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  1. There's also a lot of frontal lobe development occurs in young men between the age of 18 and 27. And a lot of positive influence from a good woman.
  2. It was only a week or two ago that there reports on how Lever and a bunch of others were doing their own training even before the pre-season had started. And I believe some had gone to the USA for specialised training of their own accord. Now you're criticising them for not coming back before they have to?
  3. If the AFL was in charge of the Melbourne Cup, they'd put the most weight on the slowest horses.
  4. I like the idea of Young and Jackson For no other reason that when they retire they could buy a pub.
  5. Indeed. There were no 3-4 goals a game forwards like Lynch, Kennedy, Hawkins, Brown etc. Just 1-2 goal journeymen like Jenkins and Bruce. Not too fussed we missed them.
  6. Beats me how Carlton gets rated so highly when all they got was a VFL ruckman and a 33-year-old Eddie Betts.
  7. If all it took was my best golf shot, I could be playing on the PGA Tour.
  8. "... However, it was important the timing coincided with the opportunity to return the game to our traditional home, the MCG, rather than other alternatives.”
  9. AFTER hosting a match in Darwin for the past 10 years, the Melbourne Football Club will bring the home game back to the MCG in 2020, as announced on Wednesday. CEO Gary Pert said this was a fantastic result for the Club, with the members at the heart of the decision. “Supporters have made it very clear to the Club they would love to see the Darwin home game return to the MCG as soon as possible, so they can watch their team live and share in the excitement,” he told Melbourne Media. “This is something we have been working on with the AFL for quite some time. However, it was important the timing coincided with the opportunity to return the game to our traditional home, the MCG, rather than other alternatives.” Melbourne will retain its established home game in Alice Springs for at least the next four years, announcing a new agreement with AFLNT and the NT Government. “It is important for supporters to appreciate that Alice Springs is a critical part of the Club’s long-term strategy,” Pert said. “Our players have really taken ownership of this game and truly believe it gives them a home ground advantage."
  10. Your opinion. Why do you think Roos was so critical of the "veil of negativity" surrounding Melbourne? Because it, and the feedback from members, has a demotivating effect on the club and he realised the whole club from the members up had to get over it. But we haven't and it's back bigger than ever. If what is posted on here has very little effect on how the club performs, which is probably true, why do we have so many on here who think that making bold and sometimes aggressive statements here about not "accepting mediocrity" and complaining ad infinitum will actually have an effect? You can't have it both ways. It's a waste of breath and keyboard strokes, and really just boils down to whingeing, which has no constructive purpose whatsoever.
  11. Positive energy comes just as much from the members as it does from the club. We will never win a premiership when the members are always lamenting their misfortune and looking to everyone except themselves.
  12. Wow. I make a point about negativity, and I get back negativity on steroids.
  13. Sounds like what I've been reading since Demonland started. The negativity here makes you want to go barrack for someone else.
  14. Langdon will help. The other thing that will help is not having an average of 14 players on the injury list every week.
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