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  1. In your opinion its now or never. It isnt a fact and there is no guarantee of success
  2. There is nothing wrong with having high standards and expectations but those alone dont guarantee success. Successful sides generally have experience and talent. Usually both are combined all over the ground. Look at the good sides of early 00s and the good sides early this decade. Its been the past few years that young trams come out of no where. Dogs have fallen off the perch tigs are still around the mark. I guess the question for us demonlanders is do we want to build something which takes time and detours or do we want the off chance of having a crack by recycling players and coaches (kind of like yatzee) to see if we can pull off a miracle. There are no gaurantees in this game. Rules change, players change, umpires change the game. There are so many dynamics. I think phil Jackson and mick malthouse have summed up success pretty well.
  3. I never said you were a simpleton, I said it was a simplistic argument. You know what they say about truth... And Jones has said it at least as well... so I am not sure what you're referring to. My point still stands that execution is a massive problem.... IMO structure is not
  4. While there are issues I would suggest the teams ability to execute simple skills is more of an immediate concern. Im not saying Goodwin has nothing to answer for, I am not on the simpleton bandwagon that it's his fault. Whats another year terrible year in the grand scheme of 6 decades of tripe. It's a lot easier to tear things down and start again then it is to build something special
  5. 9 straight to 4 .10 in the second half Not really sure you can blame the coach for the players ability to [censored] it up so often. They are generating the opportunities so not really sure you can lay all of the blame with the coach
  6. Cant defend and offensively retarded. We had 1 less scoring shot. Just embarassing
  7. I've never see such an offensivly challenged side. How do u continually [censored] up easy chances
  8. Probs wrong thread and not a huge surprise but Lewis announced he will retire at year end
  9. Cool. Thanks for sharing Steven Wells. I mean u have to have some serious credibility to be writing off 21 yo whos played less then 20 games
  10. Yeh i agree in some regards. I just dont think it is hopeless. there were good signs last night soured by a poor finish
  11. He's a good young player. To build a good side you dont want to be giving away good young players regardless if u agree with what they are worrh or not. While 700k does sound excessive, we have bo idea of its incentive based or not or even. Id like to see him continue to keep clunking them and making contest like he did last night. If he dose that consistently i dont care what we pay him.
  12. So you wouldn't play him? Or are u saying he has development left. I suppose all kpps are hybrids now?
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