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  1. Everything is a tax deductible If its allowable or not is another matter
  2. Has anyone seen the numbers? Has anyone got them? Does anyone actually know what they're talking about or is all just speculation?
  3. Looking forward to seeing him play in 2024
  4. What my Cook reference wasnt good enough... i put 1 min work in to that. Maybe toumpas or Morton are more suitable references. Im all for trusting the people in charge - I'm pretty sure i said that. But let's not pretend the mfc doesn't have a long glorious history of f up draft picks. This isn't meant to be a pissing contest but i hope we dont get too clever. I don't claim to be in the know it's just an opinion
  5. That's never backfired on us before.... But in fairness at least this time the player is highly rated... Unlike one L Cook … you get the idea. our recruiting and development has been done to death and the list is long and distinguished. It will be interesting to see what we do and who we are targeting - you'd hope they look at blokes who are AFL ready first that can make an impact now as we're not rebuilding… But i'll leave it to the experts #Ps I'm not having a crack at you just continuing the conversation. Also I don't claim to know who we should pick up - history says we will fudge it regardless. Only blind faith keeps us here
  6. Especially after we traded out of the first round of that draft. Will be interesting. Watch us [censored] it up
  7. Was our only forward who put forward pressure on though. My point is ability, my point is why trade out a player and get in another NQR
  8. it shouldnt be, but that's not how the afl sytem works.
  9. Hsha its a world i don't, nor do i want to understand. Im not that old but i get the older generation on this site from time to time
  10. Do u like to reply to specific posts?
  11. Agree No harm in slagging off the players though... haha once 2020 officially starts all will be forgiven
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