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  1. Takes 2 minutes to see I'm not nervous! Like hell I'm not!!! C'mon Dees!
  2. Signed up the week it was released... Cancelled my Foxtel subscription 2 days later... Onward and upward!
  3. A good mate lives in Perth and has delivered me a beauty this arvo..... He saw Jesse with his own eyes today and he was signing what could only be described as an autograph for a 8 yr old boy with a footy ðŸ˜ģ Regardless of what happens, and who was right or wrong, the fact remains that this is a young bloke with an immense talent who has had a pretty tough few years... We ride the MFC roller coaster with our hearts on our sleeves but we are merely fanatics, baying for blood, wine & a f'ing good time.... the AFL world is our colosseum! 👍
  4. If that happens exactly how it's written I will get Tom Scully's name tattooed on my arm (with pictures to prove it)
  5. No one knows - but at least we have all increased our knowledge of biscuits! 😂
  6. Enter Dodoro - The super [censored]
  7. But he's very familiar with rolling darts... I mean starts ðŸĪŠ
  8. Insurance? My other guess was "Masochistic Gender Awareness" but my IQ is clearly inferior 😂
  9. Unrelated, but just saw the below post regarding a certain Port player...
  10. The TimTam is perfect when opposite corners are slightly bitten off and then the remaining biscuit is used as a straw to sip your coffee... before shoving the whole remaining chocolatey/coffee taste sensation into your mouth 👍
  11. Pretty sure Clarry loves Exhibit B 👍
  12. Luke Power (AFL Academy coach) was interviewed on 5AA last week and in reference to Rankine he said "He's the best I've seen come through the system" It was then mentioned that Luke has only been in the role for two years to which he replied, "I'm saying throughout my whole career!" ðŸ˜ģðŸ˜ģðŸ˜ģ Big wraps!
  13. If Jesse stays it doesn't leave mushroom in our salary cap for May ðŸĪŠ
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