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  1. Yes, it must be 2013 or 2014 pre-season as David Rodan and Sylvia both in the picture and they were gone by 2015.
  2. Not obscure enough. No mention of Mark Bradly, Leigh Newton or Darren O'Brien!?
  3. I think the players should take some sort of pay cut for the duration. As should the AFL executives. If this season is going to go ahead in it's mooted form, All AFL people will need to make some sacrifices, as the State leagues have already had to.
  4. I've mainly used Kayo on Desktop and Mobile and i've found it easy to use and good value at $25 a month. There is a great variety of sport and you can also watch the live Foxtel channels on the app as well. You can usually get a free 1 month trial before having to pay anything.
  5. As per the article on page 1, "The Demons will draw on players not selected in the following day's Marsh Community Series match against Adelaide, which will also be played at Casey Fields" So in essence, the scratch match on the 21st Feb is the 2nds team and the match on the 22nd the Seniors team.
  6. I was also extremely disappointed at the end of 2017 and seriously thought we had missed our chance. Jonesy is a part of that, but so was Max, T Mac and Viney (coming back too early from his foot injury) etc. They stood up in 2018 and finally got it right towards the end of the year, but in 2019 the likes of Max, Viney and Jones had to stand up while the rest of the team fell down around them. Trac, Harmes, Clarry were exceptions. Rather than derailing another thread, I will simply say you have your view, DS and I have mine. Jones may not be the player he once was but he is a champion person. Nno matter what happens in the next year (or two), the way he spoke shows to me he will do his best to ensure he plays his role as a player in his twilight years, to try to set the club up for success he will likely not be an active part of.
  7. Based on the last line from Jonesy, he has felt the burden of the disappointment of 2019 and the disappointment of the Decade! This is insightful to me because it shows that Chunk has the self awareness to realise he was carrying too much and it was time to step back and allow himself to enjoy the time he has left in the game. The fact that he mentioned the 'Decade' shows to me how much he felt he has let down the supporters and most likely, himself as player and captain. If you can't see that, DS, or don't want to see it, that can't be helped. Also, the speeches appear to be in the lunch/break out room where most of the players probably gather and socialise at the club. I enjoyed the insight into the club but also realise it's only the set up for the rest of the series. I will be interested in what is to come leading into the season proper.
  8. I had to have another listen and it definitely says "On The Radio". It's the clubs name for any content of our staff or players appearing on Radio shows around Australia.
  9. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't. People on the board harp on about fan engagement and website content and yet complain when a video is released like this or comment made because it could set us up for failure. I want the fire on the team, and I think they feel it. The doco will be a look into the inner sanctum and chance to get a better understanding of what the pre-season is coming off a hugely disappointing year. The media will do what they do anyway.
  10. He was a great descriptive writer and gave good insight. Ben Gibson has to lift his game in that department.
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