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  1. Only problem stranga is that we're not talking 12 months, we're talking another 36. Our best bet is to sign up a 'coaching director' to unofficially take the coaching reins. Just have Goodwin as a puppet.
  2. Whilst i don't think it wise to move him on (yet), it concerns me that he doesn't seem to have the desire to tear games apart and impose himself on the contest.
  3. Seeing how Oscar has turned out, wouldn't it just highlight that RS nominations mean stuff all.
  4. Love that you're now referring to yourself in the 3rd person ET!
  5. Our board got over zealous. Finals must be the aim every year, as a base camp. Not the friggin summit.
  6. Can we have him in the forward line as well!
  7. You never know, there may just be a position opening up ET.
  8. Jones won't help with our delivery into the forward line
  9. i was very careful not to use the dreaded 'P' word wwsw!
  10. Didn't the Tiges at the end of 2016 conduct their own review. That worked out well for them!
  11. As crazy at it might sound, i'd actually do that. Then try and bring in King with our first rounder. Brayshaw & Pick 3 out = Langdon, King & pick 7 in
  12. We shouldn't and we aren't, but they simply don't give a damn. The AFL puts even FIFA into the shade when it comes to corruption.
  13. Please, we just need to get Noah to tell GC that he'll be coming straight back to Vic once his 2 years is done.
  14. Has gone MIA this year. Not one who you could count on to turn the ship around when it goes pear shaped.
  15. I'd be happy to give up our first rounder (even if it is Anderson) for him. He's a kid who is displaying unbelievable potential. We shouldn't kid ourselves, Hogan out was a massive blow. King in would go a long way to alleviating that (even if he takes a few more years to really get going).
  16. That and they are riding a huge wave of momentum and emotion. We had it late last year, but when the whips are cracking, i'd be interested to see how they go come September. They are very young (not a bad thing), and i feel that given their immaturity, many will be mentally exhausted prior to the big stuff as a result of overthinking it before it actually happens.
  17. Yep. For all the good they did, they both left too soon. Even they would've known that 3/4 years is not nearly enough to properly impact cultural change. Both needed to stay for at least twice as long.
  18. Richmond went and got Neil Balme. We've got Josh Mahoney. I'm still a fan of JM..............but who are we kidding, he's no NB.
  19. Yes they were good times indeed. It has been a pathetic and woeful year, but those 2 finals were fantastic to attend (still get goosebumps thinking about them). Should we eventually win another bloody flag, my hunger will be well satiated and my appetite might then wane. But until then, i remain as hungry, deluded and committed to this wretched club as ever. It's abusive, it's not fair and it's causing irreparable harm that will one day require pharmacological and psychological assistance. I just can't help it. I really do loathe this club at times, but i will always love it more. I'm too far in to back out now. When all others leave......we remain!
  20. Would it be wrong to say that Neeld was bordering on psychopath with his lack of empathy or remorse with the playing group. Way too egotistical and simply had NFI. Bailey was a little stubborn, but was way too soft with the players' imo. They were all 18+ yet it seems like he was trying to protect a bunch of juveniles (though that'd be pretty accurate for most). I also felt like he was accepting of mediocre performances and he couldn't get much consistency out of the group. Goodwin................He seemed to have the players on board and be very attentive to their feelings without babying them. However, i think the players have become very frustrated with his game style and lack of other options. Goodwin himself is either very stubborn to change a once successful but now broken system, or he is just too slow to recognise that it needed a change. His lack of foresight and ideas is extremely concerning. Bailey to me is like a driver that was too careful behind the wheel. Neeld a complete road-rage maniac who should never have been given a licence in the first place. And Goodwin is like a geriatric where you're watching and thinking "what on earth are you doing" - could cause some serious damage if not forced off the road.
  21. If Brown was to come to us, i'd be gravely concerned with his level of intelligence.
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