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  1. How can the players implement a game plan when the coach doesn't even have one?
  2. Exactly Oli. He knows how to rove a pack and be at the fall of the ball. That automatically puts him ahead of Spargo playing as that crumbing forward.
  3. Stating the bleeding obvious, and it’s been said for ages, but god we need a complete overhaul of our defensive coaches and tactics.
  4. I see Tex did what Tex does best....................... a whole lot of nothing!
  5. The board in charge of running the AFL is the most inept in footy's entire existence. I would be ashamed to have these nitwits running the MFC (let alone being responsible for running the game). They truly rival Trump in idiocy. But hey, so long as they are in the news.
  6. I reckon the whole club is still somewhat in denial about our PF last year (Goody in particular).
  7. If you were the recruiting manager with pick #1 in the draft, would you pick Rowell or Anderson first?
  8. If they were consistent, then they should be paying 50 frees against each ruckman in every game. The fact Gawn got penalised twice and no more, or none against the Dogs shows that the umps pick and choose when to enforce certain rules (or make [censored] up on the fly). Funny how it happened when we were winning or had the ascendency too. It further re-I forced my belief that outcomes of games are now being pre-determined.
  9. Still extremely raw, but there were some promising signs of Petty playing forward
  10. Just wait for the UA to come out and give it their tick of approval. Umpires these days are looking to pay frees against, as opposed to frees for.
  11. Umps didn’t cost us the game, our woeful inaccuracy did.
  12. Under countless chocolate bar wrappers by the looks of it 😋
  13. No wonder Gil loves it. Heads full of concrete, as for the corruption.....................
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