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  1. Hahaha Hats off for creativity though
  2. No Contract news? I really hope Frosty plays forward this week v the Roos. Last week in the final qtr was the first time I saw a defence we played panic due to his pressure. We haven't had many wins this year, unleashing Frosty as a pressure forward/tall could be a weapon moving forward. Would love to see Frosty take another step in his development
  3. Yup it's why we haven't won a flag in 55 years. Poor leadership
  4. Id love to say im surprised but sadly Im not.
  5. I like Ratts as well, he was good when he was here as a long time ago when he first started. I think Mitchell is another stand out candidate. I still think our biggest issue isn't strategy or style, I think it's the ability to execute on game day. But we will see.
  6. Looking at the ladder and the % can tell you the exact same thing. The point was never "have we had a bad year?" The issue is who is in the best place to fix it.
  7. Interesting Id lean more towards a Mitchell, but I can't say I follow the coaching scene too closely
  8. Makes you wonder if Roos or Blues jumped too early?
  9. The best part about that statement is it is probably true Unless @Ethan Tremblay is Mark Stevens?
  10. I dont disagree but we can't comment on things that haven't happened yet. The questions were about who was making those decisions
  11. After As do i. I hope the hard decision get made. We just haven't gotten to that stage yet (lets discuss agaim on 12 months). Still insure of what the expectations are considering we have a lot of recent history from other clubs Tigs, dogs, port etc
  12. I'm not defensive of Mahoney. I'm asking questions regarding accusations made by you and others in this thread. I dont believe anyone is beyond criticism or scrutiny after this season. Im all for reviews of all positions and abilities. For example if Neal Balme became available wed be crazy as a club to not look in to. I think you need to be very clear about what your asking for. The board would review Mahoney not himself. And if your asking for an external review exactly what areas do u want reviewed? As a real life example. Why didnt the bulldogs make mass changes after their disasters? Did they make mistakes? What can we learn from their experiences?
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