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  1. Where there's smoke there's fire. I can't remember any recent surprises at the pointy end of the draft that contradicted the media's rumours about our picks. e.g it was rumoured we weren't keen on Mccartin and would go Petracca and Braysure. Same with Oliver over Parish. I think the last completely random high pick was Gysberts? Cook doesn't count as we were trying to get Lynch.
  2. No one uses it anymore, it was going out of vogue and that was even before they introduced pre and mid season supplementary drafts, delisted free agency etc. Pick 1 or 2 is no longer a bonus (especially when melb doesn't take a ruthless approach to Martin)
  3. Multicultural participants must either have been born overseas, or has one parent who was born overseas. Which is stupid because it means if you or one of your parents were born in England than you qualify. I would have thought you also need to have grown up speaking another language. So if you grew up in England (or India.. or Frankston... ) speaking Hindi than you should qualify but if your main language was English than bad luck.
  4. The future 4th being the one ties to us that's bounced around like a hot potato. Was a pick 11 so just shows you can't get your hopes up too much with first round picks..
  5. My first thought was no way (Bruce more valuable than Frost) but then I checked this year's B & F results - they both finished 9th!
  6. Thinking of some other obscure victorian forwards... Hoskin-elliot Mason wood
  7. Just bring in a rule that free agents can't go to top 4 clubs in the year they want to move.
  8. Nice spotting! Bit of a giveaway I'd say. Maybe he can sell it to Daniher?
  9. Average wage was 362k a year (2018 stats) so that figure will probably be about 400k next year. I think that's ok. He's worth just slightly more than the average player.
  10. Because some zones are better than others. It's definitely not a level playing field. West Coast have 16 players, we have 1, so statistically they have 16 more chances to find a gem through this process.
  11. Aussie wonnaemiri. If we can wait until next year (we can't) we have Deakyn Smith on our academy list for next year. Or Kobe Farmer but he's probably freo bound
  12. Does anyone secretly want tomlinson to miss out on a flag so he comes to Melbourne with more of a burning desire to win one?
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