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  1. He’s one of the most dangerous players on our list and is one of the few that has the key attribute we lack - pace! It’s great he’s past his back injuries that ruined his season last year. Now he’s fit, I’d play him every week. He’s proven capable forward and back, and could be good wingmen also IMO
  2. Sounds potentially like a Jaiden Stephenson type? I’m all for taking him if so!
  3. Viney of 2015-2017 would’ve. 2019 Viney is a shadow of his former self. Nice to see Simpson take a public stance that Varsys behavior was rubbish.
  4. The mark was taken in the goal square so he’s going to kick it regardless. This is the time to a stand and give away a 50, as the 50 makes no difference. If only Lewis was there to belt someone. The players response was weak and disappointing. Felt so sorry for Max who’d copped a boot in the face and then abused. What are his mates doing?! Fritsch should be dropped for his pathetic game last night. His work rate and turn overs are momentum killing. That mark and goal is on him. His kicking was beautiful last year. This year it’s been amongst the worst in the league. Massive drop off in form from someone I was hoping would be a real weapon for us this year and beyond.
  5. Our percentage being horrible will prevent us making finals even if we win enough. I’m expecting us to win a few, like GWS match next week, but finals is off the cards at this point.
  6. Get a kicking coach into the club and we’ll win the premiership. Set shots: 2 goals 6 behinds from 11 shots. Pathetic kicking.
  7. We’ve reverted to long bombs that are just being picked off. Game over.
  9. If we lose this I’ll be [censored] ropeable! Should be 5-6 goals up here.
  10. Every laying into Garlett - he’s kicked three goals and setup another. He’s never perfect and misses some opportunities, but he’s one of the most efficient and productive forwards going around. He’s always creating opportunities and hitting the scoreboard. He’s the most proven goal kicker we’ve had in a decade. Just enjoy him!
  11. They are only in this game due to our mistakes. We are completely dominating them. If we lose this I’ll be [censored] furious.
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