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  1. With hindsight it would be a very interesting discussion with the power brokers what they saw in Neeld. In fairness it is easy to look back and knock decisions and decision makers but that video said a lot about Neeld
  2. It makes no difference who we pick as long as we win.
  3. I couldn't give a hoot about the state of the gane Just win
  4. Haha Sack Clarkson We shouldn't listen to opinion of people in the industry we should be taking notes from Demonland posters
  5. Its been 3 weeks in a row now the MFC have kept teams under 10 goals. is this now a trend? Is this one obvious place we've improved from 2020?
  6. I agree Demonland can easily replace them all. I for one really think @picket fence would shine in a match day role.
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