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  1. They say you shouldn’t change a winning combination but I think that the selectors will have to be innovative for the Saints game. We are under pressure to keep winning because of our poor start and we can’t take the Saints for granted but we also have a 5 day turnaround to the next game on Anzac Eve. Expect some interesting selection moves.
  2. That makes seven players out from their last meeting in mid-2018.
  3. Is there any official word on the Petracca knee injury?
  4. Somewhere among that lot are quite a few players who will be Demons this time next week.
  5. WTF - on the Fox Footy Channel, Leigh Montagna just said Lachie Neale was worth 2 first round draft picks but a minute earlier, he said Jesse Hogan was worth one. Is he for real?
  6. Gaff to stay with Eagles Thankful that we showed no interest whatsoever in Gaff ... erm ... er
  7. Heard that he’s going to Carlton.
  8. Halfway through the last quarter of that Round 23 game, a Freo win was a definite possibility. Scores had been level at 3/4 time, the Dockers kicked the first goal and led by 8 points. Collingwood got their first goal for the quarter at around 15 minutes through Mihocek a minute later, he kicks another to go in front. They end up winning by 9 points after kicking 3.2 in the last to Freo’s wasteful 1.5. If they lose, they finish fifth, Melbourne fourth. Closing doors.
  9. Been there, done that on this thread. I was blasted for raising it. See post # 149.
  10. Speculation about it in the "Aaron vandenBerg set to meet the Swans thread" and mentioned on radio on Grand Final day as a player Melbourne would want as a trade if VDB left.
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