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  1. The only team that would be responsible for ending our season so early would be ourselves.
  2. It's where it will get the most exposure ($$$ from corporate sponsors)
  3. If Gosch's were to be our preferred option, we'd simply have to have our presence on the Punt Rd/Swan St corner.
  4. Sorry WJ, but if Oliver only manages 24 disposals, we are rooted.
  5. I’d say the most likely area to house the building would be in the triangular space between the freeway, gosch’s and Punt Road (not big enough)
  6. I love Ding's mock up Gosch's Paddock ideas. Storm and Victory have a perfectly good purpose built stadium to train in. If we move out of AAMI Park, then they benefit by gaining more internal space. We should benefit from more external space.
  7. Snr, purely for the fact that he didn't sook anywhere as much or as bad as Jnr.
  8. Never thought i'd see us crack 50,000 members. Like previously mentioned, not too sure i'd trust all 50,000 to be worthwhile memberships for the club (i don't think 3-game memberships should be part of the tally). Nonetheless, a fantastic effort by all those who have signed on this year, particularly those who continue to sign on year after year. We're an insane lot............ doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, but those of us who have stuck by the club are the most loyal fans in the entire comp. And it's about time we have something to show for it!
  9. Farcical really. Call me a grinch, but that level of joy inside the coaches box and on the field is nauseating. No way did we deserve to win that. Hope this doesn’t keep the scrutiny off our backs.
  10. Our lucky charm. Must keep him in, makes as much sense as what they’re doing out there as is
  11. The way I see it, they owe us for giving them a soft training run in the PF, keeping them fresh enough to overrun the filth in the Granny
  12. Last year’s PF may just well flatter next weeks performance😮
  13. Scared what wce will do to us next week. To think it might be worse than last years PF
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