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  1. Jack viney played finals series last year at 65% fwiw
  2. Agree biggest time waster on Demonland. Does not have a clue!
  3. As one of Alex Neal-Bullen's major detractors, it seems unfair not to acknowlege that he played a good, pretty much error-free game and was a valuable contributer. Not in the best half dozen players but not far away.
  4. He had been useless playing effectively as a tall defender. Last night he was pretty good playing basically as a small, rebounding defender.
  5. 6. Max Gawn 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Christian Petracca 3. Jayden Hunt 2. Nathan Jones 1. Bayley Fritsch
  6. Last year Gawn's hit out to advantage rate was 35-36%, this year it is currently at 32.5%. He is winning only 50% of ruck contests though this year which I'm certain is well down on last year, so he is slightly less effective at winning hit outs this year and doing slightly less with them.
  7. It doesn't automatically follow that points from stoppages is indicative of laziness on behalf of our midfield core. We are still the number one clearance team in the competition but have dropped from 2nd to 17th in contested marking and from 1st to 11th in inside 50 marks. Scores from stoppages against could just as much an indicator of opposition efficient ball use as it is a black mark against the work ethic of the midfielders. Of course that could be an ingredient.
  8. Yes but you are not correctly valuing either of the two trades and your way of viewing them is hyperbolic. The Lever trade is nowhere near a trade of Lever for a top 10 and a top 5 pick. The pure picks traded was Lever, picks 35 and 47 for picks 12 and 19. What actually happened is most easily represented in two parts. 2017 draft we got Lever and Petty for Darcy Fogarty (FWIW I think we would have drafted Zac Bailey or Matthew Ling) and 2018 we forego the rights to pick 19(most likely would have taken Liam Stocker who was taken with that pick) in exchange for the ownership of pick 47 which we on traded to St Kilda to move up the draft. If we had done the trade of pick 19 with Carlton wed be needing to swap picks with them at this year's draft.
  9. 6. Angus Brayshaw 5. Max Gawn 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Bayley Fritsch 2. James Harmes 1. Jayden Hunt
  10. It also allows him to play significant game time in the ruck at that level. Would suggest he will play mainly for the Stingrays whilst Preuss is at Casey and back up Wale - Buxton if and when Preuss plays in the seniors.
  11. Bradtke is playing for the Dandenong Stingrays this weekend.
  12. Ben Ainsworth or Tom Papley would be decent targets to trade for.
  13. Comfortably my most disliked player in over 30 years of supporting the club with his unnecessary look away handballs and tackling people in congestion that are going to be tackled anyway. The worst part of him is that he refuses to put his head in the hole or to bodyline the ball or the players he is tackling. He misses and doesn't stick so many tackles that would actually mean anything because of this and he never safely wins disputed ball. An absolutely horrific player who looks half decent when we are dominating but who is a conman of the highest order.
  14. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Angus Brayshaw 4. Max Gawn 3. Jack Viney 2. James Harmes 1. Christian Salem
  15. Wouldn't count out him playing down back as well. Cats have Dahlhaus, Myers, Ablett, Atkins and Parfitt all rolling through their forward fifty and they were playing a lot of 2 tall four small last week with Gary Rohan and Danger mixed in. Lockhart may come in to do a job down back, maybe try and go with Atkins, Myers and Dahlhaus if Jetta and Hibberd are occupied with Ablett and Danger. Could be In: May, Lockhart Out: Frost Hore if they decide KK needs another week. Could also play as forward to of course.
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