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  1. I fear the outcome is not going to be good for poor Hibbo. Through all the cr@p of a suspended season, he’s now very likely going to have to deal with the loss of his brother.
  2. remember this game well, particularly when Junior quickly kicked the ball out of the centre to the bronx cheers (i was a part of them). Half time came and Dad wondered if we should go, to which i replied that i had nothing better to do on a Sunday arvo. Bloody glad we stayed lol. The most uneventful game i've attended has to be the Sunday twilight game at the G against the Crows, where it was so cold it felt like being at Waverley and the game so boring you had no chance of warming up. That was truly a waste of an afternoon at the footy.
  3. Very true Gonzo. The AFL finding new indirect ways of shafting us. They should foot the entire bill for our new training ground (if we are ever able to find one)!!!
  4. If the AFL is back up and running before QB, i reckon we should still host ANZAC eve next year , that way we are able to have one big game each year (as it should have been in the first place). If the competition hasn't kicked in by QB, then we should host both games next year, followed by hosting one of the 2 games each year.
  5. I have both an MFC & AFL club support membership. In place of a refund, i would rather see the entire cost of my AFL club support membership (approx $600) go to the club, instead of the usual percentage they would normally receive.
  6. So Breust has a rating of 92 points whilst Josh Kelly & Whitfield have ratings of 91 and 90 respectively 😄
  7. Clearly they based their team ratings on Champion Data figures, lol. Equal 2nd with a greater team rating than Richmond 🤪
  8. @Timothy Reddan-A'Blew Liptrap? Great place for a surf
  9. Some on here might not be too thrilled with this decision, but i for one am very happy we have decided to stick with Casey.
  10. they should stream matches where both teams win, that way all supporters get to cheer on their winning team. Why would you watch a game where you already know you will lose?
  11. Give it to Clarry. Maybe then he will start actually giving a damn.
  12. A coach that has at least some level of coaching nous
  13. 1 goal bin. But agreed, i thought OMAC was more than decent today.
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