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  1. Is having two giraffe's and a turtle in your forward line tanking though?
  2. Another mid-sized forward, yep, just what we need!!
  3. But who is going to have Pick 1/2 in 2012?
  4. I'd like to commend the AFL on their fixturing this year. Giving Melbourne a bye, then an interstate 'home' game at the height of the ski season is most welcome. We can head to Buller for 2-3 weeks and catch our 'home' game on tv from our chalets.
  5. In that case, I think I will make my first appearance at Casey for 2011. See you there Fan and Redleg.
  6. His word may have been unreasonable, but what was Ricky referring to? Maybe he disagreed with who was kicked off MasterChef that night?
  7. I understand what you are saying Jack, but I disagree. If the AFL have set rules around when you can and can't appeal and that restricts the MFC from appealing in this case, I would have thought we could take the case to The Court of Arbitration for Sport on the basis that Jack did not receive a fair hearing.
  8. Couldn't agree more Redleg. The tribunal chairman instructed the jury to take into account the conduct, not the consequence. I don't see how they did that when they came to this verdict. That is grounds to appeal, as is the 4 minute deliberation. I don't see how he got a fair hearing.
  9. It isn't required, if it isn't negligent, it's accidental, therefore no case to answer.
  10. If I remember correctly, Dangerfield was hit heavily in a marking contest prior to the Trengove tackle. Isn't it possible he was already suffering some form of concussion from that, yet came back on the ground?
  11. Given she had a boy, down, as there won't be an opportunity to make use of the mother\daughter rule in 18 years time.
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