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  1. How dare you DazzleDavey - ANB leads the league in irrelevant tackles and forlorn chases and is doing a nice job shutting down Ryan Clarke.
  2. I would be absolutely amazed if Preuss isnt a late in and plays as the fulcrum of a one tall - five small forward swapping with Maxy.and that one of mid forwards is a late out
  3. It was very easy. But i stand by my view that notwithstanding the fact he loves the jumper and runs his [censored] off, he is not a good footballer
  4. I watched the game and he was ok and did a couple of good things and a couple of bad things but as a pressure forward he didnt kick a goal and laid two tackles and had no real impact on a game we lost. He earned a game next week on that effort but it was hardly an awe inspiring performance.
  5. Happy to say it was a pleasingly unremarkable 8 kick, 8 handball, 2 tackle-game from ANB - probably our 15th best on the day
  6. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Bayley Fritsch 4. James Harmes 3. Angus Brayshaw 2. Christian Salem 1. Jordan Lewis
  7. One of the two free kicks for this was. Jeff Dalgliesh was the umpire on both occasions.
  8. 6. Jack Viney 5. Max Gawn 4. Steven May 3. Christian Salem 2. Christian Petracca 1. Harry Petty
  9. You are referring to Sam Stynes. He was a top ager last year so overlooked by clubs. Played for Xavier College with the odd game for the Sandringham Dragons.
  10. 6. Tom McDonald 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Christian Petracca 3. Nathan Jones 2. James Harmes 1. Sam Frost
  11. I find criticism of Jason Taylor to be absolutely maniacal. For a start, recruiting managers essentially leave a legacy that lasts possibly a decade or longer after they have left a club so to fashion a concrete assessment of a recruiter at a given time is wide open to be exposed as wrong at a later date. As an example, Barry Prendergast is widely regarded as having been a bad recruiter for the club and there is a lot of evidence to suggest that is a fair enough assessment but his legacy has improved in recent times with Max Gawn's ascension to stardom, with Neville Jetta's all-Australian 40 man squad status, Tom McDonald's career, Jeremy Howe being a quality player, the handy performances of Cam Pedersen who we got in return for Jordon Gysberts et cetera et cetera. Fair enough to say he was a poor recruiting manager, but there is some good work there and his recruiting legacy has improved with the passing of time. In reality it is far too early to really to make a concrete assessment of Jason Taylor's work. For god sake his oldest drafted player I think is 23 years old. Looking at the picks he has made certainly doesn't speak too a bad recruiter, leaving aside the fact that it is too early to say. 2013 - 9. Christian Salem: Good player and good pick whose had a better career than the four players picked immediately ahead of him. 40. Jay Kennedy-Harris: Never found continuity at senior level but a handy player when fit and firing. Just an average pick. 57. Jayden Hunt: In best 22 and adds X-factor and speed. A good pick at no.57 82. Mitch Clisby: Rookie promotion who didn't amount to anything but more part of Todd Viney's recruiting legacy. (Rookie Draft) 2. James Harmes - starting midfielder and has become a good player - excellent pick. 19. Max King - had talent but didnt make it. 35. Alex Georgiou - mature player who played some decent games but didnt make it. 50. Neville Jetta - has become one of the best back pockets in the comp since being redrafted but more part of Prendergast's legacy. 2014 - 2. Christian Petracca - enigmatic and talented performer whose had an ACL tear and not yet reached predicted heights. Leaving aside father son or academy picks (Moore and Heeney) none of the next 20 picks, barring Jordan De Goey have had as much impact. 3. Angus Brayshaw - having a down year but has a third place in a Brownlow Medal - same as above, 40. Alex Neal-Bullen - I don't rate him but has been a good servant and certainly an OK pick at 40. 42. Billy Stretch - similar to Neal-Bullen. But had a very positive impact on Clayton Oliver which shouldnt be discarded. 53. Oscar McDonald - at a low ebb of his career at the moment but has played some decent footy in defence and again at 53 certainly not a bad pick that has played over 70 games. (Rookie Draft) 2. Aaron VandenBerg - pretty good player decimated by injuries - good pick. 20. Mitch White - played AFL football and has been a good servant at Casey. 2015. 4. Clayton Oliver - outstanding pick, outstanding player - likely to be an all-time great of the club. 9. Sam Weideman - maligned key forward but has played a terrific game in a final and is still developing - jury out. 42. Mitch King - riddled with injury and wasn't good enough. Missed Pick 46. Liam Hulett - didnt have the athleticism for AFL football - botched pick. (Rookie Draft) 6. Josh Wagner - played 38 games and has been a useful half back. Just an average player but can't really fault the pick as a rookie draft selection. 24. Vic Michie - redrafted player 41. Joel Smith - I think he is an exciting talent who hasn't had a fair run at it due to injury. Think there is a breakout season in him coming up if he stays at Melbourne. 2016. 46. Mitch Hannan - been a useful mature age recruit with still some upside and X-Factor - OK pick. 67. Dion Johnstone - converted into a back pocket but didn't make it - missed pick. (Rookie Draft) 8. Lochie Filipovic - didnt make it - missed 24. Tim Smith - been a handy depth player when injury free - OK pick 41. Declan Keilty - good player at Casey but probably not going to make it - managed some senior games which is a decent result for this kind of pick. Category B - Corey Maynard - tough inside midfielder and quality VFL player but injuries have slowed his career's momentum to a walk. 2017. 29. Charlie Spargo - maligned at the moment but did a lot of good things last year and the jury still very much out - inconclusive pick who needs to rebound next season but may not have the physical attributes. 31. Bayley Fritsch - best 22 player - versatile and a good kick - nice enough pick for mine. 37. Harry Petty - developing player whose had some hairy moments but is the type that is probably going to take time - inconclusive pick. 48. Oskar Baker - has shown he has AFL attributes in his short career after being a mature age recruit - jury is out. 2018. 27. Tom Sparrow - debut was good, second game poor and been OK at VFL level before injury - inconclusive. 33. James Jordon - exciting talent for mine, has some potentially elite attributes, but a project player - inconclusive 53. Aaron Nietscke - debut season ruined by ACL tear - inconclusive. 56. Mary Hore - personally think he is overrated by many but certainly not a bad mature age pickup at pick 56, 75. Toby Bedford - speedy academy pickup who was always going to take a bit of time but has shown flashes at VFL level - inconclusive. (Rookie) 15. Kade Chandler - crafty small forward almost unanimously viewed as being worth persevering with. Corey Wagner - has been brilliant at VFL level and done some good things in brief AFL forays - cant call it a dud pick. Jay Lockhart - got some talent and looks a quality rookie pick up. Kyle Dunkley - Most Demon fans who have watched him are reasonably pleased with how he is going and the promise he is showing. Austin Bradtke - project ruck/key forward tracking along well enough - not wasting a list spot. Guy Walker - injury has destroyed first campaign and possibly his career - not wasting a list spot. I don't see how that is a lamentable record.
  12. Yeah hes a quality VFL player but has been overlooked repeatedly since his under 18 year when he was in the draft mix. Probably a case of him not being athletic quick enough to play as a running/outside player at AFL level and not big enough to play other spots. I really thought Hawthorn would take him in mid-season draft, may have been his last chance
  13. Hes a good VFL player but he plays nothing like VandenBerg. Much more of outside player with a nice kick on him and has been playing a lot of half back for the Hawks in a Birchall-like role. Cant see us having any interest. He's 27, been in about 9 drafts and Hawthorn could have taken him in the midseason draft and passed.
  14. Not a criticism but today is probably an example where maybe the voting system should be reconsidered. Nearly a dozen players deserving votes today, whereas in a couple of matches there have been one or two worthy. In any case: 6. Jack Viney 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Tom McDonald 3. Max Gawn 2. Jay Lockhart 1. Sam Frost Petracca, Salem, Brayshaw and May were all good contributors.
  15. Him at Sam Frost attended a coterie function today, so he is still around the club.
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