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  1. Damn ... he went to St Kilda? I was wondering what happened to him.
  2. Quite right - and we needed the 4 points at the time too!
  3. Massive contribution by this bozo today -
  4. As a life long Rampage fan, I have to confess that I shed a little tear when the 2019 champions trophy was held aloft. To know that a bloke like Fritta has dedicated hours and hours of his lifeblood and soul to the cause had me swelling with pride, especially after watching him win the rock, paper, scissors in the second home game. I have to admit that I got drunk after the game and only woke up now outside a shopfront in Bourke Street, near someone resembling BBO who was reeking of methylated spirits and snoring his head off. I must say I did feel sad for Nev who fate cruelly decreed would be denied from making the Deadly line up due to injury. The roars of the crowd are still ringing through my ears.
  5. If they had the same conference system back in the day when Mark Neeld was coaching us, we would have been a chance to make the finals.
  6. I guess this definitely rules him out of the AFLX and JLT.
  7. 1. Neville Jetta vs Tom McDonald 3. Clayton Oliver vs 2. Max Gawn
  8. 1. Neville Jetta vs 5. Jake Melksham 6. Tom McDonald vs 4. James Harmes 3. Clayton Oliver vs Jack Viney 2. Max Gawn vs 8. Angus Brayshaw
  9. Jayden Hunt vs 4. James Harmes 3. Clayton Oliver vs Bayley Fritsch 2. Max Gawn vs Michael Hibberd Christian Salem vs 7. Angus Brayshaw
  10. 1. Neville Jetta vs Jordan Lewis Alex Neal-Bullen vs 8. Jake Melksham Charlie Spargo vs Jack Viney 6. Tom McDonald vs Billy Stretch
  11. Oscar McDonald v Alex Neal-Bullen Bayley Fritsch vs Aaron vandenBerg Sam Weideman vs Angus Brayshaw
  12. Port Adelaide : It’s not cocaine. Me: It’s not a woman’s breast.
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