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  1. This team can stay up in NSW for the rest of the year for all i care. Playing group is a joke, footy department is incompetent, and if our board allow this to go on for much longer then they are asleep at the wheel. Fun times at MFC.
  2. Agree MFM. He's got huge tickets on himself and is just about our laziest player. He could be a much better footballer, but he chooses not to be.
  3. Good. I hope they really turn up the heat on him and the board.
  4. The coach doesn't had a [censored] clue and the player's are devoid of confidence and skill are dumb and not to mention soft. Get rid of the entire coaching group they are useless.
  5. That's an easy fix. Just cork his left leg. That will nullify his influence. Bloke wouldn't know his right foot from his @$$h0!e
  6. I'd love to try Smith up forward, as his tendency to unnecessarily jump at anything has at times hurt us defensively, yet up forward it would at least give us some flair with all the high bombs coming in. Just get Kossie to crumb to him and keep McDonald deep. It's sooooo simple, yet Goodwin insists on the 1+1= window formula.
  7. Any chance these boys feel like having a second run today?
  8. only problem is that there hasn't been much by way of rain today, nor does there look to be much coming in the next hour or so (going by the radar)
  9. Can we swap our scratch match team for the first 18? They seem to know how to kick a few more goals
  10. could not agree more @Dr. Gonzo. It's not as if he will do any worse than our current KPF's. Keep him in for the rest of the season.
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