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  1. I usually agree with your views, but you are really wrong about nibbler.
  2. Take another look at his corridor passes against the cats two weeks ago in a pressure game. If Godfrey or Hopgood made kicks like that in their dreams they would wake up and apologise.
  3. Demon16

    Mr Jones

    Exactly! Now that we’re a good team, Jones can “perhaps do us a favour and retire” FMD
  4. Demon16


    the size of this crowd has nothing to do with how good the card was. Melbourne fans would have turned up no matter what. and this "Seeing Ronda, Jedrzejczyk, Mark Hunt, Robert Whittaker and the like is a big deal and should not be scoffed at." well yeah actually i do scoff at that for a first time event in the sporting capital of the world. i went to 110 in Sydney and saw Nogueira, Velasquez, Bisping, Wanderlei Silva. I went to 127 and saw Bj Penn, John Fitch, Pearson, Gustafsson. Fx2 i saw Alves, Kampmann, Benavitez, mighty mouse. i went to 156 in Vegas, Edgar, Aldo, Evans, Overeem, Woodley. even fight night 33 in Brissy i got to see Shogun! We got Roudy and not much else IMO. As soon as this card lost Condit and Lawler, it lost my interest. that doesn't mean it's not a success.
  5. Demon16


    Didn't post here as I didn't attend the UFC in my own backyard as i thought the card was utter rubbish. Cannot believe that is the best the UFC could give the sporting capital of the world for its first event. I can only assume they thought they would pull a crowd no matter who was on the card. UFC is an awesome spectacle live, but this substandard card turned out to be just that in my opinion. Having said that I would have loved to have seen Roudy get smashed! And I need to mention Whittaker who had a big win. Compare this card to the next one, which is off its head!!!
  6. from what i hear he doesn't actually have any mental health issues as such. his partner was extremely homesick and has moved back home. i first heard Mitch was also homesick shortly after he did his hammy prior to xmas……his injury toll was really contributing to this. If he did a calf in recent times, it may have been the final straw. he may well come back and play for us at some stage, but i think we would be better off assuming he won't.
  7. I mentioned on the Monday training thread that Clark had injured his hamstring to some degree. copped some grief from a few clowns on here for some reason, but i stand by it.
  8. Demon16


    that sucks! was shaping as a great match-up.
  9. Demon16


    yeah it was something else, and it never comes across as loud on TV as what it does when you are there, people were going nuts. Hunt started great in the last round but you are right, Big foot came back and it certainly wasn't a 10-8 round. having said that when the ref stopped the fight to take a look at big foot's cut, i thought Hunt was seconds away from finishing him. wouldn't be the only time i thought that in the fight though! good to hear about the title fight here, even though i think Etihad will suck as a UFC venue.
  10. Demon16


    Havent checked back here for ages, and only just picked up your post. i agree with pretty much everything there, especially the GSP/Hendricks fight. clearly won by Hendricks. i think Anderson was probably just a bit bored, but he's been carrying on like that in the ring for a while now and it's been gradually getting worse. hopefully he's learnt a lesson. really looking forward to the rematch and think he will win easily. Just got home from Brisbane and i gotta say i wasn't overly excited about this card beforehand. my thoughts after the event is that i think i may witnessed the best heavyweight bout in UFC history. it was certainly the best fight i have seen live, we were buzzing all night after that. Also the "draw" decision was spot on in my opinion. great to see Shogun live and dish out a brutal KO, even though it was at the expense of Te Huna. The Hippo provided great protection for the canvas for three rounds, and kept in tact his record of not trying any submission attempt from the bottom. (i take the [censored] but he has 5 times the heart that i have) The Hulk just destroyed Pat Barry. one thing they didnt show on the telecast was when Barry tried to get up straight after being KO'D, and ran head first into the bottom of the cage. looked quite nasty. I like Pat Barry, but i'm not sure where he goes from here. he was mega [censored] at losing that. A few other really good fights on this card made it a great event, and i'm really glad i decided to go. Australia Vs Canada in TUF coming up, and hopefully we get another cracking card in the not too distant future.
  11. agree with the White comparison of Freeman, and hence a reservation. i also really like Salem but i'm not seeing the Pendlebury comparison thats has been mentioned, Dom Tyson fills that much better.
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