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  1. I always thought the Franklin deal was done by the Swans knowing full well there would be a bite-in-the-arse factor in the back end but the increased flag prospects in the front end made it worthwhile. And I think it was.
  2. I nearly puked when I read this post. Maybe Petracca’s progress is evidence that we should be patient and let players develop at their own pace instead of heckling, abusing and carrying on like impatient, entitled twits.
  3. Surely it was obvious it was going to be a fluff piece by the title. Why read it if it’s not your cup of tea?
  4. I got this book for Christmas and knocked it over while camping with family in the last week, and it was an absolutely fantastic read. It’s his life story (obviously) but looking through an analytical lense — his philosophies in life in leadership and how they were shaped by his personal and professional experiences. You get some insight in to his time in to the MFC - in particular how he transformed himself over time, his relationship with Chris Fagan (his right hand man and underrated influence in the relative success over that period) and how the club never really gelled at any stage he was here (financial issues, revolving door board and CEOs and so forth), particularly in contrast with his stint at West Coast at the end. Personally I got more out of reading about his time at Essendon though as a player and then a coach. It painted Kevin Sheedy in a very different light for me. It even made me want to watch the 1993 grand final - puke! Given that it’s heavy on the philosophical side of life, if it’s a yarn with all the gory details of the ins and outs of Neale’s time at the MFC (or anywhere else), this isn’t the book, but personally I lapped up every word and it cemented Neale as one of my life heroes and all time favourite footy people.
  5. As I was reading through that excellent, detailed, insightful post, with no recollection of it, I thought, “the first reply is going to be a one-liner from a long term member with a very high post count about how all that is just an excuse and other clubs have injuries too”. I think I’ve been here so long I actually know how threads will play out without even needing to read them.
  6. @Clint Buzzkillstill probably has the box of leftovers.
  7. That just sucks. Life really is a bastard sometimes. Best of luck to him. Love that the club will extend his contract. At least he doesn’t have to go through the mental stress of wondering if he’s going to get the chop, on top of a second consecutive year of rehab.
  8. What? Jeez, sounded like he was just getting going. Got to feel for the guy.
  9. I think it goes without saying that I’d like to be told the truth - if half the side is injured then that’s an issue I’d like to know about. All I’m saying is I don’t need the reports to be “tempered”.
  10. Just another voice of thanks for the great training reports. As an interstater I obviously can’t go watch training but even if I did I doubt I’d pick up on the detail you guys do. Awesome stuff. I’ve seen a few calls for balance in the reports - personally at this time I’m looking for all the reasons we’re going to be awesome. Reality may or may not kick in later, and that’s fine, but it’s not what I’m interested in in the off season.
  11. How have Adelaide and Geelong played one game less than the other teams? Was there an abandoned match in there somewhere? Edit: Googled it, match in 2015 was abandoned following the death of Phil Walsh.
  12. Goes in the same basket as player salaries for me. Got no idea how you can assess it from the outside and therefore don’t know why anyone cares.
  13. I think it’s just reality - I agree that ideally all players would have their kicking technique down pat by AFL, but in practice plenty of them have ingrained bad habits, and it’s not isolated to the MFC. I also doubt they’re using the ball to teach them how to kick from scratch. They would all know the theory. It’s more that it gives the immediate feedback and it comes cheaply, or possibly for free. A 1%er, if you will. I think in terms of concerns, this ranks a solid 0 out of 10
  14. I can’t wait! I’ll definitely notice when Burgoyne retires. Anyway I’m definitely happy to already declare myself an old fogey - knowing the rate of deterioration of the moving parts of my body gives me a serious appreciation for these blokes that kick on in to their mid-late 30s, and mine hasn’t been subject to 20 years of punishment of contact sport at elite level. I don’t reckon the young men and women in their early 20s would truly be able to understand that; I certainly didn’t. The Shaun Burgoynes and Kade Simpsons of this world definitely have a gift.
  15. I believe you mean @Mdemonski3. Not sure how many iterations of this person there are 😁
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