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  1. It's disgusting Petraccattack. No other way to describe. The entire football club needs to held to account. Need to undertake an independent review of the entire club. Gone back 6 years in the space of 6 months.
  2. Sorry Olisik, but i think most need to be shown the door. Forward line very ineffective, team wide defense is absent and our mids refuse to run both ways. Bring in new coaches with fresh ideas and Goodwin needs to change his coaching style............to something reminiscent of being half decent
  3. coasting, as is the rest of the club. All thought it would just happen for us.
  4. We have gone back 5 years in the space of 6 months. Player's have gone backwards and so have the coaches. Heads have to roll, players' need a rocket (but not from the coaching department, as they seem to have no clue), coaching group needs fresh blood and new ideas, Goodwin needs to be held accountable, and the board needs a massive wrap over their knuckles for re-signing Goodwin way too early in the season. Simply unacceptable.
  5. Yep this club has been all talk and no walk for an eternity. Just shut up and do your jobs you overpaid hacks.
  6. Have to agree. Weid shows bugger all hunger or desperation for the contest. Agree that trade is a realistic option at years end.
  7. Agree Forest, it appears we went way too early on giving Goodwin an extension
  8. Not only will I quote you Wise, i’ll Blame you if we don’t get up.
  9. Don’t forget, they have the trading genius in Bell. Will demand at least 3 first rounders for him, just wait
  10. Knowing them though Moon, we’ll be the first one’s they say no to.
  11. Freo imo need to rebuild. We need to ourselves bring in young talent in this years draft, so no 1st round trade this year, but i'd entertain next years first round & this years second round pick for him.
  12. Interesting......................https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-04-18/speedy-docker-puts-contract-talks-on-hold-to-focus-on-footy
  13. I'll think you'll find that the major % of communication is non-verbal
  14. Actions speak louder than words. Put up and shut up
  15. Totally agree DZ. If he has a good year and shows development, he'll get his just desserts. If not, then he won't be worthy of even close to half a mil. Either way, Weid isn't worth 650k, good year or bad.
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