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  1. Neitz is leading goal kicker and games record holder for the club. He gets a gig. Unfortunately noone else from the past twenty years would make the team. Shows why we've been so consistently poor this century. Nathan Jones could potentially squeeze onto the emergencies. Gawn might also crack the team if he keeps his form up for a few more years.
  2. Congrats to her. She's earned it by working hard for years now. She's probably the most consistent midfielder in the AFLW league, always running her [censored] off and digging in to win ball.
  3. OUT: Spargo - delisted Hibberd - retired IN: A tall forward option A midfielder with a brain
  4. The sooner Hibberd retires, the better off our backline will be. He never covers his man properly and his run and long bombs are more damaging to us than our opposition. He must be the least effective kick in the entire league. A big fall from his All Australian level a few years ago. Get Rivers in to replace him and be done with it. 2020 over before it started, COVID19 or not!
  5. When are the final teams announced? We'll definitely be going small, as we rightly should. Bench of Pickett, Bedford, Lockhart and one tall. Could potentially go with 4 smalls on the bench. If Gawn gets injured or tired, we can have one of Tomlinson, TMac or OMac ruck. Pure rucks are the least important role on the ground, all they need to do is negate. Good midfielders will rove to the tap of whoever. I'd actually like to see us go in with a completely short bench and try to run the bastards off their feet. No long bombs into their backline, just run and handball. It's our only chance, as on paper they have us beat.
  6. Bench selected from listed players will be Pickett, Bedford, Lockhart, Weid/Brown. Mostlt shorter players, the first two already confirmed playing. Lockhart has been one of our best over preseason so gets a game. Toss up between Weid and Brown. Weid will get the nod if he’s fit, otherwise Brown.
  7. Prestia was BOG last night. Comprehensively beat Cripps and was a key driver in Tigers win. Cripps won lots of clearances by had zero impact on the match. Very overrated player IMO. Jack Martin player very well. Shame he’s not in red and blue, but good to see him playing well. Hopefully fans see more of it as he’s a joy to watch when he’s on. Surprisingly Weitering gave Lynch a bath. Good sign for the former 1 pick. Tigers were in second gear most of the night so it was a pretty average game. There was very little intensity and not many tackles laid. Even when Carlton got a run in, you never thought they’d win and it was just a matter of time until guys like Cotchin did just enough to carry the Tigers to an easy win.
  8. The club inexplicably gave him a three year contract, and it's the only thing stopping us delisting him ASAP. Given this season is shortened and he's off legs for an extended period of time again now, he probably won't play this year. Fact is he'll be 29 years old and will have played 7 games in 4 years. For someone who is borderline best 22, it's poor list management to keep him around. I like him as a player, he's no superstar but he brings intensity and hardness. If he can't get on the park though then it's irrelevant how good he is. Time to admit the mistake and move him on Melbourne.
  9. I want to see just one in my lifetime. Plenty of others have an asterisk next to them e.g. West Coast drugs 2006. I don’t care. Just [censored] win!
  10. Lever is the most natural leader on our list. He just needs to stay fit and on the field for a prolong period of time before we give him an official leadership position.
  11. 1. A key forward who kicks lots goals. (Maybe TMac? Otherwise no one on list). 2. A small crumbing forward who kicks lots of goals. (Maybe Kozzie? Otherwise likely no one on list). 3. A superstar midfielder. One with lace, strength and goal scoring ability. (Petracca is closest we have potential-wise. Otherwise no one on list). 4. An elite rebounding defender. (Rivers?) Our main issue is a lack of consistent high goal kickers. If TMac doesn’t fire this year, we can’t challenge.
  12. Gawn had a brilliant year and dominated. We finished 17th. If he had a poor year, we finish 17th-18th. TMac had a poor year. We finished 17th. If he had a good year, we finish 17th or higher. Tmac, and a few others, are more important than Gawn. Ruckman are increasingly irrelevant in the modern game. We’ve won matches over the last few years with others filling the ruck role. We have not won without a high scoring forward firing. Due to the lack of goal kicking options on our list, it increases Tmacs importance.
  13. I've said on here all summer that TMac was our MVP. He's our only proven big goal kicker, and without him firing we'll struggle to kick enough goals to be a threat this year. We have depth in all other positions, except tall forwards who can kick goals. Gawn is our best player, but he can be covered in the ruck. Pedo, Watts, Preuss and Weid have all proved this over the past few years. Pedo did especially well and actually improved our output temporarily. Gawns key trait we struggle to cover is his intercept marking and bail out option for kick-ins and up the wing. Rucks are easily covered in ruck contests.
  14. This draft is heavily compromised. Our first pick will likely come in the 40s unless we trade our way up the draft board. Trading away our first rounder to get a talented kid in Pickett and get a year of development into him was a smart drafting strategy.
  15. He’s a decent footballer. He’s also an absolute div. You’d find more intelligence in most peoples stools.
  16. Viney is no superstar, but when he's fit and in-form he's a good player who can have a huge impact on games. That West Coast game in Perth a few years ago is the perfect example of what peak Viney does.
  17. Thanks for reports from all track watchers as always!
  18. Most talented midfield in the league. They’ve got plenty of coverage available for him, though he’s a gun.
  19. I’d play them both in round 1. If Lockhart holds his form then he stays in. He gives us flexibility with smaller types and can play both lock down or provide rebound. I’d have the ideal back six as: Lockhart May Jetta Lever Petty Hibberd Depth or others to rotate through would be Omac, Harmes, Salem, Hore, Smith, Rivers.
  20. He did and was very good again. Looks a likely replacement for Jetta in a few years. In fact, both Lockhart and Rivers look like good long term options in the backline.
  21. A few years ago I thought he was a future All Australian halfback flanker, such was his impact on games growing to the point of being tagged. Since the headknock a few years ago and a back injury, he’s struggled to regain that same form. He’s still got the pace, and he played a few decent games up forward last year, but he’s just struggled to find enough ball and impact games. He’s become depth and will probably play around 10 games this year.
  22. Yes, considering we only played 6 AFL listed players, some for a half only, and our real team played the following day. The fact they didn't blow us away when they fielded 19 AFL listed players was embarrassing for them.
  23. Good preseason hit outs for us. 2 wins from 2 matches while getting game time into some kids and easing some returning players like Brayshaw, Tomlinson, Melksham back in. Get Gawn and May up and firing and we've got a good team with some depth ready to go.
  24. Brayshaw has been good in the second half after a rusty start. Bedford showing lots of dash and creating lots of opportunity. If he tidies up his goal kicking then there's something to work with there. Lockhart and Rivers both look at home and will play AFL this year. I don't see it with Baker. He has good pace, but rarely uses it and doesn't find much ball. Compared to Langdon and even Bedford, he doesn't look like a good long term option IMO.
  25. Sparrow looking good today as well. Love his hardness. Lockhart developing well as a back pocket. Could be the Jetta replacement in a few years time.
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