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  1. It’s a ripping pic - pun not intended! Never seen a player so gleeful while in a fracas! I reckon Jack’s close to the toughest player I’ve seen. Proper tough, not deck someone behind play, or grow a mullet and pinch your opponent until their arm gets a bruise tough. He’s at his best when he’s dealing and receiving hurt in equal measure. Just love it.
  2. I think it’s just as important to give Hibberd, Lever and co maximum time to gel - they’re a bigger factor than Petty next year IMO. Also, there’s that assumption again that selecting them this week implies they’re not fully recovered. My read was that leaving them out this week was already conservative as it was.
  3. If we’re at the threshold (I haven’t checked), we just have to use a first round pick. Doesn’t have to be the one we started with.
  4. It would make them feel sick too, because it would be a dumb idea. Don’t worry about it.
  5. Nope. Key defender who has shown he can play at AFL level. In a form and probably mental trough, but will play senior football again.
  6. OP is a young fella who can’t remember what happened last time, I’m guessing. Park players who won’t be here next year (as we have with Lewis) so the work done this year is all relevant to next year, but beyond that, go as hard as possible. I’d love to see us come storming home.
  7. In: Lever, Hibberd Out: Petty, Wagner I’m not in favour of rushing anyone but I am in favour of selecting obvious best 22 players if they are fit. Selecting them doesn’t automatically imply they are being rushed in as some in this thread have indicated.
  8. The label Frost-ball and its subsequent definition are just classic. It’s so true. Honestly, I’m still a coronary risk every time the ball is in his vicinity, but I love it when his complete unpredictability is working in our favour. It’s exciting to watch if nothing else.
  9. Plates don’t heal. The bones heal. The likelihood of the plate being bumped out doesn’t change with rest. Your comment on Lever is drawing an extremely long bow.
  10. Just a bit of savoury humility. It’s important for one to have a balanced cliche diet.
  11. It feels like it! Just getting it all out of the way before next years shot. 🤞 Doesn’t sound like the Hibberd or Lever injuries are too serious, thankfully. I really want that backline to get a good run at playing together. It looked promising against Collingwood.
  12. Hahahahahahaha, I was *waiting* for the Hibberd came back too early call. I don’t even need to read this forum to know what people are going to say. I think I’ve been here far too long. And Lever got injured in the Collingwood game.
  13. Three new injuries to best 22 players. Obviously the footy gods realised they’d dropped the ball when our injury list started to shrink. Unbelievable.
  14. So what you’re saying, is that it might have nothing whatsoever to do with being “rushed back” (from a 12 month rehab) and might just be bad luck? You could knock me down with a feather! (Sorry if it seems like I’m picking on you - I’m not, just frustrated by the general tone in this thread. Thanks for passing on the info.)
  15. The time to develop his right side was when he was 8 years old learning the basic skills.
  16. Isn’t the only way to get match fit to play footy games? I was concerned he might be underdone too but only from a touch/form/confidence perspective. As far as I can see there’s no evidence whatsoever that he wasn’t ready from an injury recovery point of view. People are flying off the handle without having the facts at hand, as usual.
  17. Evidence that Lever was “rushed back”, please? I thought he had been in full training for months before he returned.
  18. Someone at Collingwood would have gotten wind of it and told him to self report before someone else reported it. Standard damage control tactic. The penalty to this is ridiculously lenient. Given that he bet on himself and his own team, he should be rubbed out for two years. His Collingwood teammate Josh Thomas should be totally bewildered.
  19. I just knew someone was going to have posted something like this. I’ve never heard of the guy and don’t follow English soccer, but the argument against fitness guys is always “but injury list”! In elite sport, the fitness group and athletes alike will always be looking to push the boundaries. Injuries will happen. Unless we can specifically point to negligence on behalf of the elite performance manager (or whatever the specific title is), I don’t think it’s a useful metric. In fact I think it’s yet another role that it’s impossible to judge the performance of from the outside.
  20. For what? Pick 100? I’ve never seen the value in discussing which players we would trade until what the actual trade has been proposed, otherwise how are you supposed to assess how the team would benefit? I’d theoretically trade any and all players if the net benefit was team improvement. There are some players where no opposing club is ever going to offer enough to make it worthwhile or justify the risks though. I’d say both Brayshaw and Viney belong in that category.
  21. Personally I’d sack the GWS recruiter for taking Boyd and Kelly at 1 and 2 when Patrick Cripps was available.
  22. You can’t look at the outcome in isolation - you don’t learn anything that way. It’s easy to say Curnow is better than Weideman, therefore we made an error, but it’s a thoroughly hollow analysis. The outcome is a result of a process - it’s the process that should be scrutinised if we want to improve. I can’t wait to hear Matsuo’s thoughts on this - having a crack at analysing a completely opaque process seems right up his alley. The other thing is we have to be realistic about what an acceptable result is from recruiting. Curnow is a star and that’s lovely - Weideman is progressing nicely as an AFL quality forward; that still makes him a successful pick in my views, just an 8/10 though where Curnow might be a 10. There are still so many duds picked in the top 20, even by the good clubs (see Wells analysis above), that any time you get a decent AFL level player, that has to be at least a pass mark. No doubt I’ll hear trite demands of demanding better and not accepting mediocrity and all that other toss, but you have to acknowledge the facts which are supported by the data.
  23. Classic. Not quite what the moderator notes on your profile say!
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