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  1. Its makes the grass slick and makes for more fluent passing, with the ball pinging along the ground with less friction. Usually teams with a mentality to play passing soccer along the ground and not long balls to a big striker will water the surface a little bit leading up to a game or training.
  2. Not sure why you continue to peddle misinformation. Ollie Lord, notwithstanding he spends most of his time playing in the attacking half of the ground and is a similar height, plays and physically looks nothing like Tom Hawkins, he is a tall, rangy, running key forward/second ruck in the mould of Eric Hipwood and not the predominantly one on one player Hawkins is and was at junior level
  3. Yeah, Ollie Lord is a developing key forward. Tremendous, prototypical key forward size and mobility but very raw. Will Phillips is one of the more decorated under age mids in next years draft.
  4. Any chance you could post your earlier quotes re O’Neill.
  5. Yep, to clarify he just returned to the club as per the video, not sure about training on ground.
  6. Nietschke was very exposed in the SA system.
  7. I wouldnt bet my art deco flat on it happening but Jordon has a chance to be a star. He has two very rate attributes that appeared, albeit fleetingly this season that very few players have. The spearing 45m kick and the ability to make the game stand still in traffic. I have question marks on his pace and question marks on his aerial competitiveness, but theres a chance this guy could become a very very good inside mid. Sparrow stylistically reminds me of a young Todd Viney - He moves the same, has a similar build and the kicking biomechanics are eerily similar. Hopefully next season we get more of a chance to see if he can be anywhere near as good a player.
  8. Agree with that pretty much. He looked excellent game one. He was a very good forward in juniors so thats where that came from but didnt translate to AFL. Fantastic exponent of the hip and shoulder though!
  9. What was undisciplined about it, he spoiled the ball cleanly and was not even necessarily a mark let alone a 50. Horrible decision to give 50.
  10. I am one of ANB harshest critics but the kick was from 50 and was a reasonable effort which just missed. Melksham puts his hands up saying he should have passed to him but he wasn't free enough for that option.
  11. 6. Max Gawn 5. Jack Viney 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Bayley Fritsch 2. Christian Petracca 1. James Harmes
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