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  1. What i notice a fair bit with Brown is that when he doesn't mark the ball, he at least brings it to ground
  2. Happy to have you here Harley, hopefully for both our sake's it goes well (we both deserve some luck our way!!!)
  3. We should get a tax deduction with said charitable donation. Otherwise, where's the incentive to continually invest in a failing stock?
  4. Generally speaking, when you have the best player in the league..................it helps.
  5. Would you expect anything less from writers including Jon Ralph?
  6. I don't know, maybe lesser the burden. But if that's the case, are said co-captains truly ready for the captaincy?
  7. I've never seen a player dominate 2 quarters like Trapper did in the 2nd & 3rd against the Crows in the 2002 SF, that comes pretty close for me BD.
  8. Other great Wiz moments for me also include his run down Waverley Park for that great goal, launching of Lyon's shoulders against the Tiges r22 1998, and his 7 goals against the Roos in the PF (when we knew we were on our way for the entire second half).
  9. Was simply amazing. Dragged by the Reverend before being unleashed in the second half
  10. Knightmare is a noted filth supporter, so no surprise he rated them an A. Biased much?
  11. What is the knock on Elijah Taylor? Jackson and Rivers are teammates at WA colts level. Shrewd recruiting to bring em both over as mates (assuming they like each other)
  12. "Medium defender who provided consistent rebounds for Western Australia in the 2019 NAB AFLUnder-18 Championships. With speed and long kicking his key skills, he averaged 21.8 disposals at 77 per cent efficiency and five marks. Named in the 2019 NAB All-Australian Under-18 team, he consistently worked hard to outnumber the opposition and provide a handball receive option for his team to penetrate inside 50. He starred at East Fremantle averaging 26.8 disposals, 4.8 tackles and 4.1 clearances in nine matches."
  13. Bianco sliding further than a body oil massage
  14. Beat me to it GLG. 188cm 85kgs, good kick and rebounder
  15. Trent Rivers perhaps? Teammate of Jackson.
  16. "I'd be taking Luke Jackson every day. And I'd be taking him at pick No.2, too" vs "Hayden Young by the length of the Flemington straight " Even amongst recruiting circles it's a bit of an unknown.
  17. Don't know and who cares. Great to see a former skipper presenting the guernseys. Now all we need is for Neita to lace up the boots again and we'll be flying!
  18. First stop after arriving in to the MFC needs to be a barber! What a mop of hair 😄
  19. Reckon he'll be in the next 10 picked, wouldn't mind bringing him in but think he'll be off the board by our next pick.
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