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  1. Clearly guessing on many of those. Harmes & Melksham definitely Bs. Jones no longer a B-. KK shown nothing. C+ very harsh on Lever. Jack Viney B- at most. Oliver B+ for mine (not quite A)
  2. Does anyone else think it's odd that we've not been linked to / visibly shown interest in Zak Jones? Firstly for obvious reasons, secondly because he has genuine pace (unlike big bro) and plays somewhat unsociably...
  3. Opportunistic. Dusty's signature probably isn't worth $25 if not plastered to premiership memorabilia and certainly wouldn't sell as many volumes if just a regular poster / jumper. Demand dictates price. As for salary cap, another grey area for sure, but...if it were a Dees premiership no doubt there would be a similar play with Gawny (just not as voluminous).
  4. Losing Frost doesn't overly concern me Losing Frost's leg speed from a team that seems to have absolutely none, worries me greatly
  5. I am ok with it but I'd be stunned if Goody undid that statement
  6. Clarrie is very good, but not A grade. Doesn't hit the scoreboard near enough and this year very few of his possessions lead to a scoring chain (could be said of everyone I know). Not in the class of Martin, Sidebottom, Danger, Fyfe, Neale, Cripps, Bont, etc. They are genuine A graders. Not yet at least.
  7. Good post DS. You've missed Hore who deserves a spot on the HBF and probably Hibberd (maybe depth). Salem is not a defender for mine. They need to find another spot for him or is lack of accountability / capability to defender in the air and on the run will sink him and us. Agree Lockhart will find a spot and am hopeful for Baker (but not confident). Doubtful on Chandler but hope to be wrong, ditto Dunkley. Joel Smith, if he remains and get's fit has some real X factor and can add pace and courage at both ends. Also, I'm hopeful that Sparrow and Jordon show enough to be at least semi-regulars too. Footy department would be confident of this I'm sure. The value of that confidence is to be proven.
  8. Burgess will be the making or breaking of several players next year. They will either meet his expectations and be much better footballers for it or not be able to cut the mustard. We will see the really committed, driven, personally motivated players rise to the top. If Trac is up for it he'll be a top 10 in the league player
  9. Richo and Pert go way back, so while a decent appointment not necessarily Mahoney's doing...
  10. 1.2 goals per game as a small forward is hardly terrible. Worth a look.
  11. Agree on this as well. If Trac can lift his endurance he'll be a weapon in the middle. Nearly impossible to tackle, upper body strength to get his arms free and kicks like a mule.
  12. Agree. Viney's focus should be shutdown. Did a good job on Cunnington in the last round and there are other examples. He doesn't have tricks, period. Forward or mid he's not overly creative, quick or accurate with his disposal. What he is good at though is nudging, niggling and crunching tackles. Lost a yard of pace and a little strength this year though, hopefully that comes back. I prefer Jones on a HFF if desperate. At least he's a chance to kick a goal when in and around the 50
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