saddens me is that anyone would take such pleasure in crowing when they turn out to be correct. If you have inside info then there is no credit in being right. If you haven't, then it is just an opinion in what was pretty much a 2 possibilities situation - will he or won't he. I'm more interested in reading the pro and con arguments.
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but is this the first time Fox have broadcast this? Not that I can imagine what 'this' is - a bunch of reporters talking in hushed tones outside closed doors?
  5. I already apologised - see earlier post. I was inappropriately reacting to you when I should have been reacting to the stream of such opinion/guess=fact posts. But I expect my serotonin levels are low.
  6. Perhaps I was just anticipating this post earlier.
  7. Just another poster expressing his guess as fact.
  8. While I'm doubtful the AFL would think this is a rating event worth boosting, if they did do that, I expect it would be simpler for them to announce an extra x hours for the paperwork. Keeping to their rules is not a feature of the AFL.
  9. No, my remark about ExitTheDragon was a suggestion not planned action on my part. But interesting that you assume my little joke was directed at you and not the general fugazi.
  10. I'm not listening to any more of this.
  11. Club's with ageing players are more in need of improving their lists by trades and drafting than we are. Surely we can expect improvement by way of our younger blokes.
  12. I'll let you know at the end of the 2019 season - or maybe later.
  13. It's sad that some people like putting others into boxes in the hope it somehow gives weight to their own views.
  14. They have played Demonland well. I doubt if they have affected our FD or the majority of supporters who aren't mad enough to follow 366 pages of waffle (mine included).
  15. I'd agree with all that if I wasn't so doubtful about Weid since has yet to prove himself - one game does not a champion make. (And I fear when he does, Eddie will move heaven and earth to get him to C'wood.)
  16. But I shudder to think what will happen on Dland if we don't win that flag.
  17. Sadly I expect he'd put up with the odd porky for $1m year.
  18. That is just being silly. Regardless of whether it is fair or not, you can't say that is proof that MFC has publicly stated something a few days ago.
  19. MFC made no such statement as far as I am aware. Some journo said he'd been told that. Didn't even say who told him.
  20. Very common, even outside footy journalism. I've written quite a few 'articles' for journos to regurgitate.
  21. I know nothing of the journos you mention. But they don't have to be "out to get MFC" to promote our adversary's cause. They just have to be sucking up to someone at the other club. I doubt if many of them have any devotion to truth. They are in a matey culture.
  22. In general I agree with you. However it would be naive to assume that none of them have agendas. Most of them are not real journalists who have a code of ethics. They are ex-player and members of boys clubs. Many of them probably suck up to individuals at clubs and that may influence their 'reporting'. So if one of them has a clear history of bias, I don't think a tin foil hat is needed. Personally I don't follow any of them. I barely recognise their names.
  23. Surely the answer is that he wants to go to WA if he leaves us. That just leaves WCE who don't seem to have anything to offer and Freo who......
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