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  1. Wondering if Xxxxx might be related to Xxxx?
  2. Probably still singing the song.
  3. Let’s worry about the changes after we find out who played well for Casey.
  4. I'm sure I saw two Richmond players doing a high 5 after one of their early goals. I think this should be investigated and the players rubbed out.
  5. The problem will be whether the Demons can handle the 83 day break.
  6. The failure to social distance is a worry.
  7. Tom Hanks! Don’t believe it. Didn’t he spend four years isolated on a desert island?
  8. I got the notification and it led me to a post that had the clubs’ names and nothing else. Finding out who’s in the squad is getting tougher than finding out who is on the injury list.
  9. By sheer coincidence I happened to be in the adjoining tree to don’t make me angry and had a perfect vantage point. My highlights:- • Saty came past on his scooter, scribbled down some notes, took some pics with his Brownie and shot through the entrance to the ground heading towards the South East Freeway. Can’t wait for his comprehensive report and photographs tomorrow. • Harley Bennell walked 12 laps of the oval without breaking into a sweat and then had about a dozen shots at goal before disappearing into the change rooms. • Trac is looking ripped and in smashing form. • Stafford got don’t make me angry but he missed me. • the rain came down in buckets but training continued until the ground was totally flooded and four trainers rescued ANB and J Wagner in rubber dinghys.
  10. WOW - it's a good thing we don't have any injuries atm. We must be a chance.
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