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  1. You are so right. I have probably hit a golf ball 100 000 times and only once did the shot sound like a pro hit; and that shot was a putt.
  2. I bring this up as I did the same when playing. I think that the brain dictates that feeling the ball into the hands, and then grasping is surer and safer than than watching the ball and then grasping. You then don't make a grab at the ball; which is a sure way to fumble. The reason to watch the ball onto the foot is to let the brain make an adjustment to the foot if the balldrop is not straight.
  3. Looking at the photos I have noticed that when marking above the head many players have their eyes closed; and when kicking the ball the eyes are open. Why is this? I have my own theory on this but am wondering what others think.
  4. TBC = no one knows TBA= they know but are not telling
  5. At this stage I have it a draw . Maybe we got a little more from Wattsy.
  6. Kicking for goal is 95% mental. Too many negative thoughts going through the mind that take distract from the task at hand. eg 'I will look like a goose if I miss this', 'we need this I hope it goes through' etc. There are techniques to overcome this problem.
  7. Thanks for your contributions Drunken [love that moniker]. You will go down in history as being the first member to quit this forum without a hair pulling,card cutting diatribe. Kudos.
  8. MFC has made an offer to Jamie Elliot. Great get if it happens.
  9. David coached 'runamuck' and will coach again thank you.
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