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  1. 6. Harmes 5. Oliver 4. Gawn 3. Salem 2. Hibberd 1. Lockhart
  2. It usually comes out Monday after a game. Must not be used to us having a game before the weekend. There's been a video for each of the first 3 games.
  3. They were posted on Twitter: To Spare the long thread, QT:CAS 3.3 (21) | BRIS 1.0 (6) HT:CAS 7.7 (49) | BRIS 3.1 (19) 3Q:CAS 9.13 (67) | BRIS 3.2 (20) FT:CAS 14.17 (101) | BRIS 4.2 (26)
  4. The full 2018 season is available but you have to do a bit of digging. I use the desktop version, so unsure of how to search in the app.
  5. I'm too young for 87 prelim, so it's the 2004 Elimination final v Essendon for me. It had come off such a deflating 4 weeks after we were 1st after Round 18. I was sitting near the goals when Phil Read missed in the dying minutes to tie the match. It wasn't just the margin but the talent we had in the team at the time (White, Neitz, Yze, Johnstone, Davey, Green Etc). Competing and beating the best but also prone to some bewildering losses to lower ranked teams. 2004 was a missed chance for the Demons in so many ways. It was also the last game we got to see Troy Broadbridge play, which in retrospect adds another layer of heartbreak.
  6. 1. Neville Jetta vs 5. Jake Melksham 6. Tom McDonald vs 4. James Harmes 3. Clayton Oliver vs Jack Viney 2. Max Gawn vs 8. Angus Brayshaw
  7. James Harmes Clayton Oliver Max Gawn Angus Brayshaw
  8. Oscar McDonald v Alex Neal-Bullen Bayley Fritsch vs Aaron vandenBerg Sam Weideman vs 7. Angus Brayshaw
  9. Jack Viney vs 5. Nathan Jones Sam Frost vs Charlie Spargo Jake Lever vs 4. James Harmes Joel Smith vs Christian Salem
  10. 6. Tom McDonald vs Mitch Hannan Jeff Garlett vs Billy Stretch Braydon Preuss vs Jayden Hunt
  11. Aaron vandenBerg vs Kade Kolodjashnij James Jordon vs Tim Smith Braydon Preuss vs Tom Sparrow Toby Bedford vs Jake Lever Corey Wagner vs Sam Weideman Could be a few closer ones this round
  12. Mitch Hannan Corey Wagner Kade Chandler Aaron Nietschke Declan Keilty
  13. About to post the same. They must have confused our Points for v Points Against as we averaged 104.5 points for in the H&A season. Quality off season journalism from afl.com.au as usual 🙄
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