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  1. The context here is important. He is on a multimillion dollar contract and his employer has asked him to refrain from posting this kind of stuff on social media. I don’t have strong feelings about whether he should be sacked but am not surprised that it has come to pass.
  2. I tend to agree. May as well keep Bugg.
  3. A good player who deserves another crack at AFL imo, just not at the Dees.
  4. Now it’s all over I hope on a human level he can find some peace and the club kicks on to bigger and better things. I find I am less sentimental as I get older but will always have a bit of a soft spot for Hogan. He was a key component in our rebuild towards becoming a force again. If we do reach the ultimate success sooner rather than later he will deserve some credit for taking an awful lot on his shoulders as a young man for our club and not breaking as others who came beforehand did. Good luck to him and he’ll always be welcome back in my eyes.
  5. Obviously. As has been said before why would Gold Coast not expect a top 5 pick? They are most likely to finish in the bottom 4 next year with or without May. As he is a FA next year they could expect band 1 compensation. If anything pick 5 could be them accepting ‘unders’ this year.
  6. The egotistical style is similar. stuie was more of a pedant. Didn’t mind either of their work. Small doses though. I always wondered if RR was Yze_Magic resurrected.
  7. I hope Hogan stays. In fact, I hope both he and May are playing for the MFC in 2019 but I just don’t see that happening. Riled up by Freo’s nakedly stupid actions I hope the club no longer indulges them at the trade table. Perhaps this is why I’m not employed in Josh Mahoney’s position - why let personal emotion get in the way of a business decision? I feel for Hogan and his personal circumstances and personally hold no ill will toward him but can equally understand other posters frustrations about him exploring a trade/not committing to MFC. Gut feel is that the deal will get done. Freo will crow about their negotiating tactics. Some, including myself will feel a bit disappointed that we didn’t get ‘Judd-like’ compensation for Hogan. However, our professional team will have achieved their objective: trading out a player who wanted to go, getting in Steven May who will improve team balance and wants to play for us, along with an improved draft hand. Melbourne will look like a club that gets it done and cares for players welfare which will enhance our brand in the industry. Freo will be exposed for the anachronistic spivs they are.
  8. I agree his value in trade terms would be higher than 23. I reckon he’s an average player though.
  9. All the noise aside, it was foolish of Freo to make that offer. I understand they don’t have pick 5 yet, however their conduct now looks nakedly stupid for all to see. I still think a deal will be done but this & the reports that they were the source of the rumour about Beams means that every club that sits down with them will see their officials as having the word ‘nuffy’ tattooed on their foreheads. Some of their fans will cheer their ‘hardball’ tactics but in reality they’ve tarnished their brand and can’t be taken seriously.
  10. I don’t consider that deal to be reactive. I think our FD has been proactive circa 2013. The far too long comment is covering prior to that...
  11. I’d prefer to keep Hogan if I’m honest. However, reading between the lines, this situation has unfolded because he can’t commit to us. He has asked to explore a trade. Steven May is willing to join our club. Ideally, we keep Hogan, he re-signs and May is guaranteed as a FA in 12 months. But it’s a gamble. If we do nothing Hogan could request a trade when he’s OOC in 2019 and then Steven May has a lot more suitors and trade currency is irrelevant as he is a FA. Put simply its the difference between being proactive and reactive. Melbourne has been reactive for far too long.
  12. Yes. But will he still want to come to us in a years time? We won’t have trade currency advantage over Collingwood. Put it this way: if you were headhunted by another prospective employer and promised you’d be working for them in a month, you agree hand in your notice with your current employer and then all of a sudden they come back and say: “sorry, deals off, we’ll revisit in 12 months ok?” How would you feel about how that organisation was doing business?
  13. It’s unfortunate that Lever did his knee but I think time will prove it was a good deal. I like to think goodwill goes a long way. If we become infamous at playing ‘hardball’ it could make us a poor club. Let’s say a well known player comes out of contract and says to their manager: “Melbourne look a team on the rise, I’d love to look at joining them.” The manager may say “Look, they are a good team but Steve May who’s also my client wanted to go there last year. The Dees said all the right things but when push came to shove they couldn’t get it done because they rated their potential draft picks higher. It’s my professional opinion that they’re in a window and shouldn’t do that. Steve was unhappy and will be accepting Collingwood’s fa offer this year. I’ll make some calls to clubs other than Melbourne and see what’s around ok?” Of course the above scenario is purely based on my suspicions about how these discussions may play out. However, I wouldn’t think that it is an impossible proposition. I think the way we currently operate is part of the reason players choose us because they know we don’t bs and will get it done. I like the way our team has specifically targeted players, ignored the talking head tut tutting about ‘giving up too much’ and looked at obtaining the net gain in trade period.
  14. We will swap pick 5 or whatever we have to in order to get May. We’ve expressed interest in the player, we appear to be willing to move one of our best players on in order to get him. This whole we could get him for free next year is BS. How do you think it would look to May, his manager, GCS and the industry as a whole if we then turned around and effectively said “Steven, we made a commitment to you but please hang in there for a year, GCS want pick 5 we only want to give pick 11 so we can ‘win trade week’ and we reckon we won’t have to give up anything for you next year. So bigger win for us. K thx bye” ?
  15. Perhaps Freo are simply trying to extract maximum value from Brisbane for Lachie Neale so they can meet Melbourne’s terms? I don’t see the point of getting wound up at Freo. If we can get May + first round pick for Hogan, does anyone really care about the mechanations of the deal? If it comes out publicly that Freo are offering a 3rd rounder only for Hogan, then it’s time to pick up the pitchforks.
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