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  1. Obviously, as none of these kids have been drafted yet! Rating attributes based on available evidence, Noah Anderson and Hayden Young appear to have the most elite attributes and the highest chance of becoming good AFL players from this draft class.
  2. Hayden Young Young excelled as a HBF this year, as an elite intercept marker and best rebounding kick in this draft class. His kicking has great penetration is reliable both long and short. Young also did stints in the midfield after the championships to prove his inside ball-winning ability and versatility to recruiters. He performed well both inside and outside, cementing his top 5 draft status. Young projects as a future club captain and elite half back flanker. Position - Half back flank, inside midfield, outside midfield. Leadership - Elite, captain of his club, good on-field general and well-spoken. Likened to a young Luke Hodge. Kicking - Elite (best kick in the draft) Handballing - Good, usually to teammates advantage Intercept marking - Elite (top 3 in this draft) Agility - Elite (top ranked player at the draft combine) Speed - Good Tackling - Good-very good Aggression - Elite, has mongrel in him Production - Very good-elite, disposal average towards the high end of players this year
  3. On top of Jackson being a bolter, Taylor has a poor record with drafting talls. He’s good at identifying mid sized players, but has been poor with talls and smalls. Here’s his track record for talls since he started with the 2014 draft. O McDonald Weiderman Hulett (Delisted) King (Delisted) Filopovic (Delisted) T Smith (Delisted) Keilty (Delisted) Petty
  4. Not keen on that. 8 for 14+17 isn’t a good result. Getting 10+22 from Freo would be better IMO. I’d prefer we keep 3 and 8 and take them to draft though.
  5. Young won’t fall outside the top 5. It’s 3 or nothing. Interesting how the latter part of the top 10 pans out. Could be some surprises there with proven players like Serong and Ash seemingly on the outer.
  6. I’d support bidding on him at 8, but it’ll likely be matched. He’s got scope to be a Michael Walters type who can kick a bag up forward or cut teams up through the midfield. I’d love him in red and blue.
  7. Yes, and I’m probably one of the few on here that has seen some of these kids play live. I’d take Anderson, Rowell, Green, Young, Kemp, Henry, Flanders, Stephens, Robertson, Serong all ahead of him. Probably in that order too. I know we are crying out for a tall forward, but Jackson seems like a reach IMO.
  8. 3 bedroom in Armadale Victoria. I reckon it’s a pretty safe call. He’s a below average mark for his size. Decent enough at ruck taps, though often just double fisted to no one and then tries to chase his own tap. He’s got a decent leap on him, not NicNat good, but a level down. He’s not a strong mark for 199, rarely clunks them, which is why we’ve rarely seen him play tall forward with success I’d wager.
  9. Unless he fixes his poor kicking and turns it on over summer as a tall forward, which he has no proven history of, then he’s not getting near our round 1 team. It’ll be years before Gawn hands the ruck baton over, and even then he’d be the shortest ruckman in the league. If we pick him at 3 I’ll put my house on it being a poor drafting choice.
  10. No. Handed over the reigns two years back now. Now it’s a mixture of people, including players, doing the media work and podcast.
  11. I posted it in another thread, but rules state clubs can't trade a pick back to the same slub it got it from. We gave Freo pick 22 as part of the Langdon trade, therefore we cannot receive it back. So 10+22 is not possible. They'd need to give us 10+something else (later picks or future picks?). It's made a pick split option with Freo very unlikely. GWS can't satisfy us without adding a player, which is no longer an option since trade period closed, so we likely won't pick split with them either. We may bid on Henry with 8, but they'll match it and downgrade picks. Personally I would be happy to bid on Henry at 8, but not 3.
  12. It was an interesting listen. They had us bid on Henry at 8, then take Weightmann after a matched bid. I'd be happy bidding on Henry at 8, but I'd prefer Kemp, Stephens, Serong or Robertson at 8. 8 is too early for a Weightmann or Pickett type. Henry is in a different class to the other small forwards and could well wind up a midfielder/forward hybrid in the Michael Walters mould. I just hope we keep both pick 3 and 8 and then we can land Young and one of Kemp/Stephens/Serong. It'd be a great draft for us if we did!
  13. They could in theory, but it becomes increasingly less likely in such small time frames now. The clubs are basically starting to outsmart themselves. GWS traded up to pick 6 intended to use that to get our pick 3, and then they [censored] it up. They've outsmarted themselves and potentially buggered up a whole bunch of other clubs discussed trades now too.
  14. It's the amount of points of the pick used to bid minus a 20% discount from memory. So if we bid with pick 3, their pick 6 would be roughly sufficient. The whole point of it for GWS (and any academy picks) is to trade into a pick BEFORE the bid comes so they get an extra player in and then match the bid using a combination of lowly picks to satisfy the points. It's a loophole that will likely be closed in future as clubs find new ways to take advantage of it each year and render the intended concept redundant.
  15. Not sure what it will mean for our pick 8 yet, but net result for us at pick 3 is we will bid on Green, have it matched by GWS, then draft Young. It's looking less likely we'll split pick 8 now. GWS missed their opportunity for a pick split when they refused to trade picks AND a player during trade period. They don't have pick currency alone to warrant a beneficial trade for us. We may have looked at a pick swap wth Freo to trade 8 for 10+22, but we're not allowed to trade in Freos pick 22, as we originally traded it to them in the Langdon deal and rules say they cannot trade it back. I said at the time that the 2nd round pick shuffle in the Langdon trade was weak and pointless and purely to appease Bell, and it's now going to cost both clubs the ability to perform the more important higher-value pick trade.
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