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  1. The increasing number of rules changes are to blame for the poor watchability of the game. There were far less rule changes in decades gone by, but over the past decade the AFL has introduced all sorts of new rules purely in an attempt to counteract coaching tactics and what is perceived as less watchable. Low scoring doesn't mean low quality e.g. Sydney vs West Coast matches. Basically all these rules changes made by the AFL have backfired, as it's a coaches job to maximize everything they can to win within the rules. If they stopped changing the rules to combat the coaches tactics, the coaches themselves would find ways to combat each other and gamestyles would naturally evolve as they did in previous decades. The AFL need to stop trying to interfere with the game and let it evolve naturally. On a side note, we were a strong team in 2018 and super high scoring. Rules changes to enforce 6-6-6 crippled us with our extra men pushing up from behind the ball and into space. Our coaches still haven't adapted to those rules changes.
  2. I expect the Saints to get up tonight in a close contest. There's a few potentially good games this round!
  3. It's truly baffling. Player management and development at the club is poor at the moment. AvB clearly wasn't up to AFL level either and had 10 less disposals than Bennell and less impact too. Does the same thing happen to him now? Gets dropped and given the message you were only picked because others weren't available and you're not actually up to it. Knowing our luck Harley will build fitness and be fully fit finally and then walk at the end of the year to a Hawthorn or the like. *MFCSS kicking in* I hope we see Harley at AFL level again soon. He just needs gametime into his legs and will contribute even when not at full fitness as we saw in round 2. Be interesting to see what the selections are for this weeks match...
  4. This is his fifth year as coach. We are bottom four again and won't be contending this year. He was handed a finals ready list, and has made finals 1 year out of 5. That's a poor result and the signs aren't good, we are regressing. He said we'd address our "forward connection", yet we're ranked 18th for converting inside 50s again. We've also dropped lower on the inside 50 stats, so we're generating less opportunities AND scoring less. We need to find our next coach.
  5. Team has worst forward line in history.... bloke kicks 4 goals in reserves... "Yeah look Harley we need you to tackle more and worry less about scoring goals. Try to take on four opposition players at once and create more congestion, that's what we really want to see. Goals aren't the aim of the game, we need congestion and repeated entries into 50 amounting to nothing" Great coach we've got...
  6. I'm guessing they want him to lay a tackle. He looked clean at AFL level but definitely avoided contests, ran around on his own and offered zero defensive intent. First game in years though so not phased.
  7. His ruck impact has definitely diminished the past 18 months. In 2018 he had the most hit outs and was 100 hitouts clear of second place. In 2019 he dropped to third and was over 200 hitouts behind the leaders, dropping off by over 300 hitouts off his 2018 season. The same thing happened with his hitout to advantage stats. Gawn actually attend more ruck contests in 2019 and yet his number dropped off. It seems opposition ruckmen have worked out better ways to combat him. Hopefully we see big Max rise back to being the dominant ruckman we know he can be. That said, it's proof that the ruckman position has little bearing on games. We've had the leagues best ruckman for 5 years, and we've made finals once from five and lose the majority of games. The coaches haven't been able to find a way to take advantage of his dominance. Either it's an indictment on them, or the position is somewhat redundant. Back on this game, I expect the Tigers to beat us. I think we'll give them a fair shake, but even with their poor form and injuries they have too many stars and experience not to get over the line. I expect a big game from Martin who has had a few down weeks since returning from injury.
  8. They've got the best young list in the league and have now added more mature bodies around the kids. They've managed to hold onto the kids and start building. They've implemented a fast running gameplan. They win enough ball in tight and spread better than most from the congestion. They might slow up like they have in previous years, but you can clearly see their gamestyle and young talent maturing. I'm happy to see them coming good. Their creation was rubbish, but that aside it would've been bloody hard to build a team up their without much support. It's always good to see struggling teams come good and knock off the Hawthorns and Geelongs. Hope they go a fair way this year. And yes, Rowell is a genuine star. Wish any of our plethora of high draft picks were as good as him! Would give my left nut to get Ben King into our forward line too!
  9. This. When he didn't get the CEO gig, he should've moved on. Instead he's overseen what's proving to be a failed rebuild of the football department with conflict between coaches and cliques forming within the club again. We've also developed leaks to the outside again. Under P Jackson we were watertight. Since he left, we leak to the media and elsewhere. I've experienced it first hand late last year. We're essentially back to where we were in the early 2010s pre-Roos & P. Jackson. We're a bottom team with boys club mentality, internal conflicts and leaking. Mahoney has overseen that regression and needs to go IMO.
  10. I admire your optimism, but respectfully I disagree. Unfortunately the results/facts show we're not in a great spot.
  11. Fair point. It's why for years now we've been forced to pay overs in both salary and draft picks to attract quality players. Lets hope something changes soon. We need forwards who can actually score!
  12. He was good on the weekend and was second best player on the ground according to both coaches. It was his best game in a while IMO. Ran harder both ways and hit the scoreboard. Promising signs. We're bottom four for the second year running and the sixth time in a decade. We've played finals once in nearly 15 years. Over the past 18 months we are the worst team in the league again - even Gold Cost and Carlton have won more matches than us. Our core players in their prime are struggling to hold their position in the senior team over speculative late draft picks...and this is the best we've been since 1987?! If our best in over 30 years is repeated bottom four finishes, then we are truly doomed.
  13. He's definitely better forward than back. His kicking is a real worry - currently bottom 5 in the AFL for goal kicking accuracy. He used to be a beautiful kick, but for some reason has become a legitimately poor kick. Needs to sort it out. He's being played in the wrong position due to poor coaching and structural issues. He's built like a twig. He's a wiry half forward flanker being made to play FF against blokes 10-20kgs bigger than him. He will never win marking contests against them with the ball dumped on his head. We need to play a tall forward at FF, and use Fritsch where he's best suited out on a HFF.
  14. Can't afford to pay him $700,000 a season. Don't have any high drafts picks left to trade for him. No chance. We need a key forward more anyway. Get in Jeremy Camerons ear or start looking for other key forward options.
  15. Out of form basically with a few key players underdone or injured. Dustin Martin missed injured and then looked cooked on weekend upon return. Astbury out injured now too. Houli missed earlier matches also, but that's the extent of it. They're mostly out of form. Jack Reiwoldt has gone from superstar forward to worse than TMac. He looks about ready to retire. Others like Cotchin, Edwards, Prestia, Lambert, Rioli, Stack etc you can see they're trying hard but it's just not working for them at the moment. I think Tigers are past their peak now and on the slide, but should still account for us quite easily. They've got enough experience and star power to beat us despite being in poor form.
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