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  1. Perhaps he assumed that someone who had been a captain of another club and with 8 years AFL experience would know what was required. If May didn't understand what was required, the problem is May's.
  2. Agree with the OP. More often than not, we've faded from about half way through the third quarter onwards. That's a fitness issue. And when you are not fit and lagging towards the end of a game, skills start to go missing. When you get exhausted, both cognitive skills and physical skills go backwards at a great rate of knots. During the season, players can't make up the fitness they've missed through a bad pre-season, because they spend all week recovering their banged up bodies and general soreness. It's not like they can go for a 10km run the next morning. And I'm over the "yeah but other teams found a way through it" mantra, like we just can't bear to recognise the fitness deficiency and want to blame coaches, attitude and some whipping boys for the answer. No other team has had the surgeries, injuries and ongoing best-22 player loss that we've had. Nowhere near it.
  3. Ian Johnson, past committee member and vice president of Melbourne Football Club, passed away overnight. He had a long career as managing director of Kerry Packer’s GTV9, and then in the same role at Channel 7. He was vice-president at Chirnside Park Country Club and at the Yarra Valley Country Club. He was a member of Kew Golf club before moving to the Peninsula when he joined Portsea Golf Club and was a great contributor to that club. When the Community Clubs Association of Victoria (CCAV) started, he immediately accepted the role of Chairman has been Chairman of the merged organisation, CCV, since its inception in 2014. When he retired from Channel 7, he and his wife Kim moved to Sorrento where he became an influential member of the Sorrento Football Club, initiating the very successful pre-game lunches with famous guest speakers.
  4. The original article referenced in the first page of this topic says "The Herald Sun can reveal the ­Demons are eyeing a prized parcel of parkland, in the northeastern corner of the MCG precinct, for a full-sized football oval". The reality is not important when the perception is that open parkland, accessible to residents 24/7, will be lost and subsumed by a football club. The idea of a building over the railway line was never going to work either.
  5. It was a silly idea and was never going to be approved. Too much loss of parkland, and too much local opposition.
  6. Twice I heard Bruce the Statistician say that Geelong's first-quarter score of 0.2.2 was their lowest since 1957. Obviously couldn't remember the elimination final last year. 🤨
  7. I think we should target the Saints this week.
  8. We'll know after a year (or two) what the effect of 6-6-6 is. That's when we'll be able to dissect the stats to see whether scoring has improved or deteriorated, and whether 6-6-6 had a hand in causing it. I will also be interested to know what effect the constant need to speed up and open up the game has in the long run on player fitness and injuries. But it may take some time to get enough data regarding 6-6-6 on the issue. If at the end of the year or next, there is no improvement in scoring and a deterioration in player injuries, 6-6-6 should go. All it would appear to do in that case is consume time after a goal. I guess it allows television advertisers to slip in two ads every goal rather than one. 😉
  9. With the new rules and soft umpiring interpretations, the game has shifted markedly in 2019 towards an outside, skilful, fast, running game and away from contested, numbers-around-the-ball, slower-paced football. Can we adapt? With what looks like a new 2019 game style in the AFL generally, zoning seems less useful than one-on-one, especially after any 6-6-6 re-sets, and we're having trouble with it, especially when defenders like Frost and OMac are so poor one-on-one. We should be winning centre clearances with a dominant ruckman though and we don't seem to be. The pre-season and surgeries on a dozen or so players haven't helped, despite what Goodwin says, and I don't think our fitness level is adequate. We also have a lot of best-22 players missing. We're generally a mess everywhere, but our defence is the biggest mess. The players we recruited as a foundation of our defence, Lever and May, are not in the side, so we're relying on second-choice players. The positioning and adaptability is woeful. We also still seem to be adopting a higher forward press that doesn't work with the running and fast breakaway game that other teams are adopting. Opposition forward lines have been wide open and that's why they score easily.
  10. Funny how five of the teams favoured to finish top four or thereabouts all lost in the first round: West Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Collingwood and Essendon. Guess they're all thinking their season's finished.
  11. Not wanting to prematurely judge a player or anything.
  12. The teams should be the Indigenous, the Hipsters, the Tatts and the Manbuns.
  13. The Melbourne Facebook page is calling it a "minor knee procedure". Relax.
  14. It could still lead to possible inequities. You could play all the good teams at home and all the weak teams away.
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