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  1. Yeah I know it was, but you’ve got to admit it was a funny way for the discussion to flow. If you came on here as a neutral to try to measure the views of the fans, you’d leave crosseyed.
  2. There's also the alternate explanation that he believes what he's saying.
  3. Goodwin can't get the players to relate to him, and also they're too friendly. Got it.
  4. As evidenced by pulling the pin himself. I know it was probably jump before pushed, but for whatever reason, most coaches wait for the shove.
  5. I actually thought the biggest mistake in that chain was that the handball existed in the first place. Oliver should have taken the first option, which was to kick the Sherrin in to the second tier in between the tall sticks. Who handballs from 40 when open and charging towards the goals?
  6. Yep, I could be swayed to this direction - it’s a development year after all. The only concern I would have is that he’s not doing it in a “first ruck” situation by playing in the firsts, but that might not matter in the context of the long term goal.
  7. I counted three marks Preuss dropped that he had clean hands on. He’s almost there, but he’s not there yet. Also, Gawn was ineffective when not in the ruck, so in effect by playing both, we’re robbing Peter to invest in virtual currency. I’d drop Preuss for the time being. The clear focus for him is to work on his marking - around the ground and when sneaking forward. It’s what he needs to be able to do if he wants to ruck in tandem with Gawn in the long run.
  8. I think you mean “rah rah rebuild! Herp derp sack Goodwin! It’s not possible to draw positives when you’re at the arse end of the ladder!” RAGE POLLYANNA!!! Seriously though, excellent post.
  9. 194 wasn’t it? It was in reference to Dunn. Too tall to be a mid and too short to be a KP apparently.
  10. No out of form player ever looks like they’re enjoying it.
  11. Dropping a player to give them confidence seems upside down doesn’t it? It’s one of the great footy fan Furphys I reckon. Anyway, two reasons I wouldn’t drop him. 1) even half going, he’s still better than the next best Casey player. Would anyone genuinely prefer JKH or C.Wagner in the side? 2) because it’s AFL confidence he needs. So goes back to the VFL and gets 40 touches. So what? He knows full well the AFL NQRs and part timers making up the VFL aren’t a patch on the players he’d be up against in the big time. I think we just need to calm down and sit tight. Keep working with him, coaching him and tuning him, and it’ll come.
  12. The commonly used term “second year blues” is one that covers a whole of season temporary form slump, so it must happen a lot if it has its own name. Obviously it’s not Gus’ second year, although it is the year after his first very good one. I think it’s confidence and that’s it. He needs a game where the cards fall his way and it will reset his mindset. We saw it happen almost overnight with TMac. No doubt Brayshaw will do his knee or get concussed on the day he finds his though, given 2019 luck.
  13. I ignore umpiring mistakes normally as it’s a hard game to umpire and I know I’m going to be one-eyed like every other footy fan in the country, but this made me rage. An umpire of 200+ games experience calling this garbage. Far out. I did like “that’s ruck craft, big boy” though. Hopefully the umpires get some coaching on this rule during the week.
  14. He’s out of form. That last kick just summed up how he’s going really. I’m a long way from worried though. Form slumps happen. He’s a very good player and will bounce back.
  15. Well it was. I enjoy the slogs as much as I enjoy the free flowing, high skills ones. Sorrynotsorry.
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