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  1. Thanks for the report kev! DNIMD, that was my exact response when reading the report! Surely we should focus more on a key issue we’ve had all year...
  2. In terms of potential, Kemp would be likened to Dangerfield. He’s a powerful athlete who has size and bursts from stoppages when in midfield, but is a marking option who hits the scoreboard when up forward. He’s probably got the highest ceiling, but less chance of reaching it. Anderson would be likened to Bontempelli. He’s a tall midfielder who can win it inside and be super damaging outside with his evasion and kicking skills. He also rests up forward and hits the scoreboard. His performances are the best and most consistent of the potential high picks. He’s the pick of the bunch to become a star of the AFL IMO. Rowell... I see him as a Jacob Hopper/Marc Murphy. Smaller midfielder, more inside than out, decent enough pace, doesn’t hit the scoreboard much or stray from the middle. I’d be disappointed if we ended up with him, as he’s a safe bet to be a solid inside midfielder, but doesn’t have stand out attributes like other potential high picks. Other potential high picks are Serong - Robbie Gray with less consistency Ash - Liam Duggan with more pace Young - a more versatile Nick Haynes
  3. Attached screenshot from my phone. Has the quote I copy pasted as well as stating Kobe is part of Freos next gen academy. Looks very unlikely he’ll go anywhere but Freo if he’s good enough to make an afl list.
  4. Another Jeff Farmer quote from the article - “If he keeps ticking the boxes, and keeps the guys happy at the football club…. It won’t be too long before fingers crossed he’s wearing the number 33 at the Fremantle Footy Club.” He’s going to Freo. He already lives in WA and Freo have brought Jeff back to the club and started introducing Kobe to the club via training etc. It’s a shame we’ll miss out!
  5. Why not Serong then? Accomplished as both a small forward and a midfielder. He’s got decent pace, skills and smarts, so he fits the bill as both. Top 5-10 talent who fills a need. I’d still love Anderson though! He looks like he’ll be a serious jet and would add a ton of class and X factor to our midfield and forward line.
  6. We could win this but likely won’t. We’ve got way too many passengers out there. The likes of Hannan, Nibbler, Dunkley, Jetta, Brayshaw have all been subpar. Hopefully pick 2-3 this year is a ripper for us!
  7. Would take him gladly if he was open to leaving. He’s the type of pacey small forward we need and a big upgrade on the likes of Spargo, Nibbler, Hanna etc
  8. Eagles looking good tonight. Scary prospect that they’re getting key players back now too!
  9. Fair point. His kicks are often cut off by the opposition when they're not shanks. That would go a fair way to explaining his poor ball use in the back half actually!
  10. I love Ash's speed - it's elite and the best of this draft class. My concern with Ash is his balance of ball winning. His contested possessions are only at 20%, which is well below average. All other forecasted top 10-20 picks playing in similar positions are 40%-65%. There's been a clear trend of players with low contested possession numbers at underage levels failing to adjust at AFL level. Off the top of my head, first round picks that had low contested possession counts and haven't stepped up are Toumpas, Morton, Aish, Lang, Pickett, Ah Chee, Lovell, T Menzel, Mayes. For that reason I'd prefer others such as Serong or Kemp, but there's no doubting Ash's speed and kicking is enticing.
  11. It should be noted that Fritsch is often the one with ball rebounding and will try to bite off harder kicks than others. For whatever reason though his kicking efficiency is way down in the defensive half. If you go through the AFL Pro stats stuff, his kicking efficiency forward half is 84%, but defensive half it's down at 53%. Mind boggling he isn't playing forward more considering our number 1 issue is connection in the front half! Salem, Jones and May are our most efficient coming out of defence, Lever and Jetta would both be up there as well had they played. We have enough kicking skill down there that Fritsch should no longer be forced down there anymore. Play him forward!
  12. Our backline is stacked, our forward line is in tatters. Play him forward for the remainder of the year. He's been disappointing this year IMO His first season was very good, and I expected him to keep improving, but he seems to have gone backwards/stalled this year. It's probably been a result of being moved around and not settling into a position. I'm still not sure if this is good for his development or not yet. Long term I still see him as a forward/wing option. I think his best football was played early in his career as a forward, and his worst football has come down back where his lack of intensity and body strength has been exposed, case in point being dropped late last year. For whatever reason his goal kicking is generally accurate, his forward half kicking is generally accurate, but his field kicking in the back half has been a genuine liability this year.
  13. Also made finals in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006 if I’m not mistaken. But yes the last decade has been nothing short of pathetic.
  14. We as a club and supporters have no right no whinge about other clubs getting priority picks. We received more than anyone about a decade ago and squandered them. The Suns clearly need one and are in their right to ask for one. Lets stop whinging and just demand the club get better instead of the pathetic effort it’s served up this year.
  15. @Mods - Is it time to re-open the Draft and Trade board?
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