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  1. I wish you hadn't said 4 to 6.
  2. Just have to score 2.63 times as much as WCE. No worries.
  3. With the game going ahead I wonder whether the news will make the players go harder or play more like a practice match. It seemed to me that the games I've watched on TV (where else!) weren't very tough. Or was I influenced by lack of crowd noise?
  4. So there is no simulation available other than AFL? Which century is that? Not the 21st. I don't recall reading about mass suicides in Europe in 1348, or England in 1665 or anywhere in 1918. And sorry to be brutal, but a few compared to mass deaths by infection?
  5. Actually maybe it's my failing hearing, but I can't understand anything the players say, swearing or not. Umpires are very clear but often the broadcasters turn their volume up and down. Maybe the swearing is deleted by muffling everything?
  6. Agree. It's not even consistent. When I looked earlier today the broadcast info for some matches was different in depending on which page you looked on (both had the revised start times). Very hard to quickly get information. The site doesn't remember your chosen location or that you have turned off betting odds.
  7. How? The Audio doesn't appear to be on any delay and I can't imagine it being done by clever software because of the confused conditions with multiple voices and echos.
  8. Agree. The only useful thing they do is familiarise me with the names of oppo players. I've previously shied away form suggesting it would be better if they shut up and we just heard the umpires mike because I thought there would be too much audble swearing. But after the broadcast of the last couple of games it seems this is not a problem. Listem as I might I didn't hear one word which would fall foul of the Demonland censor.
  9. Now I've really lost it. You forgot the apostrophe in "people's"
  10. yes, but its painful to kick arrows especially if you get the arrow drop right.
  11. That's where I reckon the rule needs changing. Waiting for the play on call is unfair to the tackler. While I admit the one tonight was line ball, I reckon the umps should decide the issue without hiding behind a 'no play on' call if it is clear the player was playing on.
  12. Eddie speaks: https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/coronavirus/2020/03/19/afl-coronavirus-hunt/?utm_source=Adestra&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PM Extra - 20200319
  13. No need to take My FavouriteAlien seriously on this. He just can't let a chance go by to put the boot into China.
  14. Even if you are one of the minority who feel a premiership this year would be devalued, surely you want to win this year to put us in a good position to win in 2021, 2022 etc. Surely.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few balls around the entire boundary like they are ebehind goals these days. The balls kicked into Level 3 can be retrieved after the match.
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