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  1. How very modern to think opionion Trumps facts.
  2. Good to see someone working on their MFCSS in the off-season. Important to keep fit.😀
  3. Plenty of disagreement on Demonland but less personal attacks.
  4. I read about Instagramers posting that they will donate $10 for every like they get, then when they have lots of likes they auction the account to others who re-jig the account, essentially selling a list of people.The wonders of social media.
  5. As many have pointed out, any Doc would have already been onto this. This is just the AFL getting involved in its favourite sport - bum covering.
  6. Or maybe we are pretty low on their priority list. I doubt that most supporters and even members look at the MFC news much during the off-season and certainly wouldn't even know that X has missed training Y times. So they wouldn't be waking up at 3am worrying about it. Only the most rabid of us are on Demonland. I'd be interested to know how many active readers/posters we have compared to total supportr base?
  7. I understand where you are coming from, but no, it could be even more sickening.
  8. All depends on exactly what one means by succcess. If I was a North supporter I'd feel that my club had been reasonably successful in recent times since I agree with Saty's modest defintion of success (competitive against all clubs) and that is a prerequisite for finals success. Obviously North fans, I and I presume Saty are greedy for more. But other factors like finance which might lead to 'unsuccess' are another matter and of less immediate concern to me. I don't chew pencils at the footy or swear at the TV worrying about relegation to Tas. To be provocative, I wonder how many posters whose fervent wish is 'just win a cup before I die' would rank that wish below or above MFC surviving for 20 years after they kicked the bucket...... (/end-sacrilege-head-to-bomb-shelter)
  9. I took comfort from the explanation a lot of what went wrong last year was largely due to lack of preparation etc So how depressing it is that Saty (who usually over-inflates our tyres) is telling us that we were ripe to go last year. I'm losing all hope now. Pass the valium please.
  10. I agree. Just couldn't have happened at a worse time.
  11. I did not say our form was a result of bad luck. Doubtless there were all sorts of real reasons for the bad form etc. I said that it was bad luck that our form was bad just as TV arrived with respect to attracting new supporters. There is a difference. A spate of bad form and decisions in the 1930's would not have had the same effect. I'll stop repeating myself.
  12. I agree with your remark about the effect of lack of exposure. But you have not said why we had a lack of exposure. I presume you'd agree that it was because we played poorly in 1965 and the early TV years. I'm just saying after the 50's and early 60's it was likley we'd have a bad run as it is hard to stay on top forever. And that it was bad luck that an almost inevitable downturn coincided with the advent of TV (which you mentioned as important for exposure). I 'm not putting everything down to bad luck as you imply. We played badly for whatever reasons you care to list. The bad luck was that coincided with TV and so we lost potential new supporters. A run of bad years in earlier decades would have had lesser consequences.
  13. That is not us doing something wrong. That is simply bad luck that in the normal cycle of rise and fall of a club (you can't stay on top forever) we happened to be on the fall during the time TV became important and thus lost new supporters. Why we have been so bad for so long is another matter.
  14. What exactly did we do wrong in 1965 that is relevant to TV? Did our players wear the wrong make-up?
  15. How about being a champion of something uniquely Australian with just a modest fortune.
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