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  1. At this stage I have it a draw . Maybe we got a little more from Wattsy.
  2. Kicking for goal is 95% mental. Too many negative thoughts going through the mind that take distract from the task at hand. eg 'I will look like a goose if I miss this', 'we need this I hope it goes through' etc. There are techniques to overcome this problem.
  3. Thanks for your contributions Drunken [love that moniker]. You will go down in history as being the first member to quit this forum without a hair pulling,card cutting diatribe. Kudos.
  4. MFC has made an offer to Jamie Elliot. Great get if it happens.
  5. David coached 'runamuck' and will coach again thank you.
  6. Not so Rod; Darwin is humid whilst Alice is dry. Ball handling is easier in the Centre.
  7. All that is left to say Skills 3 RR 0
  8. It is not a dream Nasher, it is me putting all the pieces together and trying to come up with an answer. If it is true then it is the fact that the AFL and Fox have got together and concocted this scenario that makes me sick. Every year that goes by I feel more and more manipulated by the powers that be. And that makes me angry. Never mind we will find out tomorrow night. If a multi club trade is announced I will consider myself vindicated.
  9. I believe that the trades have been agreed to but the AFL does not want the public to know because they want the info to be announced on the TV 'spectacular'. Must have some sort of deal with Fox to make the broadcast a blockbuster. This makes me sick if true.
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