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  1. Especially after we traded out of the first round of that draft. Will be interesting. Watch us [censored] it up
  2. Was our only forward who put forward pressure on though. My point is ability, my point is why trade out a player and get in another NQR
  3. it shouldnt be, but that's not how the afl sytem works.
  4. Hsha its a world i don't, nor do i want to understand. Im not that old but i get the older generation on this site from time to time
  5. Agree No harm in slagging off the players though... haha once 2020 officially starts all will be forgiven
  6. For me it indicates the leaders are not good leaders. Focusing on player payments isn't their jobs. Probably indicates why as a team the MFC is so unsuccessful. But I also agree with above points that the questioning was leading and the comments could be out of context. Either way time will tell I do find the whole wages/payment debate a little bit pointless. The AFLPA require $XXX of the salary cap (I cbf looking up the actual value) to be paid every year. So what a player is paid in any year is really irrelevant. The team is the more important. Just take GCS as a prime example - how the hell does a unsuccessful team like that get in to cap trouble? The answer is in how the cap is enforced by the AFL and AFLPA What is fair is an irrelevant discussion - IMO list make up is a lot more important
  7. Thanks for the info @Canplay Not a comment directed at you - but I would have thought some of the senior leaders should be worried about being competitive this year and focus on playing some good football rather than assessing paypackets. Sounds like success isn't important to some. Seems to be very MFC thing to get caught up in.... You hear completely different stories at the successful clubs (Hawks, Swans, Cats etc) By the way I get how some players could be peeved at certain reported pay offers to FAs but they should also know what goes around comes around. I don't know why we bother....
  8. He just said play ET, nothing about winning on the G, so we're still in with a chance?
  9. Dogs and Hawks both won flags then failed to make the 8 the next season. Not really sure what you're point is here
  10. I can tell you for a fact that AFL house sign off on every contract
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