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  1. They train for a couple of hours a day, and not every day. Goodwin is a full time employee, and I doubt he clocks off once 37.5 hours is reached for the week. Reckon there’s plenty of time in his day to watch training and do the others stuff as well.
  2. I dun care none about he's grammer or he's hare so long as he football's good.
  3. What that shows is how dumb it is when people equate the value of a draft pick by players who have been taken in that position in the past. Going off that graph, if you had pick 4, you'd trade it for pick 5 as you have a higher likelihood of getting a good long term player.
  4. So? Smith isn’t saying people shouldn’t play. And besides, Joel is a grown adult who can make his own choices.
  5. Why bump a 5 year old thread just to make this inane contribution? Fair dinkum.
  6. Maybe next time you have no idea what’s happening behind the curtains, you might consider that before criticising?
  7. This thread summarised: I don't understand what this trip is for or what the coaches will get from it, therefore it's a waste of time and money.
  8. Jamie and Harley are distant cousins from memory.
  9. This is the sort of stuff my teenage daughter does with her mates on TikTok. Young men make choreographed dance video in 2019 after a few cans - quick, get the gallows ready!
  10. Yes, this is why we’re talking about picking him out of the dumpster. Obviously if he was in the nick he was in when he was flying, we’d be talking about multiple first round draft picks. The risks are implicit in the price we’re paying, which is sweet FA in terms of opportunity cost (alternative is the 70th best 18 year old). His salary is a sunk cost - we have to pay someone.
  11. There’s always one mung bean who posts something like this. Stretch played 47 AFL games, so it can’t have been that obvious he wasn’t going to make it. He also played the majority of those 47 under Paul Roos, and seeing as you know more than him, no doubt you’re in hot demand as an AFL coach. Oh, you’re not? I don’t expect anyone to shed a tear over a player who has fallen short of the grade being delisted, but I don’t think it’s a big ask to show some respect, or if you really can’t do that, STFU.
  12. I’m not that particular - I don’t mind if our next great small forward isn’t indigenous, nor do I mind if out next indigenous great isn’t a small forward.
  13. Looking forward to “The The Chazz Thread”!
  14. You want Bennell, but don’t want Murray because he’s a DH? That’s a pretty hefty double standard I would have thought.
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