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  1. Well, mathematically it was our last chance to make the finals so was worth a last roll of the dice. Now that it's all over red rover they might put a few players in for early surgeries..
  2. Is Teague trying to make Judd look stupid? 3 wins outta 5....
  3. I thought pies were a sneaky chance with their top 4 chances on the line but didn't have the balls to tip them...
  4. I agree Hannah Gadsby is a bit overrated.
  5. What a joke. Firstly on Gold Coast - They got picks 2, 3 and 6 last year so need to be patient. (and if any of their picks leave they just need to negotiate a return like GWS do) They've lost 3 games under a goal they easily could have won (Exhibit A vs us) They've made a couple of really poor draft picks (not even referring to the pick 2 for Weller trade but the pick swaps with West Coast and the one with Brisbane this year). Carlton are finally improving (Exhibit B vs us) and as much as it pains me to say are on the up. Saints aren't that bad, (Exhibit C vs is), a classic mid table club at the moment and don't deserve it until they've been bottom 4 for another few years.
  6. Equal highest (he kicked 6 vs Collingwood last year). Hopefully his ankle comes good for the last quarter.
  7. Were people going for Sydney because they hate the bombers or because they want a gap between other teams so we get a better draft pick?
  8. It's at least 50/50 unfortunately...
  9. We've been linked with both Hirst and Lowson so if Carlton go for Deluca then we should end up with one of them. I'm guessing Gold Coast go for Dunkley.
  10. And Mummy could be suspended for a hit on Murphy. Even if it's judged as accidental Murphy has gone to hospital so you think Mummy's in strife. In an incident that is likely to draw the attention of Match Review Officer Michael Christian, the right knee of the Giants' ruckman made forceful contact with Murphy's rib region.
  11. Will Bolton survive a 100 point loss?
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