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  1. Some doors are best left shut, surely.
  2. One thing I know for sure is I’m gonna miss the footy and miss the MFC. Even as I rediscovered the age old feeling of disappointment and frustration, there were enough reminders in the game for me about why I love it and why I put myself through this every week. Notwithstanding my tongue in cheek post on the post match thread, knowing that’s the last match for now and there’s no chance to dust off next week and redeem ourselves left me feeling hollow. It’s obviously the right thing to do though and losing it is a drop in the ocean compared to the hardship many will face in the weeks/months. Take care, Demonlanders.
  3. Kozzy though. One player I’m definitely looking forward to seeing a lot more of. Bedford did some nice things towards the end too.
  4. What an emotionally draining season that was. Felt like it was never going to end.
  5. That’s what I thought too, but what about the next week? I think Gary’s run is up unfortunately.
  6. Nasher


    Any decision has to be made on his future prospects - how much he’s missed in the past is irrelevant other than being a (minor) potential indicator for future prospects. This injury is a bad luck one and shouldn’t be a factor in decisions about his future.
  7. Nasher


    According to the MFC website, he broke his foot kicking the shin of an opponent. I know it’s unkind to laugh but I don’t know how else to react. He must think he’s cursed. Completely unrelated to the existing foot issues though supposedly, so that has to be good news.
  8. I hate them all equally. Although I hate Essendon and West Coast a little bit more equally than the others.
  9. It’s Leigh Fisher in the pic. If that’s his grasp on the rules it might explain the fairly premature end to his playing career!
  10. I often wonder if the likes of the author of this piece are self-loathing people. Honestly, how could you ever take pride in your work when this is your chosen line of business? Then again, he’s probably not bright enough to be that self-aware. Also, are there people out there that actually pay their hard-earned for a Herald Sun subscription?
  11. This to me is just to address the oversupply in the guts, and Harmes is just the logical choice to move out of there as he’s more versatile. It was never going to be Viney or Brayshaw and Petracca already has a secondary role at HF. Harmes’ ability to defend first then balance it out with damaging offence is what made him a good midfielder. It should suit him well in defence also. I don’t particularly love the idea as I really enjoyed the player Harmes had become in the middle, so there’s an element of risk of ruining something that was working. But I can also see how it might benefit the team, so will watch with an open mind.
  12. Not just that; many had already decided how they felt about it before they watched it. Which comes back to @ProDee’s point about watching stuff without expectations.
  13. People invest in the women’s game for a few reasons. For some just the presence of a MFC jumper is enough; personally for me I just think it’s important that the competition succeeds for the good of the game. The one thing the batshit boring “world game” has had over us for years is that girls can play too. Once invested, you see the spectacle in a different light. The standard in my son’s year 4 basketball team is pretty low compared to the NBA, but I’m invested so when the games are tight and tense I stress, barrack and feel all the same things I do during a tight MFC game. I don’t sit there thinking “man the standard is low, I’m bored.” Of course people who aren’t invested are going to be bored watching it.
  14. Honest question: why do you pay any attention to what happens in the off season if all you want is to “see it happen in front of you“? Literally all that happens at this time of year is hope gets sold, words get said and houses get trained down.
  15. He got it from the same place Hardie got the info that MFC signing Bennell was “unlikely”. His arse. I don’t even need to be from WA to know the reputation these guys have for never letting the truth get in the way of a good story. Toss in Karl Langdon and you have the perfect trifecta of tiny WA fish trying not to get eaten in the small pond, battling for relevance.
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