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  1. Pretty good Nelo, the closest i'd get to 3km would be around 15 minutes (and that's when i was relatively fit, lol)
  2. This is where we have to put our faith in JT. I'd much rather the choice be in his hands than BP.
  3. I recall it being said that we were throwing a members forum to explain what went so wrong this year. And so they should.
  4. Agree mania, but i think a fair % of the blame lies with the club also.
  5. Agree that a question needs to be raised at the members forum about this.
  6. From what i recall, Viney was a pretty big Hawks fan too, prior to being drafted by the Dees.
  7. didn't we say the same thing to Rory Sloane. Ah well,that's the way BP and CC operated i guess
  8. Geelong can eye our picks right up to the moment we call our player's come draft night. That's as close as i'd let them get.
  9. Agree, it sounds more like a scenario where we take Jackson @ 3 and Ash @ 8.
  10. If Kemp is gone and Serong and Weightman are both available at 8, it becomes an absolute no brainer. Young & Kemp or Young & Serong would be just reward for us supporters after such a [censored] year.
  11. Nothing. But it won't happen. Dare i say it, i reckon the AFL would've ticked off Harley and us already associating with one another, just not in the public eye.
  12. Another saviour hasn't shown his face now for over 2000 years, 12 months is nothing SL 😁
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