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  1. Josh Bruce. Whilst he's getting the locks cut, he may as well book in for some mentoplasty as well.
  2. Agree @george_on_the_outer, cup aside (couldn't give a stuff about the Brownlow), would love to see a proposed new base come to fruition. A disgrace that even in this day and age, we still don't have a purpose built facility.
  3. The skies haven't been too smoky recently. I found the Sunday & Monday last week to be way worse than the these past few days, where the air stank of smoke.
  4. The bloke is way too tentative in just about all aspects of his professional life it seems. Unable to fully commit to the Eagles, extremely timid throughout the entirety of the whole king hit fiasco, and seemingly ambivalent with his disposals. Even with his good kicking skills, he is a player you don't tend to notice that much in games (rightly or wrongly - bar that brain fade). He makes Garland look like the most outgoing footballer there ever was.
  5. If he was really invested in us, would he not be buying hope as opposed to selling it? Tongue in Cheek
  6. If I recall correctly, Troy pushed Trisha to safety before subsequently being swept away. Last act on earth was to save the life of another, at the expense of his own. Hero.
  7. Needs to know how to cope it, but then be confident enough to give it out as well. He's gonna be a big lad, better to learn to throw the weight around sooner rather than later
  8. I’ve seen him out and about several times myself rjay. Arrogant/narcissistic doesn’t even come close
  9. Dimwit Sheedy has complete disdain for anything MFC related. If Robbie had of played for the scum, Sheedy would be dubbing him the GOAT. Loathe him with an absolute passion. Hate is a very powerful word, but i really do dislike him. The biggest self-entitled FIGJAM there ever was.
  10. When it comes to getting my MFC gear, i will always go through the Demon shop.
  11. running through the midfield as a sweeper, or as a rebounding HBF?
  12. What i notice a fair bit with Brown is that when he doesn't mark the ball, he at least brings it to ground
  13. Happy to have you here Harley, hopefully for both our sake's it goes well (we both deserve some luck our way!!!)
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