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  1. You will have to excuse me for not being on social media.... But Im glad someone has run with it..... I bet none of the gutless yes men in the media say anything For a so called professional sport its an absolute joke.... The AFL are a joke..
  2. This is not Dees related I have added links to 2 videos and was wondering if anyone could spot the difference and explain how the rules work? Because I have no idea.. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-05-21/tigers-ruckman-soldo-fails-to-overturn-ban-at-tribunal Sorry u have to watch an ad and go 35 sec in to the Soldo video but does anyone care to explain what was different in those 2 videos..... I cam up with one difference but Budda Hocking and Gil ensure me the system is working fine.... Im not going to get started on umpiring.....
  3. Agree 100% Viney has massive holes in his game, but what he does do he does very well. Im not advocating for Viney to be dropped (Or suggesting anyone is) I am stating that like Brayshaw, this year they have both been found wanting for lack of speed, decision making and poor turnovers. They are not alone but it is a big concern .. The interesting thing is we looked a lot more balanced last night (A bit more pace in the side) and players like Viney and Brayshaw will be important for us. If only Garlett and Trac could finish consistently (I'd almost throw him in the middle and find another forward (Hannan or Smith... please lets not have so many injuries..) and we could put 100 games in to Baker, Stretch, Petty, Hore etc... We would be a decent team again
  4. I think O Mac and T Mac deserve kudos. I was happy with Ginga Ninja and Petty, both showed something. I have no idea why our senior player are unable to finish.... would have been an easy victory. Overall the boys played well. They just need to go one more level
  5. Yep, that's basically what im saying.... We are now playing more players behind the ball to stop getting exposed defensively. A lot of other teams are doing this now as well. (some were already and were bloody good at it - ie Geelong, Hawks etc)… Without seeing a lot of them I think Adelaide are a team similar to us who have gone a lot more defensive as well post the start of the season. We were paying a high defence and getting exposed on the turnover in the early rounds. Due to various reasons which I've spoken about before - severe lack of pace being one of them. I can't be 100% sure if the change in strategy started vs Swan, as it's a smaller ground and easy to defend, but the difference in set up and style from say the Essendon and St Kilda games to the Richmond game were chalk and cheese. Goodwin said himself we lacked a lot defensively and I think they have worked hard on changing the system. The question of were we under prepared or over confident is a very good and still relevant question. And I also think you're spot on with the rest of your analysis as well. Obviously the extended break helped the coaches/players regroup. I said in another thread after our 1 and 5 start I'm interested to see how our next 6 games go - if we can be 3 - 3 over rounds 7 - 12 that's a significant improvement. I think we are seeing some improvement now but there is still a long way to go. As for the rule changes... Have they improved the game? I don't think so. For all the talk and all of the analysis I think the main purpose is to create interest and more cash for the AFL. I don't actually see yet from my limted viewing of the game (all dees games and various other bits throughout the weekend) how the rule changes have actually improved the game? They add different aspects but I am not convinced yet they improve the game. I am happy to wait until the end of the year for final judgement.
  6. You are 100% correct - but the AFL has the last say on any change of policy I can't remember if it's Danger or Pendels (maybe both) who quote the ÚS system every time the talk about Free Agency and other AFLPA issues How about publishing your salary as well boys like the yanks do.... But oh wait that's not fair The AFL signs off on the rules and creates the fixture for TV exposure and corporate money - both the major steakholders in the game have all the say. We the fans just accept the all old boy club and all of their decisions. I will support my club but that's it..... I am over the AFL
  7. Pretty good analysis Ill be the jerk and pull you up on that one, I think it was the game before. The Richmond game was the first game we went full defense first, but apart from that I think you are spot on. They game will develop - but the question has to be what was the point of it all? Why make the changes in the first place.....
  8. And what is the obsession within the AFL of turning the sport in to an American sport? Night grand final Mid seasons drafts Unrestricted Free agency Rule changes - obsession with scoring over it just being a good game. lets give the players less time to take a set shot/speed the game up/ and then complain about lack of scoring - whos genius idea was that? Shizen umpiring What the actual f does the MRO do I am not silly enough to not realise Free Agency and the mid season draft are good for players and creating better competition while filling a void, but the AFL seems to be determined to corpratise and Americanise the entire competition and make us much money as possible at the expense of the game and it's traditions Now this may have been the same throughout history but the AFL are doing a great job of lining their own pockets Soon we will likely see shorter games or seasons to make it more ëxciting' or more stupid rule changes. Go get stuffed AFL
  9. Agree Opening the game up has exposed teams for lack of speed. We tried early in the season to go head to head for speed and ball movement and failed miserably. Now teams have clued on to how to play expect it to be more defensive. Teams will adapt and I think scoring will increase, good teams will find a way to score. But have the rules worked or improved the game overall??? I say no.... what was the point of changing it at all Im looking forward to the AFL changing the rules again and fing it up even more. Another massive fail
  10. This needs to be added to the fire everyone thread
  11. Dont remember Jack getting suspended too often... haha
  12. Yeh he made 2 errors by not attacking the ball... Gawn turned it over a couple times in the last, one which also resulted in a big momentum goal for the Hawks... Are you going to drop him??? Im not saying O Mac deserves a game, im saying some of the criticism is simple PS: sorry @KC from Casey keep up the good work
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