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  1. Pm me for my banking details if you're keen on throwing money away
  2. The virus will disappear if we sack Goodwin now
  3. Hsha love it. Would be hilarious if they pull it off
  4. I actually agree I think he's too one dimensional as a modern mid. No pace and lack of skills I hope he proves me wrong because he bleeds red and blue. I personally think he'd make a great modern day tagger
  5. Clearly its Oscar Someone start a poll
  6. Good to see someone has cheered up over summer. You have to be taking the [censored].surely? Otherwise change your username to "sardine" because you are one salty fossil
  7. Jack Watts was here
  8. Everything is a tax deductible If its allowable or not is another matter
  9. Has anyone seen the numbers? Has anyone got them? Does anyone actually know what they're talking about or is all just speculation?
  10. Looking forward to seeing him play in 2024
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