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  1. Thanks for that. One of my favourite pastimes is reading about midportion Achilles tendinopathy and this has just made my day.
  2. The Vault!?! Quick, someone alert Chris Connolly!!!
  3. Anyone have a close look at those red hats? Is it possible they have the words “Make America Great Again” on them?
  4. Sounds like we’ve adopted the one d***head at a time rule.
  5. I’m betting that Million Dollar Jack Martin was also a no show today.
  6. Deeman

    Jack Martin

    Is it true that his first name's "Ben"?
  7. Now that changes everything. Thanks for this invaluable information.
  8. Deeman

    Jack Martin

    All expenses paid by the CFC?
  9. Good idea to reunite all the Jones brothers - Nathan, Zac and Jarmaine. Go for it!
  10. The strippers they hired as entertainment for Mad Monday.
  11. Yeah... and his name isn’t Mick Jagger, is it?
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